Omni-Magician 1

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Chapter 1 – Anthony’s Magic Cottage

“If you guys want to seize my family’s shop today, you must first step over my great sword!”

“Hehe, little Debbie, why bother doing this, you were the one that borrowed a large sum of money from me to help manage your father’s funeral arrangements after he had passed away from being severely ill. According to the contract, if you still can’t return your debt, you are to hand over Anthony’s Magic Cottage to me. We had clearly written it down in black and white on this piece of contract, are you going back on your words now?”

“Busca, you clearly knew that I could have paid back the money in the first place, however these few days, you illegally chased away my customers disrupting my business here, making me unable to gather enough money. Who doesn’t know you’ve already been eyeing Anthony’s Magic Cottage since long ago!”

“Hehehe, no matter what you say, the contract is right here, there’s nothing you can do even if you don’t want to hand over this Magic Cottage. Little Debbie, I would advise you not to do anything foolish.”


Just as he regained consciousness, Ye Chui suddenly heard this piece of conversation.

What is this and that? Could it be someone was watching a movie beside me? A scenario where a shameless bully is humiliating a poor little girl, where has the civility even gone to?

As he opened his eyes and subconsciously wanted to sit upright, he couldn’t help but cry out in pain before collapsing on the floor again. He could only feel a wave of soreness and indescribable pain throughout his entire body.

But what made Ye Chui even more surprised was… Where was this place?

He found out that he was lying in a small cottage that was filled with all kinds of strange objects, the types that brimming with a certain style… a magical aura and in the middle of this convenience store like cottage, stood two groups of people that were confronting each other.

At one side, there was three men, the leader being a short, fat man with a chubby face and huge ears. Under his red curly hair, he had a high nose and some comical looking goatee that had been left on his chin. On his body, he wore a yellow golden robe. He was probably the Busca mentioned in the conversation.

The other two men on his side were all tall and well built, their face looking fierce and malevolent. They gave a sinister smile as they wielded their long swords and slowly walked over.

And Debbie, who was confronting the three of them, was actually only a little young girl that looked not more than fifteen to sixteen years old. She had black and vibrant short hair and a petite body. However, what made Ye Chui felt inconceivable was that in her hands, she was currently wielding a gigantic great sword that was in no way smaller than her. Looking at that sword, it must at least weigh a hundred kilograms and yet the thin wrists of the young girl could actually lift it up into the air and wield it at her eye level…….

The scene was so discordant that only those would saw it would know.

“Jeezus! What exactly is going on? Where exactly am I? Who are these people? They… look like people from the west? And the way they are dressed doesn’t look modern…” Ye Chui only felt dumbfounded, “I clearly remember being in my rented apartment, how did I get here? Could it be… I had already died at that time, and have crossed into another world?”

Being a hacker that had to deal with the web for half his lifetime, it is natural Ye Chui had read web novels before.

At this moment, a severe pain suddenly swept across his brain.

It was waves and waves of memories, the memories that came from the original owner of this body.

Ye Chui only felt dizziness for a short period of time and instantly, he understood a lot of things.

This was a magical world totally different from the world Ye Chui was originally in. It was a world that was dictated by magic, also known as the Aigen-Dazs Continent —— This name made Ye Chui subconsciously felt a cooling sensation of summertime…… The owner of this body was called “Hammer”, an orphan that the boss of Anthony’s Magic Cottage, George Anthony had adopted, and since he was an orphan, there wasn’t really an official name.

And because Hammer displayed a talent for magic when he was little, Old George treated him as his own successor. Old George also had a daughter, which is that short hair, great sword wielding little Debbie. In Old George’s plans, he also wished that Hammer would marry Debbie as his wife in the future…

However Old George’s body wasn’t always very good, and he had just recently passed away from an illness.

To seek treatment for Old George, Hammer and Debbie had spent all their savings, but in the end, Old George still did not make it. To settle Old George’s funeral and the outstanding medical fees, Hammer and Debbie could only borrow a sum of money from Busca, the wealthiest man on street, using their magic store as a deposit.

Busca, having many businesses, also has a magic store on this big street. Even though the store was very big, their business could never be compared to Anthony’s Magic Cottage, thus he kept harassing Old George in the past as he coveted Anthony’s Magic Cottage. With such a great opportunity now, he purposely used underhand tactics in the dark to chase away the customers that were going to shop at Anthony’s Magic Cottage, causing Hammer and Debbie to have no way to raise enough money for the debt they owed Busca.

Bringing over his men to find trouble today, what Busca wanted precisely was to drive out Hammer and Debbie, taking over the Magic Cottage by force.

After they had came, Hammer tried to stop them but instead knocked his head hard on the floor as they pushed him onto the ground, his young life thus faded away —— Hammer followed the path of magic ever since he was little, thus his body was weak and fragile and lost his life just like that, letting Ye Chui occupy his body for some unknown reason, benefiting him.

“So in that case, my current identity is a Magician?”

“Going through the memories on his brain, Ye Chui was unable to express how surprised he was. Being named as the Magician Hacker in his previous life, he actually became a real magician now after reincarnating! At this moment, sounds of metals clashing resounded out. Apparently the two burly guys that Boss Busca brought had already started clashing with Debbie.

Despite having a thin and slender body, seeing Debbie easily swinging the great sword sword that weighed a hundred kilograms, Ye Chui was secretly intrigued. However, after inheriting Hammer’s memories, Ye Chui understood that this wasn’t an uncommon sight in this Aigen-Dazs Continent.

In this continent, other than magicians, there are also other professions one can choose from, such as a swordsman.

The so called swordsman could also be split into other branches. Debbie had no talent in magic perception but instead displayed an extremely good talent as a first class swordsman. Her dream was to become the strongest great swordsman in the swordsman branch……

However Debbie was only a rank two elementary swordsman now. The two men that Boss Busca had brought were both swordsman as well. Even though they aren’t the most overpowering great swordsman among the swordsman classes, but they were also rank two elementary swordsman as well. With the two of them attacking Debbie who was alone, how could Debbie fight back against them?

Looking at the great sword swinging little girl getting slowly pushed back little by little, Ye Chui, knew that at this moment, he could not stay silent any longer.

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