Poisoning the World : Chapter 438

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Chapter 438 : A Ball on the Top of His Head

She was not being modest at all. Ning Xuemo ridiculed him in her heart, but he did not seem to give her any way out of this situation.


Alright, then she’ll just do it!


Ning Xuemo took the comb, stood behind him, and started doing his hair.


His hair was as black as ink and as smooth as water. The wooden comb slid through his hair without getting stuck. It felt really nice to hold his hair in her hand.


Ning Xuemo felt his hair then thought about her own hair.


Darn it! Her hair wasn’t even as good as this man’s!


She was a pretty fast worker. After a few combs, she pulled his hair up and rolled it into a bun; then she took the cold jade hairpin on the table and stuck it in. Afterwards, she decided that the hairdo was complete.


She retreated a few steps and examined it. Her expression became twisted, and she looked as though she was having second thoughts about it.


As if he had seen something from Ning Xuemo’s expression, Han Shanyue produced a mirror from out of nowhere and casually looked at himself. As soon as he saw himself, the blue veins in his forehead started pulsing!


His hair was actually pulled into a topknot. However, this topknot was a little big and looked like a ball resting on the top of his head. She had also creatively let some hair down, but they weren’t evenly placed; there were random strands of hair falling over his shoulder.


This hairstyle – made people unable to look at him!


In his entire life, Han Shanyue had never been so ugly before!


This girl must have done it on purpose, right?! She was not the ordinary type of clever person!


He took his hair out of the topknot, making that ball of hair fall down his shoulders again. “Comb it again! If you don’t comb it well, this master will shave your head until you’re bald!”


This was a very original threat, but this threat was quite useful towards Ning Xuemo.


She likes being beautiful. If she were to become bald, she would rather commit suicide.


“I really don’t know how to comb hair. I have never done this on anyone before. Why don’t I call a more capable maid for you?” She was certain that there would be numerous maids who would be willing to do this.


Han Shanyue lightly looked at her. “This master only permits concubines to comb this master’s hair. Maids are not allowed.”


So nitpicky!


Ning Xuemo blurted out, “Then why don’t you get one of the maids who can comb hair to be your concubine?”


“None of them are Heavenly Calamitous Lonely Stars. This master can not bear to ruin their lives.” Han Shanyue was as indifferent as before.


Ning Xuemo was speechless.


So basically, he was saying that he wanted to bring disaster to her? Cursing her to death made him feel less guilty?


This scoundrel really did not have any good will toward her!


Ning Xuemo did not want to waste anymore time talking to him and combed his hair once again.


This time, he placed a mirror in front of him. He could see all of Ning Xuemo’s movements.


Occasionally, he would give some pointers. Finally, he could no longer bear it, and so he placed his hands onto hers and walked her through it.


His palm was warm and dry. It was so big that his hand wrapped hers up entirely. That warmth seemed to travel from his palm right into her body. Ning Xuemo suddenly felt a little hot, and her heart started to jump frantically.


Finally, under the direction of his hands, she finally managed to get his hair up into a decent hairdo.


He looked at himself in the mirror, then nodded. “This isn’t too bad. In order to practice, from now on, you will comb this master’s hair everyday.”


Ning Xuemo smiled and did not speak.


From now on? There will never be any ‘from now on’s.


This time, she chose an easy escape plan, so she also planned out her retreat.


She looked at the hot spring with some bewilderment. “Is that a natural hot spring?”


Han Shanyue did not answer her question, but instead he replied with his own, “Are you going with this master to offer sacrifices at the Heavenly Temple? Or are you going to soak in the hot spring?”


Ning Xuemo was worried that he would want her to stick around with him. After hearing the choices, she obviously chose the second – soaking in the hot spring!


Ning Xuemo’s abilities with hair is exactly like my own. Nonexistent. And then you see those girls with, like, Dutch braids and waterfall braids and fancy flowers and headbands made from hair and then it’s like, WHY CAN’T I DO THAT TOO??????

If anyone is up to doing a drawing of Han Shanyue as a fat white sheep, send them to [email protected]! I would love to see some fan art, and I’m sure Han Shanyue would “love it” too~

I was actually talking about this with another translator, Vin (she translates Wild Malicious Consort, so check it out!) and we were literally complaining about the same thing : why there’s not that much xuanhuan romance with a female MC compared to xuanhuan novels that are more geared towards the male audience (not trying to be sexist here, just something I literally read off from this post on NU). So that’s something I would definitely want to see more of in the translating world. I mean, Wuxia World has how many novels? And how many of them have female MCs compared to male MCs? Guess that just means translators would have to pick up more projects… Another project I personally want to translate is something more modern and fluffy, like My Fault For Being Blind. It’s sooooo cute, and we all need a little sweetness to balance out the fiery anger of normal face-slapping MCs, right?

If you had to pick one dessert to eat for the rest of your life and you could only eat that once dessert and nothing else (well, I mean, in a hypothetical situation where you won’t die from malnutrition or diabetes) what would it be?

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