Omni-Magician 8

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Chapter 8 – Is he treating the scrolls as if they were bricks for smashing?

Scrolls were very valuable items, especially to commoners. Even if Busca was the magnate of this street, in terms of his social status, he was still nonetheless a commoner, who was slightly more well off compared to the normal commoners.

And this was not enough for Busca or his son to casually use a magic scroll which costs fifty copper coins for battle. These items were normally used in times of emergency and in the midst of an official battle. For example, the situation now, the effectiveness of the magic scrolls were very limited. Thinking logically, there was no way magic scrolls would be used in these kinds of battle between commoners. Therefore, even after seeing Ye Chui throw a flame scroll at Carrey and had managed to burn his hands, Busca was not worried at all.

And of course, Carrey was similarly not worried.

“Let me see how many scrolls you can bring out!” Carrey swung his longsword with his other hand, “Don’t hesitate and just throw as much scrolls as you have!”


Ye Chui gave a agreeable look, since you asked for it then you shall have it. He immediately took out another scroll from his bag and casually tossed it at Carrey after opening it. Without stopping, he then took out another scroll followed by another……

In a blink of an eye, Ye Chui had already tossed five scrolls over.

Among them were two fire scrolls, two lightning scrolls and a dust scroll.

Lightning scrolls was similar to flame scrolls. After activating it, bolts of lightning would be released to attack nearby enemies and its power was equivalent to the elementary offensive spell 【Lightning】. On the other hand, dust scrolls were used to confuse enemies by releasing a cloud of dust to hinder the enemy’s sight.

There were five types of scrolls being sold in Anthony’s Magic Cottage, among them, only the flame scroll and the lightning scroll possessed a strong offensive power, whereas the others belong to support type, therefore the scrolls Ye Chui had made the most was mainly the flame scroll and the lightning scroll.

Throwing these scrolls towards Carrey, the flames and lightning were released simultaneously and with the a cloud of dust hindering their line of sight, the surrounding crowd was instantly stumped. Throwing six scrolls in an instant, the cost of these six scrolls was three silver coins……

That was three silver coins!

Carrey was already prepared thus the few scrolls did not hurt him, however he still looked quite pathetic as he dodged from the scrolls.

Looking at his son whose face was covered in dust as he made his way out from the dust cloud, Busca loudly shouted: “Carrey, the scrolls aren’t cheap, he definitely doesn’t have much more left in his hands, quickly attack him!”

Hearing his father’s words, Carrey immediately charged towards Ye Chui, gritting his teeth and he swung his sword.

With a calm expression, Ye Chui reach into his bag and grabbed another bunch of scrolls out. Using both of his hands, he continuously opened them with a tch sound and threw them forward without looking, one bunch after another……

He could easily grab five to six scrolls in a bunch, which was equivalent to casually throwing three silver coins. Even the monthly expenses of a normal household was also not more than one or two silver coins , looking at how Ye Chui conveniently threw the scrolls, it was simply just casually throwing money away.

Even a wastrel doesn’t squander like this……

The most important point was among the scrolls Ye Chui had casually threw out, there were clearly some that he did not even open and had dropped straight on the floor after hitting Carrey.

Is he treating the scrolls as bricks to smash him?

Is he directly trying to smash him to death with money?

The surrounding was shrouded in silence, silence because they were all stunned. They were stunned by the bare display of Ye Chui’s conduct in flaunting his wealth and squandering.

And thanks to Ye Chui’s attacking method of not treating money as money, Carrey actually had trouble getting near to Ye Chui for now. In this span of time, he had been burnt by the flames quite a few times, electrocuted by the lightning a few times, doused by a blast of water in the face by a stream scroll, followed by a dust scroll which caked his face in a layer of dirt. Just as he reached out to wipe his face, he stumbled as he got blasted by a gale scroll……

Carrey could be said to have experienced many different types of large and small scale battles, but he swear he had never faced an opponent who could just casually throw dozens of scrolls.

Ye Chui threw dozens of scrolls in an instant. To be accurate, it was thirty nine scrolls——Busca who was standing at the side had been counting, thirty nine magic scrolls which cost fifty copper coins each, that’s nearly twenty silver coins!

And after throwing dozens of scrolls, Ye Chui finally stopped and gasped for breath as he looked at Carrey’s sorry figure.

Carrey gave another bellow to the sky and charged toward Ye Chui once again: “Now that your scrolls are finished, I’m going to murder you, brat!”

As he said that, he raised his long sword high up with one of his hand in an imposing manner, as if he was going to start a massacre……

After that, Ye Chui just placed the bag which was on his hand down on the floor and started to grab bunches of scrolls out with both of his hands, with ten or more scrolls in each bunch. This time he didn’t even bother to open the scrolls and just threw them straight at Carrey.

One bunch followed by one bunch, one bunch after another……

At this moment, everyone was petrified. They must have thought they were dreaming.

To waste the scrolls like this, to not even activate it before throwing, is he completely treating the scrolls as bricks and most importantly…… How many scrolls are there exactly in that bag of Ye Chui’s? Looking at that bulging bag…… Could it be they are all scrolls?

Even though the scrolls that were thrown at him wasn’t activated, Carrey still did not dare to take it head on and instead kept jumping up and down to dodge. In a blink of an eye, at least fifty and more scrolls had been threw by Ye Chui and at this moment, he had finally stopped.

In the eyes of the many people there, all they could see was money as they looked at the floor which was covered in scrolls.

“Huff…… I guess you have no means left…… What a fool…… To just throw the scrolls over like this……” Carrey shouted as he panted heavily, tired out from dodging the scrolls. He raised his long sword once again and prepared to attack Ye Chui.

However Ye Chui gave a smirk on his face and drew his magic wand from his waist and pointed forward as he swung in an arc: “Breeze!”

The lifestyle magic 【Breeze】 which brings a cooling breeze to people.

Once this spell had be mastered, one could cause light objects to float in the air and those that are even more skillful could use this spell to control paper dolls to dance in the air…… And the original Hammer, was the latter——Just how bored was he to be so proficient in this kind of magic? However it had brought great convenience to Ye Chui as he had completely inherited the precise control of this magic.

Under the control of Ye Chui’s spell 【Breeze】, the scrolls under Carrey’s feet suddenly opened with a tch sound, and with a “Boom!” sound, a ball of flame exploded out.

Carrey gave a yelp and he quickly jumped backwards.

All one could see was the scrolls which were originally scattered on the floor had started to slightly wiggle non stop and flew one by one from the ground towards Carrey……

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