Poisoning the World : Chapter 436

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Chapter 436 : I Didn’t See Anything!

“What are you thinking again?” Han Shanyue felt that this young lady in front of him loved to be lost in her thoughts.


“Oh, I’m thinking of the assailant in red…” Ning Xuemo, who was still caught up in her thoughts, replied briefly.


She was sitting opposite him but right after replying, her body was thrown forward. As she was not prepared for the sudden thrust, she went straight into his embrace! Her nose knocked against his chest, and the excruciating pain came afterwards…


“Hey, you…” Ning Xuemo was hopping mad as she covered her nose.


Then her wrist was suddenly seized, and she was not able to get up, so she remained lying on his body. She raised her head up and reprimanded, “What are you doing….”


At this moment, both of their bodies were pasted extremely close together, and when Ning Xuemo tried to lift her head up, her tiny lips brushed past his. Panicking, she frantically leaned backwards to steer clear of his face as far as possible.


However, this particular position was exceptionally intimate. They were so close to each other that they can hear the other’s breath. In addition, his distinct fragrance still lingered in Ning Xuemo’s nose making her heart flutter violently.


His eyes were as blue as the vast blue ocean, and when their eyes met, Ning Xuemo felt as if she drowned in his intense gaze; she could not look elsewhere.


“Master…” Little qilin must have heard the commotion as it barged into the carriage.


And upon witnessing that intimate scene, it immediately covered one of its eyes with its claw and claimed, “I saw nothing…” before quickly stumbling its way out, not forgetting to close the carriage door.


Even though this carriage was made to be soundproof, it was not fully resistant to noise as a huge commotion like this could still be heard by those highly skilled martial artists.


Ji Yunhuang who was at the back leading the civil and military officials, saw the little qilin rushing in and immediately out of the carriage. Moreover, its reaction was implied to have seen something that was not suitable for children. This made Ji Yunhuang tighten his grip on the reins so firmly that his fingers paled.


All the other officials were keen individuals as they looked at each other’s eyes and knew exactly what was going on in each other’s minds.


Hehe, it seems like this heavenly master Han Shanyue was not exactly refraining from all women. He sure could not wait to claim this young lady his, so much that he would not let her off on the carriage…


In the carriage, Ning Xuemo was utterly embarrassed and at a complete loss with the little qilin barging into the carriage.


Han Shanyue then released his grip, so she stood up immediately and retreated a few steps back. Leaning her back to the carriage, she stared at him. “Master, what is the meaning of this?”


“You are my concubine. Don’t you dare think of other men!”


Darn it, when did she ever think of other men?


Just when Ning Xuemo wanted to retort, she thought of something suddenly. She looked at him surprised, “Could it be that you are jealous?”


Han Shanyue was speechless.


He then closed his eyes again. “If thinking this way would make you feel better, you can put it that way.”


Ning Xuemo decided to ignore him and didn’t look at his face again. So, she might as well open the windows of the carriage and admire the scenery outside.


The sidewalks were already washed with clean water maintained by the officers and the men near the sides of the pathway, attracting crowds who wanted to watch. Everybody was filled with envy for Ning Xuemo who was able to sit in that exquisite carriage…


Subsequently, when Ning Xuemo turned to look at the back of the entourage, her eyes met Ji Yunhuang’s.


Ji Yunhuang looked away immediately. He did not have a good expression with the corners of his lips pointing down.


Ning Xuemo let out a silent sigh, as she felt that no matter what, she was destined to disappoint Ji Yunhuang and betray their friendship.


The carriage had finally arrived at the heavenly master’s residence.


Ning Xuemo was thoroughly impressed with the royal family’s influence as they managed to build a mansion within a short period of time of about two weeks.


I bet you $25 Han Shanyue was feeling jealous. See? Even old grandpas who are “above all worldly affairs” can be jealous when it comes to a pretty girl. *sighs*

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