Disciple – Chapter 357

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Chapter 357: Let’s Chat About Life

Countless ‘what the hell’ ran across the stall owner’s mind. You’re playing me for a fool?

“Se… Senior…”

“You can’t?”

“This… This is…”

“He’s a Phoenix! A God race, you know?” Zhu Yao said with a stern look, though it was a black one.

“Hoho… Senior, you’re joking.” Don’t think because you have a high cultivation level, I don’t dare to beat you up, hey!

“If you don’t want to make the exchange, then fine!” Zhu Yao pouted, and then her tone changed. “Then I will give him to you.” After saying that, she turned around and left.

“…” The stall owner was utterly confused. Someone, come over here! There’s an unfeeling beast throwing away her child!

When Zhu Yao was about to walk out of the town, the child that was still obediently sitting on the stall table earlier leapt up and followed after her.

After this ruckus, the fury in Zhu Yao’s heart quelled by about half. As expected, bullying people is the best way to reduce stress!


With her anger vented, Zhu Yao felt that she could make a calm and peaceful conversation now. After rushing a certain distance out of the town, she then went to the side and meditated a little to regulate her energy. Just like that, four hours went past, and her cultivation seemed to have faint traces of making a breakthrough. It looked like in short while, she would be able to become a Gold Deity.

She then turned around to look at the child that was a considerable distance away from her and sighed. “Speak, what happened?” Use this opportunity while I’m still calm.

Yue Ying raised his head, looking as though he could not believe that she would actually start a conversation. His eyes reddened and the reflection of the tears shone. Carrying a heavy nasal sound, he called out. “Big sis… Yao.”

The irritation in Zhu Yao’s heart once again slaughtered its way back in. Taking a deep breath, she continued. “You were in that egg the entire time?”

A hint of anxiety flashed across his face, but he still nodded. “Mn.”

“When did you get together with Sesame?” Zhu Yao’s eyes turned cold, frowning. “You two worked together to fool me?”

“No, not that…” He became even more anxious and shook his head strongly, looking as though he was about to cry.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath as waves of anger emitted out from the depths of her heart. If Sesame did not intentionally leave the egg with her, she wouldn’t have linked the egg with Yue Ying, which was why she purposefully left the egg on its own then. When it began rolling to her on its own, she finally ascertained her guess.

Back then, when Sesame woke up and saw her body, its first reaction wasn’t actually to wait in Lightning Divine Palace for her master, but instead bring her all the way to the Demonic Immortal Continent for help. She felt it was strange. In this Higher Realm, who had cultivation higher than her master or the Floor Master, to the point where Sesame would unhesitantly bring her over?

Furthermore, Sesame clearly said that because of its relationship with Gong Lan, it did not have a single beastie friend. Yet, it mentioned that it had a friend in the south and that it knew of a way to go across the Realm Tide. Wasn’t this a contradiction? Most likely, the so-called friend it wanted to look for in the Demonic Immortal Continent was Yue Ying himself.

And I actually went my way to help it woo its beloved. To think that it would join forces with someone else to trick me. That ungrateful beast!

However, what she could not figure out was how Yue Ying ended up being inside the egg the entire time. After all, the egg had always been with Sesame.

“What’s with that mechanism?” She suddenly thought of the black cylindrical object that protected her through the Realm Tide.

“Big sis Yao…” Yue Ying raised his head and replied a little anxiously. “I… wanted to find big sis, but I wasn’t able to… So I thought of a way to cross realms and head to the Divine Realm. I know for a fact that no matter what happens… big sis will definitely find the Sovereign.” His expression darkened, looking a little powerless. “Just that, something happened during the realm crossing.”

Zhu Yao’s heart sank, an answer faintly appeared in her mind and her heart began to ache all of a sudden. However, she immediately reminded herself not to be soft.

“And then?”

Seeing that she still had a calm look, Yue Ying lowered his head in disappointment. Glancing at the corner of her robe, he tightly clenched his fist to suppress the impulse of tugging it. “The World Crossing Door can only stay open for a limited time. Because I couldn’t make it in time, I could only detach my soul. My soul came up, but my body was still left behind with Sesame in the Lower Realm.”

“That’s why you turned into an egg?” Did all God races have emergency management mechanism implanted in them? Back then, during Yi Ling’s instance, that stupid Dragon which smashed her to death reverted back to its egg form to recover after being injured as well. How did Yue Ying know about this method too? She finally understood how Yue Ying, who still harboured the trash spirit veins back then, could cross realms and enter the Divine Realm. Most likely, the reason was not limited to him turning into a Devil, but because he harboured Shao Bai’s memories and had even recovered his status as a God race. This was also why he was a Phoenix when he popped out of the egg earlier. “The mechanism that protected me across the Realm Tide was materialized from your soul?”

“Mn.” He obediently nodded.

It was no wonder Sesame had to head over to the Demonic Immortal Continent. Yue Ying was not in his complete form yet.

“Why did Sesame help you? When did the two of you hook up?” Sesame, you traitor. Just you wait.

“In the Spirit Realm.” He replied truthfully. “It wanted to find you too, so…”

So you two hooked up into adultery, ah pui! I meant hooked up for a wicked scheme. Sesame knew that Yue Ying was in the egg the entire time, and still hid it from me. Your guts have grown, brat!

She took a deep breath and looked at the anxious Yue Ying. Only then did the fury in her heart slowly dissipate, as she tightened her fists to suppress her rumbling emotions. Actually, she did not know how she should face Yue Ying either. Naturally, she was furious about his actions. Even when she recalled it now, she really wanted to give this troublesome brat a sound beating.

Especially when it came to what he did in the Spirit Realm, her heart would simply turn cold thinking about it.

That was why when she returned from the modern era, she subconsciously did not want to care about his matters anymore. Even when Sesame intentionally brought him up, she did not want to hear it. However, in the depths of her heart, she understood that escapism was not the way. With his incredibly twisted personality, he would definitely find his way to her sooner or later.

“Yue Ying… I won’t forgive you!” Zhu Yao stared directly at him. “I can never forgive you for what you’ve done in the Spirit Realm.”

His face instantly paled, without a single strand of life to be seen.

“I will never in my life forgive you for wanting to kill little wimp.”

“…” He opened his mouth as though he wanted to say something, but he could not voice it out at all.

Zhu Yao frowned. She stood up and walked straight towards him. Then, she squatted down and looked straight into his eyes that were slowly dyed in despair. With emphasis on every word, she said. “Do you feel sad?”


“Big sis is really sad too.” At that moment, she could barely control her emotions. “Big sis has always thought that you were a good child. Even if you make mistakes sometimes, I believed you, that it’s fine as long as you mend your ways. But your mistakes continue to grow bigger… to the point where they have pierced my heart cold. I can forgive you for anything. Even when you took my life twice, I can treat them as if those incidents had never happened. However… I can’t accept how you use my name to harm those people who love me the same way I do to them. You are constantly trapped at the same spot, unwilling to take that one step. You enclosed yourself in your own small world, expelling everyone else that approaches it. It looks like you’re only willing to open that door for me… But you aren’t willing to come out yourself. Instead, you think of keeping me inside.”

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