Omni-Magician 4

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Chapter 4 – Your mission is to stay alive properly

“A few lines of magic symbols were engraved onto this slab of stone, forming a simple magic array, the use of this magic array is to absorb the fire element in the air to form flames…… How intriguing.”

In the kitchen, Ye Chui looked at the stove that was giving off scarlet flames as he uncontrollably sighed.

Though it’s called a stove, it was actually just a stone slab placed on a platform. Engraved on the stone slab were lines of magic symbols which formed a simple magic array, that continuously absorbed the fire element in the air, just like a program.

Of course, a magic array couldn’t be used by just carving it out. Magic energy was still needed to activate it.

Magic power was also another crucial factor in becoming a magician. It was a kind of mystical power. From Ye Chui’s understanding, if a stone slab that was engraved with magic array was a machine, then the magic array would be the program or circuit board. And so magic power was the electricity which could activate this machine only after it was switched on.

The side of the stove was embedded with a small blue crystal. The magic energy residing in this crystal could allow the flame to burn for a good few months. By controlling the output of magic energy, the size of the flame can be controlled. Using it was just as convenient as using an induction stove.

Magic Power was a strange energy that could appear in the body of anyone. According to different physiques, the quantity could differ as well. This power was also named differently according to the different profession —— Magicians called this energy Magic Power which was also the more commonly used term. Swordsmen called this power Sword Aura. Followers called this power the Power of Faith while the knights called it The Oath.

In this world, people also discover various types of stones, using it by extracting the magic power inside.

“This world has already come to the point where magic application is extremely common and almost all the daily appliances are driven by magic…… No wonder this is a world where magic is dominant.”

Ye Chui’s line of sight shifted from the stove to the other appliances in the kitchen. The hanging light above his head was constructed by fusing some glassware with a flame magic array. At the side of the kitchen was an installation that used a wind magic array to create slight breeze, which functioned like a fan. There was even a simple food storage box which relied on an ice magic array inside of it to keep things cool, which was completely the same as a refrigerator.

And the main business of Anthony’s Magic Cottage, was selling all these types of magical lifestyle appliances.

Ye Chui was surprised but felt even more excitement as when he inspected the magic arrays in these appliances, he could actually rely on his programming knowledge and infused it with the thirty two magic symbols for further comprehension —— Of course, this was only limited to simple magic arrays. From Ye Chui’s experience as a top hacker, he possessed some kind of godly analyzing ability that was close to intuition towards the various strings of symbols.

“Never had I thought that my hacking abilities could be used on magic……”

Looking at the various surprising installations, Ye Chui could not help giving off a deep sigh, his face revealing yet another expression of expectation.

“According to the memories from that Hammer, the more complex spells in this world all rely on the programming of the thirty two magic symbols together. The only difference was that the magic template would be shorter for simple spells whereas the template for higher level spells would be much more complex. One of the important test to determine the rank of a magician was the level of spiritual energy, the higher the spiritual energy, the complexity of magic templates that could be constructed in one’s memory would become more extreme, thereby releasing extremely powerful spells.

The 【Lightning】 spell that Ye Chui had used previously only required twelve lines of magic symbols for its magic template.

However, high level magic template was known to need over a few thousands, even up to a billion lines of magic symbols —— Those kind of spells held extremely destructive power that could destroy the world.

Let’s not talk about magic power, with so many magic symbols to be completely imprinted in one’s memory, it was not something an ordinary person could accomplish. That was why magicians, who were born with super powerful spiritual energy, could handle it.

“Furthermore, these magic symbols are much more profound than the programming language I had learned in my previous life and using these magic symbols for programming can create many different types of interesting effects……”

As Ye Chui continued to ponder quietly, his eyes started to get brighter and brighter.

He has already developed a great interest towards this world of magic.

Of course, the current predicament still required Ye Chui to raise his ability. He was only a rank two magician. The ranks of magicians could be roughly divided as elementary magician, intermediate magician and advanced magician. Elementary was from rank one to rank three, intermediate from rank four to rank six, whereas advanced was from rank seven to rank nine.

However it was not the end for a magician after reaching advanced level.

It could even be said that it was only the beginning.

At that time, magicians would have to go into their own specialist realm, delving into even more profound magic elements……

According to hearsay, there was even a greater Divine Realm that was above the Specialized Realm.

Of course, these were not what Ye Chui needed to worry about for now.

Inside Stan City where Ye Chui was located, the high class magicians were merely just rank seven.

Even within the Matan Empire which Stan City belong to, there were merely just 8 specialist magician above rank nine.


As, Ye Chui used the magic stove to cook a pot of noodles, he experienced the beauty of this world of magic. After the noodles were cooked, Ye Chui went out of the kitchen to call Debbie only to find her standing in the courtyard swinging her great sword continuously. Practising move by move, she swung the great sword that was much bigger and heavier than herself.

Swinging the great sword causes people to have misconception that Debbie could just get flung off the next moment. However Debbie’s tiny little body was instead as stable as a mountain, which caused people gasp in amazement.

On Aigen-Dazs Continent, people could choose between four profession which were magician, swordsman, follower and knight.

Among them, magicians required strong spiritual and magical power in order to be qualified. Therefore, because of the harsh requirements, people who were able to become magicians were extremely little despite this being a world dictated by magic. As for the other three professions, the requirement were much more relaxed, for example swordsmen only had one requirement and that was to arouse the sword aura inside their body —— As stated earlier, almost everyone has this kind of power within their body which was similar to magic. However it varies according to the different physique of the person. As for Debbie, her sword aura was more inclined to strength therefore her most suitable path as a swordsman was a great swordsman……

The reason why Debbie could easily swing the great sword that was much heavier than herself was because she had sword aura.

“Take a break Debbie, it’s time for lunch.” Ye Chui shouted.

As the little girl ended her practice with a downwards splitting move, she casually leaned her great sword against the magic water pump at side of the well in the courtyard. Wiping the sweats on her face, she walked into the kitchen and started wolfing down the huge bowl of noodles she had scooped herself.

Looking at the great sword lying beside the well, Ye Chui got curious and went over to try to see if he could pick it up.

And the result confirmed that he as a man, could not even move this thing.

In the end he resentfully gave up and consoled himself that the fight a manly man takes was wisdom, was wisdom……

Looking at Debbie who was leaning on the table and eating her noodles inside the kitchen, Ye Chui turned around and looked at the big door on the other side of the courtyard. After reincarnating into this world, he still did not know how the outside world looked like, why not take this chance to go for a walk and have a look now?

As he thought about it, Ye Chui decided to go out of the courtyard to take a walk.

However, a human figured flashed in front of his eyes and there stood Debbie blocking his path with her slim body. She looked at Ye Chui with a strand of noodle still at the corner of her mouth: “Hammer, what are you going to do?” After saying, she sucked the strand of noodle into her mouth with a slurping sound.

“I want to go out and take a walk……”

“No way!”

Debbie placed both her hands on her hips: “Busca is ruthless and extremely shameless. You just used magic to scare him away in the afternoon, if he sees you outside alone he might sneakily attack you. Therefore from now on, you aren’t allow to go out!”

“That can’t be, why should I be scared of him when I can already use offensive spells?” Ye Chui helplessly grumbled.

“Do you think I don’t know that your offensive spells fail and succeed inconsistently?” Debbie looked at Ye Chui with a face of disdain, “You were only purely lucky this afternoon, it might not work if you meet him again so it’s better if you stay here, leave the matters to me. Don’t worry, if he dares to come again, I will teach them a harsh lesson —— I still have an ultimate move that I have not used because I was scared of making a mess in the shop, I am definitely not scared of them if they come again!”

“Then isn’t there anything I can do?” Ye Chui felt that he could be of help.

“There is.” Debbie nodded her head as expected.

“What is it?” Ye Chui suddenly cheered up.

“Just stay alive properly.” Debbie replied with a serious expression.


Following that, Debbie still gave a “I will take care of you” look and patted Ye Chui on the shoulder. She simply did not believe that Ye Chui could use the spell 【Lightning】 as and when he liked.

Even though Ye Chui’s current body was older than Debbie by two years, the weak physique of a magician caused Debbie to initiatively take up the role as his guardian in their daily life…… As a matter of fact, Ye Chui seems to still require this little junior sister to look after him now.

Even though magician were very powerful, their weak body was still a shortcoming, and the limited number of times that they could release their spells was a huge disadvantage.

“Alright then, I will stay alive properly these few days……” Ye Chui could only nod his head while in his heart he was thinking, “That Busca declared that he will be coming back three days later, even though Debbie is very confident, but it’s impossible to just rely on her. Should I make some preparations within these few days?”

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