Poisoning the World : Chapter 447

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Chapter 447 : You Missed This Opportunity

Naturally, Emperor Le Xuan also raised his eyebrows!


He suddenly felt that the humiliation of agreeing to Ning Xuemo’s many demands was worth it!


He and the other officials walked off the stage towards Han Shanyue to talk.


Han Shanyue only nodded lightly towards him, saying, “In these two months, the qin master won’t come bother you.”


Emperor Le Xuan’s eyes lit up. These days, he was always anxious, always feeling that that red-clothed qin master’s next actions were like a dark cloud over his head.


Hearing Han Shanyue’s words, he sighed in relief. In reality, he really wanted to ask if there was a permanent way to get rid of that pest.


But with a cold look from Han Shanyue, he shuddered and did not dare ask.


However, thankfully, that red-clothed qin evildoer would not be back for some time. He and the other officials could have two months of good sleep.


Not far away was the Heavenly Teacher’s carriage.


Han Shanyue rejected the banquet that Emperor Le Xuan was going to hold for him. With his billowing sleeves, he walked towards his carriage, the people on both sides of the path bowing to him.


After getting on the carriage, he looked down at the jade ring on his hand, which did not look like anything special.


The once lustery ring now had a muted color, as if whatever was making the ring shiny had disappeared.


As it turned out, she did not listen to him and escaped-


And she broke through the magical array just as he was channeling the yang energy to get rid of that red-clothed evildoer, nearly injuring him and making him lose focus on what he was doing. Was it a coincidence that she broke through the array at that specific moment? Or was it on purpose?


He lowered his eyes and pulled out an amulet. When the amulet began to shine, he opened his mouth. “Where is she right now?”


A blunt and direct voice came from the amulet. “Reporting to the Ancestor, she is currently out of the capital. The qilin has turned into a horse.”




“No, Ancestor, she must have disguised the qilin. It’s a red horse.”


Red horse?


Han Shanyue pursed his lips. Looks like she was very partial to red.


“Ancestor, she also disguised herself to look like an ordinary boy. There is also another man with her.” The voice in the amulet continued to report.


Han Shanyue did not speak, but the atmosphere in the carriage grew colder and darker.


“Ancestor, should she be stopped?”


After a short moment, Han Shanyue coldly and indifferently said, “No need. Let her go.”


The other side seemed to not have anticipated this response and paused. “Then this subject will continue to follow her. When necessary…”


“No need!” Han Shanyue once again responded curtly. “No need to watch her anymore.”


“Yes.” the other side responded.


As soon as the voice faded, the amulet once again disappeared into his hand. He propped his head on his hand and closed his eyes.


Ning Xuemo, you have missed this opportunity. Hopefully you won’t regret it in the future…


Just as the horse carriage left the crowd, a shadow descended from the sky. As everyone cried out in shock, a beautiful white swan flew down, landing right in front of the carriage and preventing it from moving forward.


What person dared to block the Heavenly Teacher’s carriage?!


Everyone stared at the white swan, then paused in shock!


Two people jumped off the back of the swan. One was a majestic old man with a powerful aura around him.


The other was a young girl who looked to be about fifteen or sixteen. Her face could be described in just a few words – once in a millenium beauty.


Han Shanyue, with you, what opportunity is there?????? Unless……. *free washi tapes and cookies?* 

We do actually have fan art! Shoutout to Vitalina for her drawing of Han Shanyue~ The hair though… It’s actually what I’ve basically imagined Han Shanyue’s hair to look like. SO GOOD~

If anyone else has any fanart, send it to [email protected]! I’m always excited to see fanart… <3

I used to bullet journal for like, three weeks, then I quit. 😛 Can’t actually commit to doing planners.

How have your resolutions held up? Have you actually managed to keep up with them or have you kind of let them go?

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