Omni-Magician 6

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Chapter 6 – The great sword maiden’s ultimate move: Giant Spinning Top

“Hmph, how cocky!” Carrey immediately gave a look of despise as he looked at Debbie’s tiny figure who was currently pointing her great sword at him and wanting to fight before talking.

Busca too gave a cold laugh: “My son is different from the two idiots, Locke and Quinn. He is an intermediate swordsman and even you Debbie will not last a round against him!”

“First you’ll have to ask the great sword in my hands whether or not I can last!” Debbie heroically shouted.

The surrounding crowd finally realised what was happening at that moment. These old timers here long knew that Busca was harboring devious thoughts towards Anthony’s Magic Cottage. Looks like after Old George’s death, Busca had finally started to make his move. This time, he even brought his son over!

“Busca is simply too despicable, to actually bully a young lady like her.”

”Isn’t there another magic apprentice in Antony’s Magic Cottage?

“That hammer? I heard that the blur head only knew some magic like 【Dustless】and【Breeze】, what use can that be in this situation?”

“Busca is too much, don’t tell me the people over at the lord’s manor are not going to do anything about him?”
“What can they do? I heard that Debbie had loaned five silver coins from Busca to pay for Old George’s medical and funeral fees. They even put up the magic cottage as collateral. If they couldn’t pay back on time, the magic cottage will then belong to Busca…… Hmph, a while ago, Busca even hired people to guard outside the magic cottage to chase away customers just so Debbie would be unable to pay back on time. This way magic cottage would naturally go to him. He’s simply despicable to the max!”

“With a contract, it’s also reasonable for Busca to seize the magic cottage…… I’m afraid that even the lord’s manor would have no say in this matter!”

“Damn it, if Busca seized this magic cottage, I would definitely not visit his shop even if I have to walk two districts to get my stuff!”

Even though the surrounding spectators were wagging non-stop, they were still normal residents in the end. They couldn’t help even if they want to, there was simply no way for them to interfere in this matter especially since Busca invited his rank four swordsman son over!

And it was very common to have duels between magician and swordsman. Death and injuries were inevitable. As long as there were enough reasons for a duel, even the city lord had no right to interfere.

Among the sounds of discussions, Busca coldly gave Carrey a few words before Carrey unsheathed the long sword on his waist

A swordsman’s sword can be divided into short sword, long sword, rapier, sabre, broad sword, great sword these few categories. According to the different swords one use, when one become an advanced swordsman, one will have to assume different profession branches. For example, Debbie uses a great sword. Thus she would become a great swordsman when she reaches the stage of an advanced swordsman.

Carrey uses a long sword and would thus become a long swordsman in the future.

Carrey’s longsword was no ordinary item. The shiny, silver blade that was polished smooth and sharp gave off a cold threatening pressure. This sword, similar to the armor on Carrey, was also the standard issued equipments for the city lord’s guards.

Carrey smiled cruelly as he pointed his long sword at Debbie: “Come on young lady, come play with me. It’s still the first time I’m fighting a swordsman that uses great sword!”


Debbie gave a cold snort and charged towards Carrey, swinging her great sword with her little tiny figure.


The great sword clashed together with the long sword, shooting sparks in all directions while the clashing sound continued to ring.

Debbie’s tiny figure couldn’t help but stumble a few steps back.

On the other hand, the long sword that Carrey was swinging remained unaffected as he continued to strike at Debbie.

Debbie quickly used her great sword to block and yet she still could not help but retreat once again.

Carrey’s long sword was extremely agile. Under the continuous slashes, Debbie could only fumble as she tried to block, leaving her no room to counter attack. She appeared to be struggling to keep up against the attacks that were beyond her ability.

The advantages of the great sword lies in the powerful inertia between its swings. The destructive power of a great swordsman’s swings were the strongest however the disadvantages was that it lacked maneuverability. The attacks were strong but it was not easy to defend attacks too.

Long sword attacks were more flexible and extremely fast, making it difficult to defend effectively.

Seeing Debbie being forced back by Carrey shortly after they started crossing blades, Ye Chui couldn’t help but get worried. Stretching his hands into the bag that he was carrying, he was ready to throw a few scrolls over regardless of the consequences the moment Debbie was in danger.

“Carrey, show no mercy, finish her off!” Busca shouted with his face red from excitement.

Ye Chui quickly said as well: “Debbie, if you can’t handle just give up, let me go at him!”

“Rank four swordsman are very agile, your magic simply won’t hit him!” In this situation, the great sword maiden still had the mood to rub salt on Ye Chui… Suddenly she moved back and landed on the steps of the magic cottage. Looking cautiously at Carrey who was continuing to attack, she told Ye Chui: “Don’t you worry, I still have an ultimate move!”

“Ultimate move?” Ye Chui stared blankly, “What ultimate move?”

“The previous time Busca was here, I was scared that I destroyed the items in the shop which was why I did not use it. However we are on the street now, there’s no reason for me to worry anymore.” Debbie replied with a face full of confidence. Still panting heavily, she gripped the hilt of the great sword with both her hands and took a deep breath, “Have a taste of my ultimate move, Giant Spinning Top!”

Ye Chui: “Giant…… giant what in the world?”

Puzzled, Debbie gripped onto the great sword and started to spin rapidly. At this moment, the blade of the great sword became one around her body, turning the maiden into a giant spinning top, a top that carries a razor sharp blade!
With his eyes wide open, two drops of sweat trickled down Ye Chui’s forehead: “So that’s the giant spinning top…… However, it seems to have some effect?”

Carrey whose attacks were originally at an advantage, suddenly fell apart. Trying to cut down the great sword maiden as he swung his sword at her but only a “woom” sound was heard and the long sword was immediately deflected among the spewing sparks. The surrounding crowd all retreated in shock, afraid that they might get caught up in the attacks.

As Carrey started to fall back continuously, his face which was originally carefree started to show hints of seriousness. Apparently he had no idea on how to handle Debbie’s giant spinning top move.

Looking at all of this, Ye Chui suddenly remembered that while he was engraving scrolls for the past few days, he went to take a look at Debbie’s training in the backyard during his free time. Most of the time, all he saw was Debbie swinging her great sword in circles…..

At that time, Ye Chui was still quite puzzled. Only now did he know that Debbie had purposely done that. Using the advantages of her great sword, the principle of centrifugal force and swinging the great sword into a spinning top, the weakness of the slow movements of a great swordsman were made up for. With the great sword swinging like this, it was literally impenetrable while being able to both attack and defend at the same time. The most important fact was by making use of the centrifugal force, this move only requires minimum strength, thus being completely perfect.

“Looks like I won’t have to use my magic scrolls at this rate……” Ye Chui couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. This great spinning top move by the great sword maiden was simply too despicable.

“Carrey, go on and attack quickly, quickly!” Busca who was beside the horse carriage, hurriedly shouted.

With a face of helplessness, Carrey replied: “How…… How am I supposed to attack……”

Gritting his teeth, he fancily swung his long sword and recklessly charged forward, ready to use his speed to defeat his enemy. In an extremely short time, he stabbed three times towards Debbie.

However, only three “Clank” “Clank” “Clank” sounds rang out.

These three strikes were actually deflected off by the great sword!

What’s worse was that the movement speed of the great sword maiden while in spinning top mode was unusually fast. At the instant Carrey’s long sword was deflected, she had followed closely and had rushed right to the front of Carrey.


The blade of the great sword slashed onto Carrey’s armor without any resistance.

The magic symbols on the armor lighted up, activating the defense abilities of the armor which helped to block most of the damage. However a magnificent blaze still unavoidably burst forth on the armor.

The great impact caused Carrey to get thrown backwards, crashing heavily onto Busca’s horse carriage.

With a crashing sound, the horse carriage shattered into pieces.

The driver who was enjoying the show beside the carriage immediately jump aside with a scream whereas the horses that were harnessed to the carriage galloped away in shock.

Rank two swordsman Debbie actually used this giant spinning top move to cut down the rank four swordsman Carrey.

Debbie who was previously spinning rapidly had stopped. With her slightly red face and heavy panting, she used her great sword to support her while she unwavering stared at Carrey who was among the wreckage of the horse carriage.

“Debbie, he was only knocked down and not injured!” Ye Chui noticed something and said as he quickly rush to the front of Debbie.

“I know, have a taste of my Giant Spinning Top…… Euergh!”

Halfway through Debbie’s sentence, she supported herself with her great sword and started puking uncontrollably.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that even the noodles that Ye Chui had cooked yesterday afternoon had came out……

——Anyone would become like this after spinning round and round for a few minutes.

The surrounding people: “……”

Debbie puked for a while before wiping the corners of her mouth and continued to wield her great sword: “Take a look at how my Great Spinning Top will finish him off!”

“…… I think you should take a break.” Slightly speechless, Ye Chui patted Debbie’s shoulder, “Leave the rest to me.”

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