Chapter 35: It was easy

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It was easy

“Haa…… Is it.. alright now……?”
“L-looks like it……”

……It was a lot of trouble running away from the dragon.
When tired, I would use my [Heal] to cure us, then heal again when we got tired. I thought I might die from that cycle……

“Oh, you’re finally back. You didn’t return no matter how much time passed so I thought something happened.”
“Ah, yeah.”

It seemed like Cyan and Gale were indeed worried, but we simply obtained a slightly belated meal.
Cyan and Gale had been entrusted with driving, so the night watch was left to Weiss and I.

“Then we’ll be going to sleep.”
“Best regards.”

Saying that, the two entered the wagon. It was only for the night, but Weiss and I had to keep a lookout.


Weiss usually chats with everyone but he hasn’t spoken much since we came back.

“……So what the hell was up with your recovery magic? You healed a severed arm in an instant. I thought you might be keeping it a secret so I didn’t mention it when the others were around though.”

That’s right, my real recovery magic ended up being seen by Weiss. It was an unbelievable situation before, so I thought I was able to deceive him but it seems that his silence until now was out of courtesy.

“Th-that is……”

My recovery magic was basically a secret. Even when I need to use it, I ensure that my face won’t be exposed.
However, this awkward mood between us isn’t good either, especially when we are taking this quest together.
I was at fault for using the recovery magic in front of Weiss anyway, so I guess I have no choice but to give up and explain now……
I’ll have to request that he not tell other people though.

“……Actually, it seems that my recovery magic has a somewhat different effect than the usual.”
“Well, it certainly was amazing.”
“But, I don’t really want to stand out.. or rather, even when I do use recovery magic, I make sure to hide my face.”

The result of that was me receiving the embarrassing [Jet-Black Saviour] title though.

“Eh, but I think that having my arm cut off would hurt too much for me to concentrate on healing though……”
“Regarding that, it’s due to my special training for recovery magic.”
“Special training for recovery magic?”
“Yeah, when I was doing special training for recovery magic, I would cut my own hand and stuff. My sense of pain turned weird because of that, and now it doesn’t really hurt even if I cut off my arm.”
“Th-that’s pretty amazing……”
“I guess that’s how my recovery magic is. It would really help if you didn’t tell anyone else about this.”

If word spread from this and reached the king’s ears, I might be arrested for the incident with the princess…..
I might be executed like usual or something.

“Understood. I never had that intention anyway.”
“Ah, I’m counting on you.”


Night turned into day, and Cyan and Gale woke up.
Weiss and I took a nap for a short while, and then we headed off to subjugate the Goblin King.
I would win against the goblin king in a one-on-one fight, so honestly, the four-on-one this time gave us plenty of leeway.
If someone was injured, I would heal them, and then resume attacking.
Within 10 minutes, we had managed to bring down the goblin king.

“I didn’t think it would be so easy. Having recovery really helps a lot.”
“No, Gale’s wind magic was also amazing, and having a vanguard also made it easier.”

We cut off proof of the goblin king’s subjugation, and went on our way back to town.

――――――[Adventurer POV]―――――――――――――――――――――――――

I am an adventurer registered with the guild.
Today, I was harvesting medical herbs with a party a little away from town.

“Well, the monsters were scarce today so we’ve gathered quite a bundle!!”
“Indeed, we’ve only seen them once.”

Normally there would be around 10 monster encounters with goblins and such, but today they were in hiding.
Since there weren’t any monsters, we all collected herbs instead of keeping a lookout.
After a short while, we had collected as many herbs as we could carry, so we took a break.

“With this much, I’ll be able to live in comfort for a while!!”

The demand for the herbs was unexpectedly high, and it could fetch a high price if we had enough.


Suddenly there was a tremor in the ground. Just like the footsteps of something……

―――Thud thud

And in addition, there were several of them.

―――Thud THUD!!

The sounds gradually grew louder, and eventually stopped.


My party looked behind me in astonishment.
There was probably something behind me…… When I turned around, before me――


――――――――――――were Oni.
They were grinning as if they had discovered prey.
Wherever and however they were seen, they were clearly [Ogres].


Their numbers, [three].
Ogres were supposed to be known as monsters who didn’t like crowds.
A single ogre possessed the power to destroy a village in scale, and there were three of them.
This place wasn’t very far from the town. At this rate, there was a possibility of them attacking the town.

“Hey, you guys!! I’ll distract them so go inform the guild!! Report this matter at all costs!!!”

In that case, what we, ourselves, must do now is to immediately report this to the town.

“N-no way!?”
“It’s fine so just GO!!!!”

I shout, avoiding an ogre’s swinging fist.

“I-I won’t forgive you if you die!!!”
“We’ll come back immediately!!”

Saying that, they start running in the direction of the town.
However, everyone should have realised it. That they won’t be able to see me again.

“Haa, this shithead……”

I’m fed up with having no luck to the end.
……I wonder if the town will be alright after I’m dead. I wonder if everyone will survive……
I’m pretty sure there were supposed to be some famous adventurers in town.
Plus, the rumoured [Jet-black saviour] of late should be there as well.
I have no choice but to bet on those guys now, huh……
I stare at the fist swinging downwards again while thinking that――.

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