Poisoning the World : Chapter 435

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Chapter 435 : You’re Thinking Too Much

Ning Xuemo even reckoned that if this man were to be involved in BL, he would only be the aggressive one and never the submissive one…


“What are you thinking about me this time?” Han Shanyue did not answer her previous question and instead, he sat halfway along the embroidered couch, looking at her casually.


Ning Xuemo then massaged her wrist which was swollen from his grip. “I’m guessing sire’s age,” she would not let him pass on her previous question.


“How old do you think I look like?”


“You ought to be in your seventies or eighties already, aren’t you?” Ning Xuemo tried to probe.


His appearance may be that of a twenty year old but, judging from his poise and mannerisms, he definitely is older than that, especially when his reputation has lasted for sixty years already.


His martial arts was exceptionally strong, probably at the same level with Ye Qingluan who had mastered the arts of retaining youth.


Han Shanyue gazed into her ever dark coloured pupils and asked, “Seventies, eighties, do you think it’s too young or old for you?”


“Of course it’s very old…” Ning Xuemo blurted it out, “At this age, you could very well be my grandfather!”


Han Shanyue was speechless.


“Grandfather?” Han Shanyue repeated and then he turned himself around and laid back. “Then from now on, you shall call me grandpa!”


Ning Xuemo kept quiet.


Did that mean that by marrying him, this had become a grandfather-grandchild relationship?


Although she said that she would never marry him, it would also be too unfortunate for her if she were to call him grandpa!


“Master Han, your appearance is even more youthful than the youngsters, calling you grandfather would be too inappropriate. I think I will continue calling you Master which is more fitting to your image.”


“Suit yourself.” Han Shanyue closed his eyes.


“Master, as you know, I’m almost going to be married to you, but I have yet to know your name,” Ning Xuemo wanted to fish more information out of him.


Han Shanyue suddenly opened his eyes, a pair of deep blue eyes staring at Ning Xuemo.


Ning Xuemo got goosebumps from his intense gaze, “What’s wrong?”


“Is my name not Han Shanyue?”


“Isn’t Han Shanyue your pen name?”


“Pen name?” Han Shanyue was baffled.


“You are an arts expert, don’t artists usually have a pen name or an alias?”


Han Shanyue looked at her for a moment before lying back down and closing his eyes. “You think too much.”


Han Shanyue was indeed not his real name, but since then, nobody had called his name for a long time, so long that he had almost forgotten it too.


And he did not need to tell this young lady his true name for… he would not be involved with her for too long.


Ning Xuemo refused to believe that that was his real name and she sensed that his real name would be of  greater significance.


The name Han Shanyue was a nice name for an artist but, for an expert like himself, it felt ill-fitting.


Let it be, if he did not want to speak about it, then she should not probe any further. Moreover, she did not want to get involved with him either.


Especially when this person was an extremely dangerous figure! The best way to deal with this situation would be keeping a safe distance away from him.


She was then reminded of the red clothed assailant. That scoundrel was thrown into the river but unfortunately, he survived.


Anyhow, it was still strange. That bastard had obviously escaped death, and with his vengeful personality, how would he let her off so easily? He had not sought her out since then.


Even if he were to swear to never kill her, revenge would still be taken against her, but why did he not do so?


What if he was injured at that time? And hence, he took the time off to recuperate, thus he did not come looking for her.


Or maybe he could have something important to do and hence he let her off the hook?


Or could it be that…


Ning Xuemo raised her head and took a glance at Han Shanyue and was still puzzled.


Or was it because of this person, who was at her side protecting her at all times, and hence there was no opportunity to attack?


Announcing the latest BL novel to hit the translating scene! It’s called … Grandpa and Grandson Pa Pa Pa*! Starring the aggressive, multi-talented Han Shanyue~

Thanks for giving me the idea, Ning Xuemo and Pyon*.

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  1. joellyanne says:

    NXM should just call him great great grand dad as he is an immortal. Thank you for this chapter.

  2. DOHere says:

    What does he mean he would not be involved with her for too long??? Then why marry her?

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