Chapter 34: I’m gonna go fly a bit.

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I’m gonna go fly a bit.

“I-it’s a dragon……”

Right, before our eyes right now was, without a doubt, a dragon.
We instinctively understood that this dragon exuding an absolute presence, with deep crimson scales covering its body, was like a wall we couldn’t surmount.
Too preoccupied with searching for kindling, I came within reaching distance of its foreleg.
I immediately try to distance myself from there, making as little sound as possible.

But that seemed to displease the dragon instead, and it started to raise its large claw.
And with a speed unimaginable for its size, it swings down at me.
This time, my arm starts to react to the dragon’s leg that was swinging down at a speed my eyes could barely follow.
……Perhaps I also beat a dragon with this?
This arm of mine, that comes alive by itself, has killed many monsters so far……

That thought only lasted momentarily.
The claw and my arm crossed for an instant and the one dancing in the air afterwards was [my arm].
At that moment, I realised that my thinking was naïve.
Firstly, comparing the [dragon] with other monsters was a mistake itself. This dragon, which overwhelmed the surroundings just by being there, and ordinary monsters differed like heaven and earth.


With so much happening, I was dumbfounded for an instant but I managed to come to my senses at the sound of Weiss’s voice.


I promptly cast recovery magic on my own arm, and concentrate on escaping.

“N-nestcchi!? Y-your arm just regrew!?”
“Yeah, I’ll explain or whatever later so let’s flee for now!!”

What we should be doing now is escaping from the dragon. Even now, that large body swayed while chasing… after.. us……?
When I look over my shoulder, nothing was happening. The dragon in question was in the same place as before, and was simply looking at us.

“Huh, it’s not coming to chase us……”

I stare at the dragon while the sky darkens.

“Rather than the dragon not chasing us, isn’t it that it can’t chase us?”

The dragon appeared to be repeating the action of trying to stand up, and sitting down again.

“Th-that might be true. W-we’re saved……”

Weiss sat down on the spot, as if he was released from the tension.
But to be honest, now wasn’t the time for that. At this time, what was occupying my mind were Gale’s words.


“Ah, but I have heard a story about an old, wise dragon who allowed his adventurer benefactor to ride on his back and fly around in the sky.”
In short――――――――――――――


――――――――――――――If I heal the dragon, I should be able to fly?
It had bothered me a little so I had asked Aura what an ancient dragon was afterwards.
Apparently, [ancient dragon] is the name for a dragon that had lived for many years and had gained intelligence.
I haven’t seen a dragon before, but even so, I feel that this time’s dragon is clearly too big.
I dare say, it has probably lived for many years.
Living a long time means that it should have acquired the minimum amount of intelligence.


――――――――――――――The conditions have been met.


I smiled in anticipation in regards to the possibility of flight.

“N-nestcchi? What’s the matter, all of a sudden..”
“I’m gonna go fly a bit now.”

Saying that, I start walking towards the dragon. I could hear Weiss’s confused voice behind me, but that didn’t matter right now.
I’m going to fly!!

Having approached the dragon, I examine its injury while heeding its movements.
It seems that its wing has been injured so it can’t fly.
Be relieved, I’m going to heal you now……!


……This might be the Heal with the greatest magic power imbued into it so far.
But if this can allow me to fly then it’s a really great thing!!
……The dragon started to notice a sense of incongruity in its own body. Gradually, it started moving its wings.
Finished confirming to a certain extent, the dragon stares at me.
It seems to have intelligence so it should understand that I was the one who healed it.
――Then, it finally stands up.
Like that, it flapped its wings a few times, and then turned its back on me.
“Come ride on my bac- Gyabu!!??”


――――――――――――――Right now, I am flying in the sky.
I feel like the distance to the ground is a little close but I won’t voice such selfishness.
It’s fine as long as I can fly.
……Even if that was because I was sent flying by the dragon’s tail.


The fun ended, and I tumble onto the floor.
I immediately cast a heal and start running to where Weiss was.


――Who cares about magic. Because in the end, I was blown away by the dragon’s tail and I got to fly in the sky―――





Which part of that was flying in the sky?
The flying that I’m talking about was more like this, right!?
After we escape from this flying dragon that was chasing us, I’m going to hit Gale once.


I continued running in the dark while crying――

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