Poisoning the World : Chapter 440

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Chapter 440 : Wherever There Was Irregular Psychokinesis Movement, He Would Know

Ning Xuemo silently mocked in her heart. Wasn’t half the misfortune that occurred to her because of him?!

Now he was going to substitute all the misfortune he brought onto her with some goodness?!

Ning Xuemo found a stool to sit on. Her lips pursed slightly. “You called me a Heavenly Calamitous Lonely Star. I was despised by everyone…”

Han Shanyue’s eyes moved slightly, but he didn’t say a word. Even though everyone despised her, weren’t those pesky engagement offers also gone?

“You secretly used your martial arts to hit my acupuncture point, then didn’t let Shi Tianlong rescue me. I nearly drowned in that lake…” Ning Xuemo continued to accuse.

Han Shanyue did not speak, but a complex emotion flickered in his eyes. He will admit that what he did was a little overboard…

However, this girl was really too good at attracting suitors. It made him angry! So that’s why he couldn’t help but give her a lesson.

“They called me the bearer of bad luck and wanted to kill me. I used the Crown Prince as an opportunity to escape. Just as I was about to succeed, you helped the others stop me from escaping!” Thinking about what happened that time, Ning Xuemo’s heart was filled with anger.

“You would have failed in escaping.” Han Shanyue finally calmly said. “Emperor Le Xuan has an elite troop of shadow guards with high cultivation. If you had left that palace and entered the hallways, they would have killed you in numerous ways without hurting Ji Yunhuang!”

Ning Xuemo paused. “Stop trying to scare me! If Emperor Le Xuan had those types of shadow guards, the Crown Prince would’ve known and told me…”

“Ji Yunhuang doesn’t know.” Han Shanyue’s voice was as indifferent as ever. “That’s Emperor  Le Xuan’s secret weapon, and nobody knows of them. Just one word from him can end the lives of the Crown Prince and the other Imperial relatives!”

Ning Xuemo’s heart jumped. Emperor Le Xuan was like a sly old fox. As Emperor, he would naturally have lots of precautions, even toward his son and children. Having shadow guards that no one knows about is not weird.

“How do you know?” Ning Xuemo blurted out.

Han Shanyue’s lips curved. “What can this master not know?” If there was any area with weird psychokinesis movement and usage, he would be able to tell what it was with a glance.

“So you’re saying that that time you were trying to stop me was for my own good?”

“Now you finally understand.”

“But if you wanted to rescue me, you could have just accepted me as an assistant or something. Why a concubine?” Ning Xuemo asked in puzzlement.

“If this master proposed the idea for you to be my assistant, would you agree?”

“Of course!” Ning Xuemo answered without the slightest hesitation. She felt that in that situation, letting her become his assistant would make her feel really happy.

Han Shanyue lightly knocked on the table. “Then how would Emperor Le Xuan beg you like that? Why would he promise you so many rewards?”

Ning Xuemo was speechless.

She suddenly understood! So he proposed that she be his concubine to let her get back at that old Emperor…

“So basically, everything you did was for me?”

“You finally realized.” Han Shanyue’s eyes contained a hint of amusement.

He stood up saying, “You can soak in the hot spring here. Wait for me to come back.” With a turn, he got ready to leave.

“Why… Why do I have to be a concubine?” Ning Xuemo could not help but ask this last question.

Why is it not wife…

“Because – this master only needs a concubine.” Han Shanyue stopped for a moment without turning back. Then, he threw out another blue fruit. Ning Xuemo caught it, looked at it, and paused slightly.


FINALLY NORMAL SPACING. And we now get to know Han Shanyue’s reasons for his behavior… Still not forgiving you though >_< *pouts and tries not to give in* 

If anyone is up to doing a drawing of Han Shanyue as a fat white sheep, send them to [email protected]! I would love to see some fan art, and I’m sure Han Shanyue would “love it” too~

And unconventional combo… I mean, it’s not really unconventional considering the fact that my Spanish teacher, who came from Mexico, said that they ate this a lot in Mexico, but mangoes with cayenne and chili and paprika? It’s so freaking good and like, I never thought it would be. Then again, I’m super picky about food, so… #downwithmushrooms

You’re on a deserted planet with only water and a field of crops because why not. What would you want to have with you while on that planet? No wifi there!

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