Running Away From The Hero! Prologue

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Do you know what a “hero” is?

It is a word that is used to describe cheat-like existences.
Of course, the dictionary would say something completely different, but that’s what I think of them as.

Seriously, how the hell do you go about beating up a dragon as a human? Dragons are supposed to be cheats from the moment they’re born.

They even study hard, and crave for knowledge.
And just look at their life expectancy. A thousand years is enough for a nation to rise and fall.
But to dragons, that isn’t much. That thousand years is exactly the amount of time it takes for a hatchling to fully grow up!
But did you ever see heroes taking down hatchlings? NO!

The dragons they take down are the adults that have lived for nearly five millennia!

And when you try looking at the average age of the heroes, it’s all around 25 years old.
It’s just that high because there are some heroes that are really old. There’s actually quite a lot of cases where heroes beat up dragons at the age of 18.
Ah, but why I am I complaining so much about heroes and dragons right now, you ask?

“Here you go, teacher.”

“Hoho… right.”

Who would this young man in front of me be? It’s Raina Rel Swin! The greatest hero of our age who saved the empire!

Ah, he’s also my disciple.

And what did this disciple of mine bring me?!

A warm heart! Not the kind they serve you in restaurants, but a dragon’s heart!

In order to gain some time to run away, I talked about the evil dragon in some other kingdom, saying “Ah, the kingdom next to ours is quite pitiable…” Who would’ve thought that the guy would kill the dragon and then chase me down in just a week!


“H, hello!”
“I, I’ve heard much about you…”

The guy even brought back a princess that had been captured by the dragon, along with her escort wizard. Hahaha… what the hell.

Mm? Why am I so unhappy, you ask?
Isn’t it good that my disciple is strong, you ask?
Oh, right. I still haven’t told you about my profession.

I’m a villain.

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    There’s no such thing as a “Villain” for a profession…
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