Omni-Magician 10

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Chapter 10 – Taking advantage to rob

Making use of the magic ink to inscribe a stove magic array on Carrey was a method Ye Chui had thought of on a whim.

Magic ink was a type of material that could materialise a magic array and by inscribing a magic array on a parchment using magic ink, a scroll was formed.

Of course, a magic array wouldn’t be created just by inscribing magic ink on any surface, there was a strict requirement on the quality of the material but luckily, the armor on Carrey was a magic-imbued armor, thus meeting this requirement.

Among the magic scrolls Ye Chui had released, some of them were mixed with additional magic ink. These magic ink were stored inside cotton balls and wrapped with oil paper. The lifestyle spell 【Breeze】 that Ye Chui had mastered could be used to control these cotton balls filled with magic ink. Between the intervals of the indiscriminate attacks on Carrey earlier, Ye Chui had already used 【Breeze】 to control the cotton balls to inscribe a complete stove magic array on Carrey’s body.

This kind of magic array had a simple structure, thus it was not difficult to complete it. Of course, it wouldn’t be easy for an ordinary elementary magician to accomplish such an advanced manipulation——Which was why Ye Chui would like to express his heartfelt gratitude here to that Hammer’s boredness.

And this array activated when Ye Chui inputted magic powers into it, causing it to immediately start burning.

Even when Ye Chui’s wand had left Carrey’s body, the flame still would not extinguish. The magic-imbued armor on Carrey originally contained a magic powered crystal which could continuously provide magic power. Furthermore, Debbie’s previous slash had broken open the armor, causing the magic power to leak out from the armor, providing a continuous supply allowing the stove magic array to keep on burning——This situation just couldn’t get any better.

“What is this magic……Ahhhhhh……”

Carrey let out cries of fear and frantically slapped his body, trying to extinguish the flames. With his body suddenly on fire, he had completely fallen into panic, entirely becoming a flaming man. If it was the flame spell, it would not burn for a long period of time, however the flame on his body kept on burning and showed no signs of extinguishing in spite of everything.

“This……” The surrounding people were all stunned. They had originally thought that Ye Chui and Debbie definitely could not fight against Carrey who had activated the war god mode, however to their surprise, Ye Chui still had such a move up his sleeve.

Could this flame be the legendary advanced levelled spell 【Will-o’-wisp from Hell】? The inextinguishable flame that won’t stop until the target is burned to ashes?

“Carrey…… Carrey……”

Looking at his son who had became a flaming man, Busca was even more anxious and jumpy. He hurriedly rushed in front of Ye Chui: “Hammer, what exactly have you done, quickly put out the flame that’s on my son!”

“Alright.” Ye Chui gave an easy to negotiate look. The earlier situation also worried him out. Even though he was panting heavily, looking at how smooth his plan had went, he naturally was in a good mood. He gave a smile as he stretched out his hand towards Busca, “Boss Busca, please hand the contract over to me.”

“Contract, what contract……” Busca acted blur as he looked at his son who was jumping up and down among the flames.

“Even though your son is a rank four swordsman, but from the looks of it, I guess that he could probably just last for at most another two to three minutes?” Ye Chui coldly smiled.

Busca’s forehead was full of sweat, he gritted his teeth as he quickly grabbed a piece of rolled up yellow paper and threw it to Ye Chui. Opening it, Ye Chui saw that a loan contract was written on it as well as Debbie’s crooked signature. Using both hands, he tore the contract up ripping it into pieces.

“I have passed you the contract, now quickly extinguish the fire on my son!” Busca continued to shout anxiously.

“Not so fast, there’s still another debt I have not settled with you.” Ye Chui composedly continued, “These few days because of you, the business of Anthony’s Magic Cottage had been severely disrupted and three days ago, you destroyed quite a few items when you came over to find trouble, don’t you think you should pay for our losses?”

“You……You are trying to take advantage of me!” Busca resentfully exclaimed.

Ye Chui pointed his finger at Carrey who was still crying out loud: “Looks like your son could probably last at most another minute.”


Busca gave Ye Chui a death stare, as though his eyes were about to pop out, his look indescribably sinister. However as Carrey’s continuous screaming sounded in his ears, he was still ready to make a compromise: “How…… How much do you want me to pay?”

“A hundred gold coins.” Ye Chui gave some thought and replied.

“A hundred gold coins!?” Busca jumped in anger, “Why…… Why don’t you go rob instead.”

“What do you think I’m doing now?” Ye Chui replied with a smile. He then gave a slight cough: “There’s not much time left.”


Busca was so angry that he started to shake uncontrollably. A hundred gold coins, that was almost a third of his entire asset. This time, Ye Chui was like a lion with its mouth wide open, demanding a hundred gold coins just like that……

However looking at the flames continuously burning on Carrey and listening to his cries which seems to be getting weaker, he eventually gritted his teeth and took out a brass coloured card, throwing it to Ye Chui, giving off a painful look: “This is the gold coin card by Gnome Bank, one of this brass cards represent a hundred gold coins, something you should know!”

The Gnome Bank was a large scale bank that was commonly used among the entire Aigen-Dazs continent. Because it was set up by the honest or in other words inflexible gnomes, it had quite a trustworthy reputation. The card that Busca had handed over to Ye Chui was a convenient card issued by the Gnome Bank. A brass card represented a hundred gold coins and on it had traces of magic, as long as one possessed magic power or sword aura, they could sense how much was deposited inside.

Ye Chui nodded his head in satisfaction and threw the gold coin card into his pocket.

Debbie became completely stunned as she saw the card going into Ye Chui’s pocket: Despite her age this young lady has never seen such a huge amount of money before……

“Now you can undo the spell on my son’s body!” Busca coldly demanded with his trembling voice.

“With pleasure.”

Ye Chui nodded his head while smiling and aimed his magic wand at Carrey: “Stream!”

Basic lifestyle spell 【Stream】

The stream, which was like fine spring rain, continuously condensed on the air and poured over on Carrey’s body. As the tss noises sounded out, clouds of white steam appeared and the flames on Carrey’s body was extinguished. Under the impact of the stream, the magic array on Carrey’s body was also washed off.

Carrey laid on the ground as steam emitted from his body as he panted continuously for breath. He was in a sorry state with his face burned black and his bright armor being reduced to scraps, looking like a tramp.

And Busca was stupefied: “Just like that?”

Ye Chui nodded his head: “That’s right, as simple as that.”

“But…… But……” Busca was stumped for words. He had originally thought that Ye Chui had used some profound spell, after all the flame spell would only burned temporarily before it extinguished. However the flames on Carrey continued to burn non stop, never hadd he thought a shower of rainwater could extinguished the fire…… If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t need Ye Chui’s help, he himself could help his son extinguish the fire.

“You…… You……” Realising that he was scammed by Ye Chui, Busca was so mad that he wanted to rush forward and give Ye Chui a few bites.

“How could I possibly use such profound magic when I’m only a rank two magician.” Ye Chui gave a despicable look and teased, “Oh, I forgot to tell you this, your son was in no danger from the start. No matter what, he is still a rank four swordsman. He came out unscathed even after suffering from dozens of attacks from the flame scrolls so this insignificant stove fire that was used for cooking had no way of hurting him. Even if he was burned an entire day, his life will still not be in danger…… He was purely scared out of his wits when he was screaming.”

Busca: “…… Grrrrrr”

——This was the teeth grinding sound of hatred.

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