Poisoning the World : Chapter 446

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Chapter 446 : Soul-Chasing Qin Sound

All the females stood up, as they looked around their surroundings with surprise. They screamed in astonishment when they witnessed each other’s appearances.


All those who were once young ladies, turned into white-haired old women whose faces were covered with wrinkles.


At the start, they were just shocked by each other. However, when they saw how the other females reacted the moment they saw their appearance, they realized something was amiss. All of them began touching their faces and looking at their hands before screaming out loud.


The cave was in a mess when that happened. Finally, when the females calmed down, they looked toward the red-clothed man who was seated at the corner.


The red-clothed man was half drooping as he stared blankly at the zither on his knee. He acted as if he did not hear the screams that had just occurred.


“Holy Teacher, Holy Teacher, what happened to us?”


“Holy Teacher please say something. We….. Where are we? Didn’t you say that you would teach us the most exquisite zither technique?”


“Holy Teacher would never pass the zither technique to this batch of ugly people, he said he would only pass it to me…..”




Some of the females began quarreling again.


The red-clothed man slowly raised his head. Several females opened their eyes in astonishment when they saw his face.


“Holy Teacher, what’s wrong with you?”


The corner of the red-clothed man’s lip had a trail of blood flowing down; his pair of green spring eyes had also turned blood red. He slowly gave off a flirtatious smile. “You are all too noisy…..”


The instant his palm made a move, eight of the females felt that they were being strangled as they flew toward the stone wall behind their backs. They struggled to free themselves, but the moment they hit the stone wall, they stopped moving. The red-clothed man did not even move from his spot when it happened.


The red-clothed man kept his zither and slowly turned around. His face was as pale as a ghost, and his eyes were as red as a devil’s. He lifted his hands and wiped off the blood at the corner of his lips, coughing twice before walking out.


As he walked out of the cave, the cave behind him  rumbled and collapsed. Crash! The cave was gone turning back to a mountain wall.


Who would think that inside this mountain cliff, eight females who were all highly skilled in zither techniques were buried inside.


The red-clothed man coughed twice and looked up to the sky.


The sky was as clear as ever, and the sun had already slightly deviated from the center.


The red-clothed man slowly clenched his fist tightly under his sleeve.


Han Shanyue! Han Shanyue! Who exactly are you? How could he even decipher his soul catching zither melody?!


Not only did he spoil his plans that day, today he spoiled his string recovery plan too!


He did not expect that he, Xue Yilan, would meet such a powerful opponent! It was totally beyond his expectations.


Not only can that person utilize the yang qi from the citizen of a city to fight against him, causing one of his zither chords to break, but he can also hurt him. This place was obviously no longer safe for him; he could only choose to leave first……




At the sacrificial temple.


Finally, the thunderous applause and cheers stopped, and the world returned back to its usual peacefulness.


The black-haired Heavenly Teacher dressed in a white coat slowly walked down the temple with a calm and upright posture.


The crowd automatically separated to both sides like tidewater as they continued to kneel and kowtow.


In the past, there may have been doubts on the Heavenly Teacher’s ability. However, after witnessing what happened, all the skepticism previously present were swept away.


This Heavenly Teacher simply had the ability to transform both heaven and earth! With this Heavenly Teacher in the Vast Sky Empire, would there be a need to fear the demons and monsters?!


When comparing the abilities of the most secretive Ancestor to this Heavenly Teacher, the difference would not surmount to much!


Everyone’s face was filled with fanatical surprise. They could only rely on kneeling and kowtowing to express their respect.


Emperor Le Xuan naturally also felt extremely joyful!


Serves that red-clothed evildoer right for not getting his string repaired. *pouts angrily*

If anyone is up to doing a drawing of Han Shanyue, send them to [email protected]! I would love to see some fan art, and I’m sure Han Shanyue would “love it” too~

I never follow reality TV stars. I mean, it’s great that the Kardashians make millions off of talking about their lives. But personally, I would rather read novels than watch the lives of someone else. I’ve got enough drama in my life and I really don’t need more. 😛

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