Chapter 36: I will cry, okay?

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I will cry, okay?

“Haa, we’re back……”

We returned after defeating the goblin king, and have finally arrived back at town.

“Then I’m going to return the wagon so you guys go to the guild first.”

Weiss went to return the wagon we borrowed and we head to the guild to report the completion of our quest.

“……Doesn’t the town seem rather agitated?”

Gale utters, and when I look around, it certainly feels somewhat disconcerted.
But it was only the adventurers who were in a rush, and the shopkeepers were just doing business as usual.

“……What happened?”

If we head to the guild for now, we should be able to find out what happened.


“Ah, Nest-san! Welcome back.”

……This is what causes the misunderstanding, I think as I reply with a ‘I’m back’.

“Asha-san, the adventurers seem to be acting weirdly. Did something happen?”

There were hardly any adventurers inside the guild; they had all gone somewhere.

“Ah, did some monsters appear again, perhaps?”

I ask, half joking, half serious.

“……Actually, it is that.”
“Do the townspeople know?”
“No, we haven’t made an public announcement yet……”

Ah, so that’s why only the adventurers are in a hurry.

“But why didn’t you make an public announcement?”

I feel like an announcement was promptly made to the townspeople back when the goblins attacked but…… maybe there’s some kind of problem this time.

“……The monsters are a problem, they’re [Ogres]. The monsters that have appeared close to town, that is.”
“[Ogre], is it……”

Crap, it’s definitely a monster I don’t know. Is it a large moth or something……?
From Cyan and the others’ astonishment behind me, I could tell it was a strong monster though.

“Presently, a reconnaissance team has gone to verify it but from the reports of the adventurer party who discovered it first, there are likely [three] of them. Now, it’s at a level where the members affiliated with the guild may or may not be able to handle it.”
“I-isn’t that bad?”
“It is bad.”

If it’s a large moth, what kind of attacks does it have……
Yeah, I can’t imagine it at all.

“Nest-san, I have something to talk to you about so can you come inside for a moment?”
“Ah, yes.”

If it can’t be said here, then it must be something that Cyan and the others hear about. I obediently follow her.


“So the reason I brought you here is to ask if I could have you stop the ogres. As the [Jet-black Saviour], that is.”

……Asha-san also knew about that, right.

“I said such a thing earlier, but the limit of what the guild can handle at the moment is two at best. I know it’s dangerous, but please. The town.. Please save everyone in the town.”

I won’t say ‘it’s too hard’ to Asha-san who made such a request, with her head cast down and trembling shoulders.

“Err… I understand. So please raise your head.”

I don’t know anything about Ogres but it should be fine if I take Aura along. Aura should be well-informed about fighting ogres since she has been taking the command course.
Of course, I have no intention of letting her participate in combat so I’ll have her stand at a distance……

“……Thank you very much.”

But Asha-san’s face was still gloomy.

“……Er, I’ll listen if there’s anything else I can do.”

As expected, her reaction is weak. I-it might be a good idea to quickly ask where the ogres are now……

“Then, I’ll be heading to where the Ogres are, but where are they located?”
“……The three ogres are besieging the town from three directions. Please take care of the ogre here, Nest-san.”

She explains while simply pointing to the location on a map.

“Then I’ll head off without delay.”

She gave me an explanation but there was no further response. Well, she might be thinking about something.
……However, when I was about to return to where Cyan and the others were, I was pulled from behind.
Of course, the only one who was there to pull me was Asha-san.


I remember the day of our first encounter, and become nervous.


“……Absolutely, please don’t disappear before my eyes. If that happens, I will cry, okay?”



I thought she whispered such a thing in my ear, and on my cheek a soft [something] was…….
Asha-san ran away with amazing vigour, her head lowered.

“A-are Ogres hard to kill……?”

I tried to switch my mood by uttering that but my head was full of what Asha-san did.
Naturally, this probably wasn’t part of the guild’s job. Having said that, thinking that she favours me might be conceited of me.
―――However, I couldn’t help but hope for such a future.

“Asha-san, huh……”

I don’t know how she feels herself though.
If it was like that, I guess I would be happy……

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