Poisoning the World : 387 FIRST MBC POST~

Hi everyone! This will be the first post on MBC, so I’m super excited! If you don’t know me, I’m Giantrabbit. *waves happily* I’m the TLer for Poisoning the World and Eris will be the main editor. Big shoutout to Eris too! I’m new to MBC, so please bear with me as I navigate this new world!

Without further ado, here’s Chapter 387! Do comment if there’s a problem or error. Enjoy~

Translator : Giantrabbit

Editor : Eris

8 thoughts on “Poisoning the World : 387 FIRST MBC POST~”

  1. Are you the new translator that’s going to pick up the novel so that it won’t be dropped? If so, how often will you update? I really like the story btw and wanna read more.

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