Poisoning the World : Chapter 445

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Chapter 445 : The Zither String That Controls People

Han Shanyue stood on the temple platform, motionless, while waiting for the sound of the cheers to reach its peak volume before clasping his palms together.


The cheers of the crowd seemed to combine into a single voice that soared through the heavens.




Somewhere in the Heavenly Book Mountains.


A red-clothed man was seated in a dull and dark hall, playing a melody with his ice blue zither.


Surrounding him were 8 young ladies who are wearing red dresses. Although their appearance differed from each other, they all had a pair of dainty and delicate hands. Just by the appearance one would know they were the kind of hands that is used to play

zither. Such tender and delicate hands.


Regardless of what status they had, they all had a similarity : they were all zither experts! These zither experts were in fact the 8 missing females which had caused the city to be in a chaos.


They were all currently seated in 8 different locations. They sat as if they were playing the zither, even though there was no zither on their knees.


However, even though they were not playing any zithers, it seemed as though there was a soft and gentle zither qi coming out from them. The qi twirled through the air as it flowed towards the red-clothed man’s ice blue zither.


The zither contained 7 chords. No one knows what material was used to made the zither’s sky-blue strings that shone with a brilliant light.


Among the 7 chords, one of the strings was obviously darker and seemed as if it was lacking energy and spirit.


The soft and gentle zither qi coming from the 8 females were all flowing towards the dark colored string.


As the eight girls continued to pour in their zither qi, the dark colored string slowly started to regain its former brilliance.


While doing so, the eight females seemed as if their spiritual essence had been drained away as their faces kept getting paler.


They all looked dull and lifeless; obviously, they were all being controlled by the melody of the red-clothed man’s zither. Their fingers kept moving as if they were playing a real zither. Their eyes were fearful as they could no longer control themselves.


As their spiritual essence were slowly taken away by the zither, their once black hair started to become dry and gray, gradually becoming white. Their skin, which was gentle and soft, also started to turned wrinkly and old. All of these transformation could be seen by the naked eye.


While absorbing the spiritual essence from the females, the once dark looking string started to light up again. With the current speed, within 30 minutes, the zither string would be able to fully recover.


The red-clothed man forehead started to sweat. His eyes fixated on the zither string before releasing a warm smile.


Finally, it is going to recover!


A pleased and satisfied look appeared in his eyes.


He just needed to persist for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes it will fully recover!


Outside the cave a strand of white light flashed. All of a sudden, the sound of a landslide drowned out the melody of the zither!


Not only was the sound loud, but it also contains vigorous yang qi. The yang qi rushed in like a dragon, causing the whole cave to light up. It seemed as if someone had just put an extremely bright light in the cave, making it so that no one could open their eyes to see what was going on.


All the girls inside the cave suddenly started, as if woken up from a deep sleep. Their bodies trembled before their fingers stopped moving.


“Bang!” The almost recovered zither string broke once again. The string bounced back into the red-clothed man’s hand and disappeared.


The red-clothed man sat there as he stared blankly at the back of his hand. A stream of blood started to flow slowly out of the wounded hand.


“Hey! Why am I here?”


“Ah! What is this place?”


“Oh my god! Who are you, so ugly!”




Hm… looks like a certain someone is back…

If anyone is up to doing a drawing of Han Shanyue as a fat white sheep, send them to [email protected]! I would love to see some fan art, and I’m sure Han Shanyue would “love it” too~

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