Omni-Magician 9

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Chapter 9 – Damn, he had gone all in!?

The original Hammer was not interested in offensive magic and only intrigued by lifestyle spells which at most could be used to fetch items or provide a cooling breeze, which was also the spell he was best at.

Previously when throwing the scrolls out casually, Ye Chui had wanted to wait for a moment to use the spell 【Breeze】 to control the scrolls and use them to attack Carrey.

This was a method of attacking which he had brilliantly thought of. The amount of offensive magic he could release was limited, but he could easily release lifestyle spells such as 【Breeze】 and 【Dustless】 as and when he wanted to and could even maintain these spells for quite a long period of time. Therefore, he decided to use the scrolls to make up for the numbers of offensive spells which he was lacking and turn these lifestyle spells into offensive spells.

Under his control, all the scrolls flew towards Carrey and were activated once they reached in front of him.

Flame, lightning, dust, stream, gale……

Because the scrolls were remotely controlled by Ye Chui who was using his wand, he could control four to five scrolls to attack Carrey in one go. In addition, attacking at unexpected angles also caused Carrey to be unable to guard against these attacks. Try guarding against a scroll that was flying to your face and suddenly tunnels into the crotch area of your pants?

In Ye Chui’s eyes, it was as if he was playing a videogame which had motion sensors…… And in his previous life, as a top hacker, Ye Chui was also world class in gaming!

When Ye Chui had thrown the scrolls at Carrey previously, he could still rely on his sharp reactions to dodge, but now he was completely passive and swinging his sword around blindly and forcefully. Despite that, he was still getting continuously hit by the scrolls.

His hair had been completely burned away by the flames and his face was charred. With the mud on his body, the previously dazzling armor could no longer be seen.

Looking at Carrey who was continuously jumping and screaming among the scrolls explosions, the surrounding crowd had no idea how they should react anymore. It completely did not occur to them that Ye Chui would actually use this method to attack Carrey. Isn’t this just plainly using money to overwhelm the opponent?

In that short period of time, Ye Chui had probably threw over a hundred scrolls in an instant. Just what was the value of over a hundred scrolls? It was fifty silver coins!

They were not shocked that Ye Chui, a rank two magician could completely overwhelm Carrey, a rank four swordsman. They were shocked by the offensive method of the wealthy wastrel Ye Chui…..

Each and every one of the scrolls was continuously activated.

Soon, there was no more sound from Carrey who was being surrounded by the scrolls and because of the dust scroll, Carrey’s surrounding was completely shrouded in dust and only a black figure could be vaguely seen standing upright.

Ye Chui controlled the scrolls and threw it at that black figure, with flames and lightnings flashing from time to time.

And that figure did not move at all, as if it was dead.

“Carrey……” Busca had an unspeakable uneasiness on his face as he loudly shouted, but there was completely no reply.

The surrounding crowd all thought of something——

Did Carrey just get played to death by Ye Chui like this?


The last flame scroll was set ablaze among the dust and the figure in the dust still did not have any response.

At this moment, Ye Chui was also tired and out of breath. He kept his motionless gaze and pointed the wand in his hand at the figure in the dust, afraid to even shift one millimetre.

The surroundings were silent and only the sound of Busca calling for Carrey continuously rang in the air.

Debbie grabbed her great sword and walked over to Ye Chui with her indescribable shocked face: “Hammer, you actually used this kind of method to defeat him, how…… how……”

Ye Chui gave her a smug grin and just as he had wanted to tell her that she did not need to praise him, Debbie continued with this: “How much did this cost!? Where did you get so many scrolls from?”

“…… I had inscribed them these few days.” Ye Chui explained.

“Impossible, only seven scrolls were left in our shop, you had inscribed a hundred scrolls in just these few days?” Debbie was filled with astonishment.

“That’s right……” Ye Chui explained with resent, “Might be because of the imminent catastrophe, I had surpassed my standards and therefore the speed was much faster……”

Debbie fell silent, unsure if she was excited, she then sighed: “If all these scrolls were sold, how much money could I earn……”

“……” Ye Chui was speechless. Couldn’t this young lady just pay attention to the other details?

Debbie turned her gaze to look at Carrey who was in the dust and worriedly asked: “Staying motionlessly like that, could he have already died?”

“It’s hard to say, but it was definitely unpleasant to be bombed indiscriminately.” Ye Chui hesitantly replied. He too was uncertain of Carrey’s situation. After some thought, he pointed his magic wand straight ahead: “Dustless!”

Lifestyle spell 【Dustless】

The effect was to clear the air of all dust, allowing the air to be purified……

Following the magic that Ye Chui cast, a slight breeze swept past. The breeze was so gentle that it could not be felt and the clouds of dust in the air fell to the ground one after another as if it was affected by some kind of power and this caused a layer of dust to pile up on the ground. As the vision suddenly cleared up, Carrey could been seen half kneeling on the ground in the middle on the road. With both of his hands on the long sword that was stabbed into the ground, it was still quite a cool pose looking at it……

“Don’t tell me this guy still have to pose before dying?” Ye Chui could not help and complained.

However Debbie’s expression suddenly changed: “This is bad, I recognise this pose. This is the defensive move that only an intermediate swordsman can learn, Protection of the War God!”

“Damn, he had gone all in!?” Ye Chui stared blankly.

Just as Ye Chui had said those words, Carrey who had been motionless suddenly moved. His pitch black face revealed an extremely furious expression as he raised his head and let out a bellow. Getting up from the ground, a faint glow flowed through his body.

Debbie had already raised the great sword in her hands: “Protection of the War God is a type of extremely powerful life risking move that can only be activated by exhausting one’s sword aura and will wear out one’s realm….. However by using this move, it allows the user to enter the War God mode in an extremely short time, directly doubling one’s strength and speed……

Carrey speed had indeed became quicker, rushing to the front of Ye Chui and Debbie in a blink of an eye.

“Watch out for my Giant Spinning Top……” Debbie had already finished preparing as she was talking to Ye Chui. Raising her great sword, she started spinning towards Carrey.

However as Carrey swung his sword, a “ding” sound could be heard. As his long sword clashed on Debbie’s great sword, the force of this slash caused Debbie to spin away to the side and fall on her butt even before her spinning top could completely start whirling.

Carrey who was in War God mode already had his strength doubled!

Ye Chui gave a cry of surprise and immediately rushed to Debbie. However Carrey had already swiftly rushed to the front of Ye Chui and grabbed him by the neck. Lifting up Ye Chui’s entire body, he said with a hoarse voice: “Kill you, I want to kill you……”

Ye Chui’s four limbs dangled in the air and he felt that his life was in imminent peril as he had difficulty in breathing.

However at this moment, Ye Chui’s flushed face suddenly revealed a smile instead.

Actually, he still had one last move he had not used.

Aiming his magic wand at Carrey’s armor——

Carrey’s armor had already been heavily mottled and was in a terrible sight. However other than the damages caused by all the flames and lightnings that was all over the armor, some strange black vein marks could be seen if one had looked attentively.

Those vein marks were secretly hidden among the scrolls by Ye Chui and inscribed onto Carrey using the magic 【Breeze】 in the midst of the chaotic attacks earlier.

The black colour was magic ink.

The vein marks was a simple magic array which was the most practical and simplest magic array——The stove array that was used on the magic stove.

As Ye Chui’s magic wand touched Carrey’s armor, he inputted his magic power in.

The power switch of the magic stove array was activated.

The next moment, Carrey was entirely set ablaze……

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