Omni-Magician 7

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Chapter 7 Defeat him even if I have to use up all my scrolls

“Leave it to you? How are you going to fight with him when you can’t even release your offensive magic skillfully. You should still leave…… Euergh!” After puking for a while, Debbie continued, “Just leave it to me.”

“How can I leave it to you when you are already in such a state?” Ye Chui speechlessly replied.

“It’s okay, I will get used to it after puking a few more times.” Debbie determinedly replied. She had noticed Carrey getting up from the carriage wreckage with a face full of rage. Grabbing the great sword hilt with both her hands once again, Debbie was ready to unleash her ultimate move once more.

Ye Chui quickly grabbed hold of her shoulder and pulled her behind him: “Take a break, I will handle him. You can take over if you see that I’m unable to hold him back, alright?”

“Can you really do it?” Debbie look at Ye Chui with a face full of doubt.

“Don’t worry, I’m a hundred percent sure.” In the midst of their conversation, Carrey had already rushed forward in rage. The black iron armor on his body had a deep cut at the chest area which was obviously the result of Debbie’s attack. Reaching out to touch the cut on his chest, his eyes was close to splitting apart from his anger.

Busca stood aside and worriedly asked: “Carrey, are…… are you alright?”

“I’m fine, however they…… They can forget about leaving here alive today!” The long sword in Carrey’s hands also started to tremble from his fury. This armor on his body was a certified and authorised good which could not be bought even if one wanted to. Only by becoming the city lord’s guards could one be issued with a set. In addition, over at the city lord side, they do not offer repair services. Now after one slash, the crystal insides were even revealed……

Ye Chui felt a fatal threat and gently pushed Debbie away. Putting a hand deep into the bag he was carrying, his eyes looked at Carrey with no ounce of fear: “Your next opponent is me!”

Woah, this pose was simply too cool……
“The result will be the same no matter who is it, I have not been so angry for quite a long time!” Carrey viciously barked as he walked forward step by step.

The surrounding crowd could also feel the suffocating aura coming out from Carrey. He was fully enraged. The crowd subconsciously felt worried for Ye Chui. Who knew how this young magician was going to fight against this raging rank four swordsman.

As they looked at Ye Chui, they saw him opened the bag in his hands calmly and took something that was about the size of a ballpoint pen. As he pulled it open with a tch sound, he casually threw it towards Carrey.

Carrey only felt a shadow flash before his eyes and with extremely agile movements, he stretched out his hand, caught the item with a swoop and grinned: “Thinking of a sneak attack? Not so……”


What Ye Chui had thrown was a flame scroll.

At this instant, the flame scroll directly exploded and turned into a ball of flame causing Carrey’s words to turn into miserable howls. Even though the armor on his body had a very high defense and had only received a cut from Debbie’s giant spinning top, his armor did not cover his arms at all……

The blazing flames caused by the explosion from the flame scroll instantly engulfed his palms. Only after jumping up and down and swinging his hands while continuously screaming, did Carrey finally extinguish the flames on his hands.

“Magic Scroll!” Busca shockingly exclaimed.

The surrounding crowd also gave gasp of shock as well. This was something a normal household wouldn’t be able to use and only some households would buy one of this to hide at home for the safety of their families, protecting them when they encountered any sort of incidents. The scroll itself would have cost fifty copper coins, therefore no one would have expected Ye Chui to actually use magic scrolls to attack Carrey.

As Carrey finally extinguished the flames on his hands, one of his hands had already swelled up and been burned black. With the hands full of blisters, the sight was too horrible to endure. The anger of Carrey’s face was even more indescribable as he screamed at Ye Chui: “You actually went as far as to use a magic scroll”

“Nobody said it wasn’t allowed?” Seeing his scrolls could hurt Carrey, he gave a sigh of relief and replied with a smug grin.

Rewind the time back to three days ago.

“So this is a magic scroll? It seems to be quite simple to make.”

In front of a workbench in Anthony’s Magic Cottage, Ye Chui referred to the scroll template on the scroll manufacturing template book and carefully used a goose feather pen to inscribe lines and lines of magic symbols on the parchment. The ink that was used to write these magic symbols had undergone special treatment, being imbued with magic energy. The magic symbols that was inscribed only required a simple activation to release the formidable power of the spell——This kind of parchments were called magic scrolls.

Of course Ye Chui would not put all hopes on Debbie when Busca came crashing in rage three days later, he himself had to do something.

After some thoughts, Ye Chui decided to place his hopes on the magic scrolls.

The essence of a magic scroll was to use the magic ink to inscribe the magic array on the scroll. At the same time, the amounts of magic symbols required to make a magic scroll with spell of similar power was much much more. For example, for Ye Chui to release the spell 【Lightning】, the magic array only requires thirty lines of magic symbols, whereas for a lightning magic scroll with similar power, over a hundred lines of magic symbols were needed to be inscribed. This process was extremely complex and easy to make mistakes. Just a mistake would render the entire parchment useless.

After the magic scrolls were finished, they were only the size of a ballpoint pen. Of course these were only the most simple rank one scrolls which were not very powerful. However in the past, Hammer would need to spend at least two hours to make a magic scroll.

The parchments used to make the magic scrolls were not cheap, even though the magic cottage gets their parchment at a wholesale price, every piece still requires five copper coins.

Therefore Old George had taught Hammer to be extremely careful and focused when inscribing magic scrolls.

However Ye Chui quickly discovered that all of these no longer posed a problem to him. In his previous life, he could easily type in ten over thousands of characters just to compile a virus. Thus his focus had long been honed.

Not comparing Ye Chui’s current spiritual and magic power, just by comparing the accuracy he had towards the sequences of the magic symbols, probably even the greatest magicians in this world could not be on par with him.

And because of his talent, inscribing a magic scroll only took him less than twenty minutes!

“I wonder how powerful is this scroll?”

Ye Chui wiped the sweat off his forehead and turned around to look at the backyard which was connected to the cottage. Great sword maiden little girl Debbie was still practicing swinging her great sword and probably would not notice his activity here. Thus Ye Chui rolled up the scroll in his hands and then pull it open with a tch sound——Within the magic symbols inside the scrolls, there was a design similar to a fuse, activating the symbols on the scroll once it was opened.

Then Ye Chui casually tossed the scroll right in the middle of the floor in the magic cottage.

This was a flame magic scroll.


A ball of milky white flames suddenly exploded out from the scroll, scattering sparks in all direction, looking considerably powerful.

At this time, the magic cottage had naturally ceased their business, thus with the door closed, Ye Chui was not afraid that other people could see it.

Ye Chui nodded his head in satisfaction: “It seems like the power is still not bad, as expected, a flame scroll like this sure is useful to be able to sell for fifty copper coins.

In this world, the currency were measured using copper coins, silvers coins and gold coins. A hundred copper coins is equivalent to a silver coin and a hundred silver coins is equivalent to a gold coin.

Making a magic scroll only cost seven to eight copper coins and yet it could be sold for fifty copper coins, resulting in a impressive profit. However it’s a shame that not many normal household used magic scrolls, only mercenaries and adventurers would require it therefore there were not much stocks kept in Anthony’s Magic Cottage.

A magic scroll was like a portable magic spell.

“In twenty minutes I am able to make a magic scroll and making a magic scroll doesn’t consume too much spiritual energy. With sufficient materials in the magic cottage, I could probably make quite an amount in three days time.” Ye Chui nodded his head in satisfaction. Taking another piece of new parchment, Ye Chui once again dipped the goose feather pen into the magic ink and started inscribing.

There were five types of scrolls sold in Anthony’s magic cottage. Flame magic scroll, dust magic scroll, lightning magic scroll, gale magic scroll, stream magic scroll. Ye Chui was prepared to make all of these magic scrolls so that he could used them against Busca. He did not hope that one scroll could take his life but hope that with so many scrolls made, he would be able to defeat him.

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