Poisoning the World : Chapter 439

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Chapter 439 : The First Time She Initiated Contact

Han Shanyue looked at her, nodded, and held out his hand. In the middle of his palm was a blue-green fruit. “Eat this.”


Ning Xuemo looked at him with a guarded look in her eyes, then took the fruit and looked at it.


This fruit was the same size as a crab apple, and it had a little recess in the middle. A layer of glimmery light coated the top. She had never seen anything like it before.


She could not help but sniff at it. There was a slightly fishy but also slightly sweet smell.


She had also never smelled this type of aroma before.


“Relax, it’s not poisonous. If I wanted to kill you, would I even need to use poison?” Han Shanyue’s voice was cold as ice. With one sentence, he destroyed all the apprehensions she had about the fruit.


Ning Xuemo obviously understood this type of logic. However, this person’s intentions were too hard to guess. Just as she could have never guessed that he wanted to marry her, she could not be sure that he would not poison her.


In reality, he could kill her with just a raise of his hand. However, what happened if this fruit really was a poison that would turn her into a mindless puppet?


Maybe if she ate this fruit, then he would gain control over her and she would just be a body.


After all, this fruit’s aroma was not that good. It smelled really fishy…


“This fruit is so green. Maybe it’s not ripe? I’ll take it and leave it there so it can ripen before I eat it.” Ning Xuemo was about to calmly put the fruit away.


Suddenly, her wrist tightened. The fruit in her hand flew out and landed in Han Shanyue’s hand.


Scared, Ning Xuemo could not help but raise her head. “You…”


Han Shanyue did not look at her but ate the fruit. Then, he indifferently looked at her. “This is the Heavenly Wind Fruit, a cold-natured fruit that is similar to ginseng. Eating this while soaking in a hot spring can help cleanse the bones and blood as well as dispelling impurities from the body. It can cure all internal injuries and can increase a person’s cultivation as if they had cultivated for ten years…”


Ning Xuemo was speechless.


This fruit was actually this powerful! And it was perfectly suitable for her!


She could not help but grab onto his arm and look up at him, “Do you have anymore of these fruits?”


Han Shanyue lowered his eyes to look at his arm, which she was clinging onto. This was the first time she had initiated any contact with him. Her big eyes glittered with longing.


His lips curved slightly and he bluntly said, “No. This was the last one.”


What? Ning Xuemo disappointedly let go of his arm and stared at the fruit pit in his hand, regret forming in her heart. She actually managed to lose such a treasure!


“Regretful now?” Han Shanyue’s voice was as indifferent as ever.


Even if she was regretful, the fruit will not magically come back. Ning Xuemo sadly lowered her face.


“You’re too guarded. You take too many precautions.” Han Shanyue pointed out the flaw in her personality.


Ning Xuemo’s eyelashes dropped. If she did not take precautions, then in this life, she would have died countless times…


How was it his turn to lecture her?


“Not happy?” Han Shanyue’s finger lightly tapped on the jade table.


Ning Xuemo raised her eyes to look at him. Originally, she was too lazy to argue with people, but for some reason, she really wanted to have a dispute with the person in front of her. “There’s too many people with malicious intent in this world. If I weren’t to guard myself, then what Master Han would see would be Xuemo’s bones.”


Han Shanyue’s eyes narrowed. He knew about everything that happened to her recently. Thinking about the experiences she had had these days, it was truly… If she had been naive, then she would probably have already ended up in the underworld!


Maybe he himself did not even sense it, but his eyes slowly softened. “You can not trust other people, but you should at least trust this master. At the very least, I am your husband.”


He was trustworthy?


Han Shanyue? Trustworthy? I’m a pretty naive and trusting person, but even I wouldn’t trust a sketchy person like him…

If anyone is up to doing a drawing of Han Shanyue as a fat white sheep, send them to [email protected]! I would love to see some fan art, and I’m sure Han Shanyue would “love it” too~

For dessert, definitely something like… Hm… Brownies! The chewy, fudgy kind, not the crunchy kind or the cakey kind. Those are kind of… eh. But hey, if those are my only options, no complaints here. A brownie’s still a brownie.

What is one unconventional food combo you really like? (i.e. peanut butter and pickles, banana and sriracha, apples and mayo, etc.)

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