Omni-Magician 3

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Chapter 3 – The little girl swinging the great sword

After getting hit by Ye Chui’s 【Lightning】 spell, Quinn collided with the shelves at the side with a crashing sound. The various gadgets clattered onto the floor as the shelves fell over. The long sword was also deflected away, piercing the wall at the side. Lying in the pile of wreckage, Quinn twitched continuously. The cloth armor on his chest had been burned into pieces and gave off thick smoke flirtatiously. He did not seem to suffer any lethal injuries but he definitely would not be getting up again anytime soon..

The others inside Anthony’s Magic Cottage, were once again dumbfounded.

【Lightning】 was only the most basic level one magic with limited destructive power and yet Ye Chui could use this spell to blow away Quinn who was a rank two elementary swordsman…… This could only mean that Ye Chui had already reached the point where he had completely mastered the spell 【Lightning】.

It was general knowledge that only when the magic template did not have a single mistake could it unleash the spell’s fullest power. However…… Ye Chui clearly couldn’t even use 【Lightning】 just now!

“A fluke…… It’s definitely a fluke……” Busca suddenly reacted after staring blankly. He then pointed his finger at Ye Chui and shouted loudly: “The spell he just used was only a fluke, I’ve already done my investigation on him. Even though this brat is a magician, he isn’t good with offensive magic. Quickly attack him Locke, there’s no way he can continue to use spells……”

“Lightning!” Ye Chui gently swung his magic wand as he aimed it at Busca.

Zaaap ——

Ye Chui did not give any mercy as a bolt of white lightning flew directly at Busca. He had unspeakable loathe towards Busca and was determined to teach this short, fat and greedy merchant a lesson.

However when the lightning reached to the front of Busca, a white light suddenly flashed and a glass like light wall appeared in front of him. With a cracking sound, the light wall immediately shattered into pieces.

At that same moment, the crystal pendant in front of Busca’s chest shattered too.

Obviously, some kind of defense mechanism had been activated, thus warding off Ye Chui’s attack. However, some of the scattered lightning still managed to hit Busca, causing his curly red hair to explode. There were even a few burnt and black patches on his face. Cries of pain could also be heard coming from his mouth for quite some time.

He revealed a terrified expression: “This…… Your attack could actually shatter the ‘Crystal Guard’ charm that I spent thirty silver coins on…… And you could also skillfully release this spell…… This…… This……”

Ye Chui frowned as his body unnoticeably swayed slightly. Then while smiling, he shifted his line of sight from Busca and looked at the long sword wielding brute, who was currently engaging Debbie. It was now known that his name was Locke.

Coming into contact with Ye Chui’s gaze, Locke trembled and instinctively grabbed hold of his long sword with both his hands. He raised it in front of him with a face full of terror: “As a swordsman, I’m definitely not afraid of your magic……”

“If you want to speak, stop trembling.” Ye Chui coldly laughed. Tapping Quinn who was currently lying on the floor with his magic wand, “I’ll give you a chance. Take your partner and scram from here, or else… heh!”

When Locke saw that Ye Chui did not want to fight, he was immediately elated. Ye Chui was a rank two magician while he was a rank two swordsman, even though their profession level were similar, the way a magician attacked was ever changing. Most importantly, magicians could carry out far ranged attacks. Therefore as long as they mastered a few offensive spells, they were basically invincible in the early phases among all the professions. Locke was merely a small rank two swordsman that was not afraid of Ye Chui previously because he knew Ye Chui did not master any of the offensive spells and knew only harmless lifestyle spells. However, now that he knew Ye Chui had completely mastered the spell 【Lightning】, he had no way of defending himself against the attack of this spell.

Locke looked at Ye Chui and Debbie cautiously as he helped his partner, Quinn, who was lying on the ground with his upper body numbed and limbed.

Then, he looked at Busca.

At this moment, Busca had a very comical look. With his messy hair and black patches on his face, he looked at Ye Chui and coldly declared: “I will not take this lying down. My son will be coming back from the Lord’s Manor in another three days. He is a rank four intermediate swordsman. When that time comes, I will bring him over to raze your magic cottage to the ground!”

“Do you believe I will zap you into ashes now?” Ye Chui coldly smiled at Busca as he waved the magic wand in his hand.

Busca jumped in shocked and hurriedly ran out of the shop.

Carrying Quinn, Locke quickly followed and left.

Debbie unhappily swung her great sword and wanted to chase after them: “Hammer, don’t let them go, I still haven’t use my ultimate move yet, take a look at my Giant……”

“Wait a moment first.” Ye Chui immediately grabbed Debbie’s shoulder, “Just let it go this time……”

“No way, your great aunt I can’t take this lying down!” Debbie said with a face of intrepid, holding up the great sword that was taller than her.

Ye Chui revealed a weak smile on his face before his body tilted and collapsed: “Offensive spells sure use up a lot of magic power……”

In Ye Chui’s current condition, he could at most completely release two 【Lightning】 spells. After Ye Chui had finished releasing them, all of his magic power would be depleted. The reason why Ye Chui had acted pretentiously towards Busca earlier and not carry on with his attacks was exactly because he realised he had reached his limit and could lose consciousness any moment.

In normal circumstances, Ye Chui could have released the 【Lightning】 spell three times and not faint even after releasing them. However, it was the first time that he was in that body and needed to get used to it. Furthermore, although the four spells he had used initially failed to release,it still used up spiritual energy. His spiritual energy had now been completely depleted, thus causing him to lose consciousness.

Using the last of his consciousness as he fainted, Ye Chui collapsed straight into the great sword maiden Debbie without second thoughts.

Even if I faint, I must faint on the body of a young maiden.

Those were the last thoughts in his heart.

Ugh…… Too bad it’s a washing board.


When he finally woke up, Ye Chui realised he was currently lying on a bed. His head was still swelling up but the dizziness that occurred when the spiritual energy had been depleted had vanished. Staring blankly at the wooden roof of the house, he recalled the bizzare things that had happened to him. His sudden death as a hacker and becoming a magician after reincarnating into the body of Hammer in this world, plus a great sword wielding little junior sister……

All’s would be good if this was a dream, but when Ye Chui turned his head and saw the sleeping Debbie, who was leaning on the side on the sickbed, he knew that this was not a dream and everything was real.

After he had depleted his spiritual energy and fainted, it seems like Debbie had carried him up the bed —— Seeing how this young lady had swung a proper greatsword, Ye Chui had not a slightest doubt about what had happened.

Although he carefully sat up from the bed, he still woke up Debbie who was leaning forward and sleeping.

“Hammer, are you awake?” Debbie was pleasantly surprised as she rubbed her eyes. Honestly speaking, if this young lady was not carrying a great sword that was bigger than hers, she was still pretty cute and adorable.

“Yep, my spiritual energy has all recovered.” Ye Chui said while smiling.

“Are you completely fine?” Debbie continued asking with a look of concern.

Ye Chui smilingly said: “That’s right, I have completely recovered.”

“Do you need to rest a while more?” Debbie continued to ask concernedly.

“There’s no need, I have already completely recovered.” Ye Chui continued to say while thinking how much little junior sister cared for him.

Just as he felt full of bliss, he saw Debbie forcefully sucking a deep breath and continued saying with a flowery smile: “ Since you are already completely fine, what are you still lying down for? Go and make lunch now! My tummy is going to die of hunger soon.”

Ye Chui: “……”

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    “Are you completely fine?” Debbie continued asking with a look of concern.

    Ye Chui smilingly said: “That’s right, I have completely recovered.”

    “Do you need to rest a while more?” Debbie continued to ask concernedly.

    “There’s no need, I have already completely recovered.” Ye Chui continued to say


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