Poisoning the World : Chapter 406

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Chapter 406 : In Front of the Flowers, Under the Moon

“Did Heavenly Teacher meet the red-clothed qin player yesterday or know of his whereabouts?” This was Emperor Le Xuan’s biggest worry.

“Don’t worry.” Han Shanyue was like a metal pole, responding with only these two words.

Han Shanyue turned around, ready to leave. “Have her meet me by the lake.” With a flutter of his sleeves, he left the place.

Emperor Le Xuan was speechless. He suddenly felt that the way Teacher Han Shanyue handled things was a lot like this country’s most mysterious Ancestor.

Emperor Le Xuan shook his head immediately. Not possible. Definitely not possible!

Emperor Le Xuan had received news some time ago saying that the Ancestor had gone to Bo Hai Country and was currently there as a guest. He could not possibly split his body to come here.

Even more, this Master Han Shanyue became famous a long time ago. His location was never the same as the Ancestor’s, and they would never have any opportunities to cross paths.

Clearly, he was overthinking this.


The originally white cobblestones seemed to sparkle like jade under the sunlight. The weeping willow trees by the lakeside were like silk waistbands. Even though it was already autumn, the willow leaves were still green and showed no signs of falling.

When Ning Xuemo arrived by the lake, she could see that far away under a weeping willow tree, there stood Master Han Shanyue.

Today, he had changed his clothes again to something that was as white as the moon. The large clothes billowed in the wind, and the embroidery on the sleeves and lapels seemed as life-like as undulating waves.

This time, there was an illustration of a bamboo forest on his clothes. The leaves and stems seemed to be dancing. Against the backdrop of the moon-white clothes, it looked like a scene of bamboo under the moon. Paired with those wave-like embroideries, his clothes made him even more alienated from the common people, as if he was an immortal untouched by the mundane world. It seemed very fitting for his personality and aura.

He stood there with a white Dong Xiao* in one hand, making the scenery seem even more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Even though his face could not be seen, the aura that he gave off made people unable to shift their gaze away from him wherever he went.

Around the area, silhouettes of girls could be seen in hiding behind the flower beds and trees. They acted as if they were simply pruning the plants and getting rid of the weeds, but their eyes were unconsciously straying toward Han Shanyue from time to time.

Some of those who dared, actually did not avert their eyes from him.

Had Emperor Le Xuan not issued the command that no one may bother Master Han Shanyue, Ning Xuemo was certain that someone would intentionally walk by, pretend to trip, and fall into Han Shanyue’s embrace. Then, a romantic encounter would ensue…

Ning Xuemo stood close and looked at him for a moment.

She inwardly shook her head. This person really was an evildoer! His elegant and graceful demeanor was so cold and detached…

Clearly, she hated his guts. Yet, staring at him in this moment, she could feel her heart jumping a little!

However, the man of her dreams was still Shi Tailong, that type of buff, strong guy. To pretty boys like Han Shanyue, the most she had were feelings of appreciation.

No, now she didn’t even have any feelings of appreciation for him anymore!

At this moment, the only thing she wanted to do was to kick him into the lake!

She wanted to let him have a taste of what it felt like to be under water, helpless…

“Seen enough?” Han Shanyue suddenly turned around. His cold eyes narrowed onto her body.

Being stared at by him like this, Ning Xuemo’s heart felt slightly cold. Yet, she also felt that his gaze seemed slightly familiar…

Her lips curled and she walked toward him. “Your Distinguished Self is very talented at finding good places.”

While this location could be a good place for a romantic date, it was a pity that she felt like this place was shady. She could not feel the romantic ambience in this place.

Han Shanyue said leisurely, “This place is serene and quiet, and there are less people here.”

Even for a simple chat, he had to find a place that was refined and peaceful. Sure enough, this person could only put on a persona for so long.

*Dong Xiaos are a type of instrument. They’re like clarinets, except thinner. Here’s a link to a picture, but the description of the object is in Chinese https://baike.baidu.com/item/%E6%B4%9E%E7%AE%AB


Um… Conspiracies anyone? Could it possibly be… *mindblown*

Okay, I was looking through your comments, and I realized that… Niki411 and Ye Qiu were both Army members!!!!!!! (BTS lovers, you probably know what I mean :P) BTS = BEST BOY BAND EVERRRRRRRR and they’re cute

Does anyone know any good artists that I can go to for commissioned artwork? I’m interested in having artwork for Ning Xuemo/Han Shanyue/other MCs and MLs.

Oh, I will say, have you guys seen the Twitter of this person? The artwork = my life

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