Omni-Magician 2

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Chapter 2 – Magic can be regarded as a program in this world

Ye Chui grabbed his magic wand that had fallen to the floor, leaped up, and swung his magic wand in a beautiful arc across the air. Aiming the wand at the head of one of the brutes, he shouted loudly: “Lightning!”

Basic Offensive Magic 【Lightning】.

Hammer, the owner of Ye Chui’s current body, was originally a rank two elementary magician, and could only use the simple first level spells. However, because Hammer has a docile and kind personality, he loved to use simple lifestyle spells such as 【Breeze】【Dustless】【Kindle】, thus being very unfamiliar in offensive magic.

As a result, when Ye Chui shouted lightning and swung his magic wand, although he thought he could use the spell 【Lightning】according to the memories he inherited from Hammer, instead…… Aside from having a few sparks come out from the other end of the magic wand, nothing else happened.

“The f*ck?” Ye Chui stared blankly.

Everyone in the house looked towards him with a dumbfounded expression.

A hint of gladness flashed across Debbie’s face, obviously happy knowing that Ye Chui had woken up. She then vigorously waved her hand: “Go and hide properly Hammer, leave this to me!”

“Don’t let that brat off too, Quinn, go and get that brat!” Busca immediately shouted, “We are escorting them off according to the contract, since they are rudely resisting us, we won’t get into trouble with the law even if you kill them!”

Among the two brutes, the one named Quinn immediately walked towards Ye Chui with a sinister smile.

Upon seeing this, Debbie got shocked and immediately swung her great sword to attack Quinn and instead was stopped by the other brute. Turning pale with fright, she anxiously yelled at Ye Chui: “Hammer, hide faster, faster!”


However Ye Chui did not move and just looked blankly at the magic wand in his hand. Just a moment ago, he realised something very interesting.

Magic, in simpler terms, occurs when someone use their own spiritual power and magic power, to construct a magic template in his memory. A magic array could then be consolidated with the help of the magic template, which would be used through magic wands and other enchantment tools. When the magic array is constructed differently, different effects can be brought out. Afterwards, by absorbing the magic elements from nature, all sorts of magic effects could be exhibited.

For example the spell 【Lightning】, when a magician wants to use this magic, they must first construct a magic template of 【Lightning】 in their mind and instantly use magic power to activate this magic template, consolidating the magic array of the spell【Lightning】 and transferring this array onto the magic wand in their hand. The magic wand will then absorb the “lightning element” in the air to form a lightning attack.

It seemed like it was the same logic as using program codes to bring about a software.

The reason why Ye Chui could not release the spell 【Lightning】 was because Hammer himself was unfamiliar to this spell. Even though he had constructed the magic template for this spell in his mind, this template had some problems. Out of ten tries, there were at least nine times the lightning element could not be absorbed……

In addition, Ye Chui felt an unexplainable wonder that the foundation of releasing spell, the magic template, was basically made up of thirty two magic symbols. A magician must be able to master the thirty two magic symbols to be able to construct magic templates and use them to release spells. Previously, with Hammer being a rank two magician, he had already comprehended the first five of the thirty two magic symbols. Using these five magic symbols, he was able to construct all kinds of magic templates of those simple spells. Inheriting his memories, Ye Chui also inherited the comprehension of these five magic symbols.

And in Ye Chui’s eyes ——

“What is called magic, can totally been seen as a software program written using these thirty two magic symbols! Magic template is the program and releasing magic equals to activating the program! And the most important part is, the things one can do using these thirty two magic symbols are way more than what the programming language can do……”

Programming language could come out with many capabilities, but all these capabilities still needed the computer and the web as a basis, whereas the basis for the capabilities of magic is the entire world, having limitless functions….. Magic is so much more fun that programming!

At this instant, Ye Chui suddenly got excited. In his previous life, he had been messing around with programming his entire life and eventually ended up standing at the pinnacle in the field of hacking. And in this world, magic could be treated as programs to be used!

“This world was practically prepared for me, in here I shall be omnipotent, I……”

Just as Ye Chui was getting excited deep down, he suddenly felt his body flying up into the air —— Quinn had already grabbed hold of his collar and easily lifted Ye Chui about one foot high of the floor with his strong arm strength. Quinn’s rough and barbaric face was currently giving of a cruel sinister smile: “Hehe, Mr. Magician, seems like your magic isn’t really effective heh.”


Ye Chui felt a bone-chilling cold from Quinn’s body. On the other side, Debbie kept yelling loudly, trying to come over to rescue Ye Chui but was instead firmly tangled with the other swordsman, leaving Ye Chui with only himself to rely on. Powerlessly swinging his magic wand, he wanted to continuously release the spell 【Lightning】 but the other end of the wand only sent out some sparks two to three times in a row, not even a fraction of the lightning could be seen……

Apparently Quinn had lost his patience as his other hand wielding the long sword had already been lifted up.

“Where exactly did it go wrong…… The magic template! There must be some mistake in the magic template!”

As his end drew nearer, Ye Chui could only place all his hopes on magic.

Unable to successfully use an offensive magic could only mean that there was an error in the magic template.

The magic template was a group of magic symbols assembled and engraved in the magician’s memories. Engraving a magic template and imprinting it in one’s memories required spiritual power, only having spiritual power could one be able to engrave the magic symbols into their own memories, therefore the spiritual power test is one of the most basic criterion for a magician.

And so Ye Chui could retrieve his magic template to take a look.

The magic template for the basic offensive magic 【Lightning】was simple, requiring only the five basic magic symbols. Furthermore the magic template only had around ten lines. Ye Chui quickly scanned through the template he had engraved…… Because he had inherited Hammer’s memories, Ye Chui had long mastered the five basic magic symbol, allowing him to completely understand the meaning of every line in this magic template!

As a top hacker, he had no difficulty in finding out the incorrect code in the program line.

Even though magic was different from the programming language he had learned, with Hammer’s understanding of the five basic magic symbols and his rich experience in programming…… It can be said that he still had a natural sense for the layout of the magic template.

“Right here! This magic symbol is wrong! It will cause the lightning element to accumulate and become redundant, breaking the node that releases the lightning, thus causing this spell to be released unsuccessfully. I just have to modify this magic symbol and this magic would be completely amended!”

If a magician was to be compared to a programmer, a basic spell is just like a basic program a programmer had practiced during his basic programming course. And with the eyes of a top hacker looking at this basic spell, Ye Chui was able to quickly figure out the mistake in this program.

“Hammer!” Debbie’s heart-breaking scream caused Ye Chui to snap back.

The long sword in Quinn’s hand was already aimed at his chest. On his face plastered a cruel and sinister smile, making clear what he was going to do next……

At this critical moment, a smile faintly appeared on Ye Chui’s face instead. With a great deal of effort, he once again aimed his magic wand at Quinn’s chest.


Zaaap ——

A bolt of white lightning burst out from the other end of the magic wand, bombarding directly onto Quinn’s chest.

Hearing only Quinn’s scream, his massive body immediately got blasted backwards, pushing over the rows of shelves with a crashing sound.

Whereas the young man wearing a black magic robe, fell to the ground lightly and gently swung his magic wand beside him. At this moment, there was only one feeling in his heart.

“Damn, that was too cool~~~”

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