Running Away From The Hero! Chapter 2.5

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Chapter 2. Uhh… Mm… What’s that? Scary… (5)

Puhahaha! I, I did it! I, I’m a genius?! Ah… I’m afraid. I’m afraid of my own talent! Let’s think. Most contracts formed with demons and other summoned beings are done orally. The effect? It is absolute!

But let’s think about humans. There is a need to obey an oral contract, but most people don’t obey it. That’s why we created written contracts. Then? What if we use written contracts on summoned beings?

Once I thought of this, I realized something.
The way most demons come out when summoned are extremely similar! Of course, it varies a little by little, but it’s usually very similar!

If I were to use an example, Sutr appears by striking the floor with his hand. A demon like Fenrir would appear howling at the sky, and Jormungandr apparently covers the sky with its giant body and looks down on the darkened world. The summoning circles for these Great Demons mostly disappeared, but since the way low class demons were summoned were mostly similar, I thought it would be the same for these guys.

And out of these great demons, Sutr is the easiest to scam!

He hits the floor when he appears. Then, what if we put a written contract on a stone plate below the floor? And what if we modified the floor a bit so that when it breaks, it puts ink on your hands?
The contract would be sealed the moment you’re summoned. Honestly, even I wasn’t sure if this ridiculous tactic would work, but it worked!

Like this, a ridiculous contract was formed.

“W, what? obey the contractor completely? The reward for doing so is being summoned in this world? W, what?! I can’t kill or destroy without explicit permission from the contractor? H, how much power do you think you’d be able to get from me like this?!”

The more power you want, the bigger the reward has to be. In other words, the smaller the reward, the smaller the power. Of course, this can mostly be covered up by the power of the contractor, but this kid’s barely over 10. If she wants to use all of Sutr’s power, she’d need 10 years, no, perhaps the rest of her life to be qualified.

But it’s Sutr, right? The guy who ended Nordic Mythology? How am I supposed to earn money if a demon that strong’s walking around destroying everything? Wait, would I even be alive in the first place? That’s why it’s important to seal the demon’s power! Of course, I made sure that I’d be safe in the contract. But I still wouldn’t be able to live if the world ended, right? That means that I’d have to save it.

…I finally became a hero that saved the world?!

“T, this is a scam! N, no way this is possible!”
“It’s nothing compared to you, though?”
“What do you mean?!”
“You take souls, right?”

He shut up. Of course he would. Taking a soul is that big of a deal. It’s better for a god to take a single soul, rather than gain thousands of followers.

I said this before, but the basics of this world’s magic start from imagination. That means that the power of gods originate from imagination as well. Of course, gods are strong from the start, but when followers imagine a god in his/her full glory, the god’s rank would rise as a result.

But if a demon were to take a soul? It would get more power than taking in thousands of disciples.

When one’s rank rises, he/she would get stronger. Even a human could become infinitely close to a god.

And souls are something governed by the one god that created everything.

You’d take something like that just by lending a bit of your power? It’s like exchanging a diamond for a cookie.

Towards a scammer like that, I don’t feel bad at all for scamming them. Well, it isn’t like I feel remorse anyway. I’m a villain, after all.

“…Instructor, is this… really it?”
“Yes. That demon sealed the contract, and accepted it himself. The deed is done.”
“D, don’t kid! I, I didn’t…”

I cut off the enraged demon in that instant.

“You don’t need to agree to it.”

There are three interesting systems in this world. The first system is the soul, the second is the game system the creation god authorized, and the third would be that.

“Your permission is dictated by the Geass Roll.”

Geass Roll. The third major part of magic, the contract, is one of the 5 things that form this world. And this contract is connected to the world in a special way that allows the world to authorize any magical contracts are formed. This process would be called the “Geass Roll”.

“N, no way…”

The demon king spoke with a defeated voice. he might’ve been a demon king back then, but now he’s just a slave!
Huhahahahaha! Puhahahahaha! With this, my position in the organization should shoot up! I would be promoted! My salary will rise!

“N, no way! No waaayyyyyy~~~”

No way? Way!

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