Poisoning the World : Chapter 441

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Chapter 441 : She Could Not Bear Seeing Herself Anymore!

This fruit was exactly like the fruit from before!


Could it be that just then, when he ate the fruit, it was simply an illusion?


Ning Xuemo clasped the fruit with a  complex feeling in her heart.


“You don’t have to trust other people, but you can try trusting this master.” Han Shanyue lightly said this last sentence before leaving with a wave of his sleeves.


Ning Xuemo ate the fruit, then took off her clothes to go soak in the hot spring.


The floor of the hot spring was covered in shiny jade stones. They massaged her feet as she stepped on them. The four sides of the hot spring were also covered in jade, so laying on them was very comfortable.


After soaking for some time, felt a thin thread of electricity flowing through her arteries and veins from the stones.


After eating the fruit, she felt a coldness coming from her stomach. However, the heat of the hot spring balanced it out. The air in her body circulated faster, like a cool fountain washing the impurities inside of her away…


After some time, she finally felt that the heat of the water was getting hotter and hotter until it was uncomfortable. Thus, she opened her eyes, only to be frightened by herself!


Her body seemed to be covered in a layer of white scales. It seemed like some sort of oil…


Heavens! When she cultivated, her body would be covered in a layer of oil as well. However, it was never as much as this!


Even she was scared looking at this! Lowering her head, she looked into the water to take a look at her face, then immediately regretted it!


Her small face was also covered in a layer of that oil! Even her hair was covered in a layer.


She could not bear seeing herself anymore!


She quickly scrubbed herself. Thankfully, these scales were somewhat easy to remove as long as she used some force…


She washed herself thoroughly from head to toe in the hot spring to get rid of all the scales. Finally, her jade-white skin was revealed once more.


After the bath, she discovered that her flesh was even more translucent and soft. Underneath the sun, it was as glossy as jewels. It dazzled even her!


She could not resist sprinkling some water in the air. Under the sun, the water flashed with the colors of the rainbow.


In her first life, she was twenty-two years old, the time of happiness and youth. Now, her heart was happy and she temporarily put down those worries that were in her heart in order to have fun and act like a child.


After transmigrating, this was her first time being so happy and without any worries.


She frolicked around in the water for some time, then inspected her body. The more she looked at it, the more she liked it.


These days, the amount of injuries she had was not small, and thus, she had many scars. Even her palm had a lot of little scars.


Now, all her scars were gone and her little hand became soft and tender. Not a scar could be seen on that pale white skin.


This hot spring was very effective. She originally wanted to soak in there for longer, but the heat was unbearable and she could only reluctantly climb out.


As she was putting on her clothes, she realized something alarming : her clothes were too small!


No, it should be that she grew! Her body also developed! This made her very surprised. 


Ning Xuemo, let’s switch bodies, okay?

If anyone is up to doing a drawing of Han Shanyue as a fat white sheep, send them to [email protected]! I would love to see some fan art, and I’m sure Han Shanyue would “love it” too~

One thing I would want on this deserted planet with me would be… Hm… Books! They’re a great form of entertainment and there’s a ton of books I wouldn’t mind re-reading over and over again. Then again, if this situation actually occurred, I would definitely regret making this choice. 😛

What was the latest food trend that you’ve liked? Charcoal ice cream? Ube ice cream? Ice cream rolls? Miniature versions of food?

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