Poisoning the World : Chapter 405

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Chapter 405 : Moonlight Cauldron

For instance, he had agreed to exempt Ning Xuemo from execution and give the Marquis Jingyuan Residence a hundred thousand taels of gold as reward.

She did not need to greet the Emperor and, even if she were to see him, she did not have to kneel down to him, a gesture would have been sufficient.

Also, Marquis Jingyuan residence would undergo a renovation and would become twice its original size! And in front of the Jingyuan residence, there would be an arch for mounting and dismounting of the horses. Hence, every time someone passed by her residence, they would be awed by its grand appearance… (Ning Xuemo learnt this from the lady from the Yang’s. After all, this was not asking for too much, considering Marquis Jingyuan’s accomplishment and good deeds to the nation.)

Moreover, she was allowed to read all sorts of books that were in the Imperial library.

And another important point was that, the treasured medicine-making cauldron, the Moonlight Cauldron, which was well kept in the inner Imperial pavilion, would be given to her unconditionally…

The Emperor readily agreed to her other terms and conditions, but this specifically was a difficult decision to make. It was the last treasure he would ever give away! The Moonlight Cauldron was passed down from his ancestors and it was said to be able to produce all sorts of special medicine, even the one for immortality.

However, this was just a myth as nobody was able to prove it. Also, the structure of this Moonlight Cauldron was so exceptionally complex that even its top was sealed off. Even the best medicine producer in Vast Sky Empire was unable to unleash its potential, not to mention even creating common drugs. Yet, this did not diminish the Moonlight Cauldron’s status as nobody in the world knew that it was kept in the palace.

Emperor Le Xuan was puzzled at how Ning Xuemo knew that the cauldron was in his possession! Could it be that Ji Yunhuang told her about it?

As much as he could not bear to give it away, he had to, especially at this crucial time.

After much negotiation, Ning Xuemo was finally pleased… She might even consider marrying Han Shanyue, but on the condition that she speaks with him first and; only after, would she decide whether she would marry him or not.

Emperor Le Xuan was filled with frustration. He agreed to countless demanding and humiliating terms, only to have Ning Xuemo to consider the marriage in return.

However, on the optimistic side, she was amicable and this was a good sign. So he just required Han Shanyue’s arrival. As a matter of fact, he was also curious about the things Ning Xuemo would bring up to Shanyue and what kind of terms Han Shanyue would agree to.


Soon, at the break of dawn, Han Shanyue had finally arrived. Nobody had a clue how he spent his night as the Emperor had tried sending someone to check, but to no avail…

It was as though he suddenly appeared in the garden courtyard and was then escorted by a young eunuch to see Emperor Le Xuan.

Emperor Le Xuan easily confided to him about the arduous task of convincing Ning Xuemo, and all of her ridiculous conditions she had for him, to only have her agree to meet him.

Han Shanyue was listening to him patiently, and once he was finished, he nodded slightly and spoke, “Then Your Majesty, please make the necessary arrangements for my wedding.”

Emperor Le Xuan was dumbfounded, “Mister, I mean, Heavenly Teacher, aren’t you taking her as your concubine? The norm to take a concubine is to just escort the bride in a small sedan into the house.”

Han Shanyue glanced at him coldly,  “Am I, the Heavenly Teacher, a regular person?”

Those words stunned Emperor Le Xuan for a bit. Alright, if he wants a wedding, let’s plan for one. He did not mind helping to plan one either.

“May I know what kind of wedding you have in mind?”

“Any one will do, how about doing it like those grand weddings held in Vast Sky Empire?”

Emperor Le Xuan was speechless.

He had not slept last night night and, although initially his headache was a mild one, now it had worsened.


Okay, so Cieli mentioned Matthew Gray Gubler, and I was like, “YESSSSSS!” I LOVED HIM IN CRIMINAL MINDS. It’s a phenomenal show about the FBI and how they try to profile serial killers to anticipate their next move. Well, at least the two episodes I watched were… 😛

But for Chinese, Zhao Liying, Hu Ge, Yang Yang, and Yang Mi are some of my favorite actors. Love them all <3 And Yang Yang is super cute too…

What’s your favorite boy band? I was listening to this new boy band called In Real Life (they only have one song…) and that inspired this boy band phase in me. I literally only listen to boy band music now 😛

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