Poisoning the World : Chapter 404

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Chapter 404 : Great Aunt, What Do You Want To Do?

Emperor Le Xuan was suffocated by her words for some time. Finally, he had no other alternative but to find a way to get himself out of this, “Well after all, your father, the Marquis of Jingyan, for a long time had labored for the Vast Sky Empire. In his honor, I will not be so harsh with you. However, you are so stubborn. I am extremely disappointed in you. I will not punish you by execution, but that Old Zhong had raised you, and clearly this shows how lacking his teachings had been. If you do not agree, I can only execute him!” After saying this, toward the end he began to exude an aura of killing intent.

However, Ning Xuemo did not even care for his words. “I have never heard of a servant being in charge of his master before. If Your Majesty wants to use him to threaten Xuemo, Xuemo does not care. I don’t even care about my own life, so why would I care about other people’s lives?”

Emperor Le Xuan said, “Ning Xuemo, if you don’t agree to this, you can only walk the path toward death!”

“Oh, the Right Assistant Minister that just walked out said the same thing. Xuemo said that Xuemo doesn’t care.”

“Ning Xuemo, even ants cherish their lives, say nothing more of you. You’re only 13 years old. You still have a great period of time awaiting you.”

“Oh, the Mei Imperial Censor that just walked out also said that.” Ning Xuemo’s voice still sounded as faint and leisurely as before.

“Is there something wrong with Master Han? You don’t know how many young girls under the skies want to marry him, yet he has never looked at them even once. To be able to marry him is a fortune…”

“This fortune, I shall give to others. Whoever wants to marry him can. Xuemo does not care.”

Emperor Le Xuan was speechless.

It was as if logic could not be talked into this brat! Emperor Le Xuan’s vein in his forehead bulged furiously!

Once again, he used gentle but forceful words to talk to her for an hour, yet Ning Xuemo refuted them all in just a few words. At the end, Emperor Le Xuan nearly wanted to give up.

If he could not placate Ning Xuemo, then he could not receive Han Shanyue’s help.

If he could not keep Han Shanyue, then there would be no one who could go against that red-clothed qin player. His lands and even his life are in danger!

That Han Shanyue had simply given him an extremely difficult problem to solve!

At the end, he had no other method but force. He dismissed everyone, and then he quietly said to Ning Xuemo, “Great aunt, what do you want?! Say it, and I will agree to it no matter what! At the very least, you are still a subject of the Vast Sky Empire. Your father was loyal and faithful to our country. Could you bear to see the Vast Sky Empire’s common people meet with danger?”

Ning Xuemo glanced at him, pursing her lips. “Who cares about faithful officials? Doesn’t Your Majesty still use groundless crimes to kill off these faithful and loyal officials?”

“I do not want to kill you. However, I have really let you down.” Emperor Le Xuan still said quietly.

“You think an apology will make up for everything?”

“Then what do you want?”

“If Your Majesty really wants to make up for his past errors, then exempt the people of Jingyan Marquis Manor from death and place the Jingyan Marquis’ memorial tablet in the Martyr Ancestral Hall.”

Is she willing to negotiate now? She has conceded?

Emperor Le Xuan rejoiced silently in his heart, nodding his head and answering, “Okay. As long as you agree to Master Han’s offer about being his concubine, then I will promise you that this condition will be met!”

Ning Xuemo closed her eyes, slowly and deliberately saying, “Your Majesty, you should do all of this, but these are not Xuemo’s conditions for marrying someone. However, Xuemo can agree to consider the marriage proposal.”

Emperor Le Xuan was speechless.

He could only once again negotiate with Ning Xuemo.

Emperor Le Xuan discovered that once this girl had become sober, her words became incredibly eloquent and watertight! She was incredibly good at negotiating.

During the negotiations, Emperor Le Xuan unconsciously agreed to a large amount of conditions that he would regret later in hindsight.


Sometimes I wish I was Ning Xuemo… Especially when I’m trying to convince my parents about something…

By the way, to Khamira : NIRVANA IN FIRE WAS SO AMAZING. HU GE~ (hardcore fan of Hu Ge here) 😛

I love watching Sherlock on Netflix and I watched The Eternal Love, Eternal Love (two different shows) and Princess Agents recently too. Absolutely love Zhao Liying. Though I will say, Love O2O and Boss & Me were some really good dramas. Yang Yang = cutie~

What’s your favorite actress/actor?

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  1. joellyanne says:

    The Emperor is end for it now so he can have her agree to the marriage. Thanks for this update.

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    Bwahahaha. Maaaan, I’m so interested on those conditions NXM set up😂😂😂😂😂😂 thanks for the chapter!!

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