Poisoning the World : Chapter 434

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Chapter 434 : One Look And You Could Tell He Was a Real Man

Bang! The little qilin was again flung away by the wind made by the sleeve.


This time, it was thrown further away and harder.


Fortunately, the ground was carpeted, and although the little qilin shapeshifted into cat form, it was still a qilin with a durable body that was not easily bruised.


Hence, it involuntarily rolled a few times before jumping on its feet abruptly.


With its perfectly round eyes, it glared furiously at Han Shanyue. “Why did you do that again? I had taken my bath already…”


“Revert back to your original form and follow behind us!” Han Shanyue glanced at it coldly and stated, “A qilin turning into a cat, how improper!”


The little qilin was silent.


It just felt that becoming a cat was more convenient, and only then would its master be willing to carry it…


Feeling undignified, it shifted its sight to Ning Xuemo, hoping that she would speak up for it.


However, despite how much she disagreed with Han Shanyue’s actions, upon looking at the little qilin’s state, she paused for a moment.


Recently, little qilin shapeshifting into cat form indeed has been happening more frequently than it was seen in its original form. Initially, the whole idea was to conceal its identity from the public eye to avoid unnecessary trouble.


However, it seems like the little qilin was too used to being a cat, so much that, it would always loiter around in its cat form and even during at night when it was sleeping.


This mythical beast definitely possessed some cat-like behaviors.


As its personality was too affectionate, Ning Xuemo subconsciously treated it like a pet and sometimes even spoiled it…


Therefore, she nodded to the little qilin, as if she was agreeing to Han Shanyue’s statement.


The little qilin lost its backing. Momentarily feeling dejected, in the next moment, it reverted back to its qilin form.


Feeling injustice, it refused to follow behind the carriage. So instead, it ran in front of the carriage, which attracted the public’s exclamation and admiration…


Ning Xuemo then followed Han Shanyue to board the carriage. The interior looked splendid and magnificent as the design was exquisite and elaborate. It was lavish but with a hint of the traditional arts.


“Can you release my hands now?” Ning Xuemo felt as though her left hand was about to break.


Han Shanyue appeared to only realize it now; therefore, he released his grip and sat on the embroidered couch.


The carriage may be huge, but Ning Xuemo felt that it paled in comparison to sitting alone beside a greatly respected master.


Her eyes then scanned the entire carriage and praised, “The one who made this carriage is an expert at interior design with great insights and appreciation of beauty. This carriage is very well designed indeed.”


“Many thanks.” Han Shanyue spoke two words.


Ah? Ning Xuemo raised her head and looked at him, “This carriage was designed by you?”


“Who else do you think designed it?” Han Shanyue shifted his gaze onto her face.


This person is an all-rounder. Not only was he an expert at painting, music, and obviously an interior design expert, not to mention highly skilled in kung fu…


Was he even human?


Others spent decades or even whole lifetimes trying to attain his level of expertise and accomplishment on a single skill, and yet he was equally good at everything.


Either it was because of her getting too close to him or that she trained her eyesight well, she was able to clearly see his facial features now.


Ning Xuemo tried to describe his facial features but only concluded that it was flawless.


His facial features were perfect, and with such faultless features put together, it made his face even more astounding.


Usually if a man was too beautiful he would look too feminine, but for this Han Master, this was not the case.


Not only did his beauty not have the slightest feminine quality, with one look you could tell that he was a man…


I can imagine a Han Shanyue with lipstick and mascara and eyeshadow and everything. Worst part is, he would probably actually pull it off pretty well.

If anyone is up to doing a drawing of Han Shanyue as a fat white sheep, send them to [email protected]! I would love to see some fan art, and I’m sure Han Shanyue would “love it” too~

For me, the holiday season is basically just a ton of dinner parties and food that makes you fat. I’m pretty sure I’ve gained 10 pounds already and it’s not even New Years yet… But hey, you can’t say no to food, right?

What are some of your resolutions for the year of 2018?

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