Disciple – Chapter 335

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Chapter 335: Open (the Path) Sesame

As a tenth rank artificer, Zhu Yao was very confident in refining a mystic artifact that could see luck. Almost in the instant she was clear of the principle, she had already pictured the prototype mystic artifact in her mind. What’s left now was the materials needed to refine it.

“None!” Fa Yu rolled his eyes, and then went back to take up a meditative stance to recover his spiritual energy.

“Eh?” Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment, and then she continued. “Just one palm-sized Rising Symbol Rock is enough. Why are you so stingy?”

Fa Yu still replied in the same way. “None!”

“The hell!” Zhu Yao grew anxious. “This is a very good opportunity to get a clear view of Fan Zhishan’s actual capabilities. How about you cooperate for the sake of your Tiantian?”

He raised his head and glared at her. “Do you think the Rising Symbol Rock is a rock that can be found in your home’s squats? Something you can get as many as you want?”

“Uh…” Her house only had a toilet seat, and no squats. “Are Rising Symbol Rocks rare?” From her memories, the storage ring her master gave her contained a mountain of it though? While she was learning to refine artifacts, she had often burn them up for amusement.

“Rising Symbol Rocks are found in the Regretless Crossing Edge at the depths of Horizon Forest. According to rumours, only a single piece is birthed every several ten of thousands of years.” He sized her up for a moment. “How rare do you think that is?”

“Then let’s head over to Regretless Crossing Edge to find one.”

Fa Yu then glanced at her as if she was an idiot. “Do you know what kind of place Regretless Crossing Edge is?”


The corner of his lips twitched. After taking a deep breath, he said with a sunken voice. “High rank demonic beasts roam Horizon Forest, and from rumours, there are often many strange phenomenons occurring there. It’s a place which even Demigod Sovereigns do not dare to enter carelessly, let alone Regretless Crossing Edge which is found in its very depths. No one knows what could be waiting over there. There hasn’t been anyone who has escaped from that place alive. When one crosses into that place, then there’s no space for regrets! That’s why it’s given the name “Regretless Crossing”!”

It sounded like a very incredible place.

“Without complete preparations, heading into Horizon Forest is undoubtedly nothing but death-seeking!”

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao turned around and left. Patapata. After a while, she came running back, with her hands grabbing onto a six-winged demonic beast which was still hugging onto an egg. “There, preparations are complete.”

Fa Yu’s face darkened. “You… You’re really planning to go?”

“Young man, you must have an adventurous spirit!” Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders. “Didn’t you say that the Rising Symbol Rocks are found at Regretless Crossing Edge? Then we just have to head there and leave after grabbing the materials. Sesame is an eleventh rank demonic beast initially. Though it has currently dropped a rank, with its might as a tenth rank demonic beast, I believe demonic beasts won’t easily approach us even in Horizon Forest.”

“…” She made a lot of sense for some reason.

“Let’s go, young man!” Zhu Yao said with a stern look. “For the peace of the world!”

“I’m doing this for Tiantian.” Fa Yu rolled his eyes. The hell world peace had to do with him!

“Uh… Alright then. For Tiantian!”

Thus, a certain someone unwillingly followed them on their journey. They made a beeline towards the skies of Horizon Forest.

Eh, wait a minute!

If she could already be safe and secure with a tenth rank demonic beast around, why the hell did she have to call him over too?

“…” Why did she feel as if she had been played?


Fa Yu was right. Horizon Forest was simply the playground for demonic beasts. It had only been a short while since they entered, yet they had already spotted three eighth rank demonic beasts, five seventh rank demonic beasts, and over dozens of fifth and sixth rank demonic beasts. Just how good were the nourishments in this forest, to the point where so many demonic beasts liked it here?

Fortunately, they had brought Sesame over. Though Sesame was unreliable at times, bringing it over to act tough and shake up the other lower rank beasties was still something it was good for. If only it wasn’t hugging onto that egg which was even larger than it was with a stupid look on its face, that is.

“Mistress!” Sesame suddenly leapt right in front of her eyes, its face was filled with excitement. “The egg moved… It moved a little just now. Did you see it? It was moving.”

“…” Why did she feel as if a husband was witnessing the movement in a mother’s womb for the first time? It’s not like the egg was birthed by her, so the hell did she have to look at it!?

“Sesame…” Zhu Yao took in a deep breath. “If you don’t keep that egg now, do you believe I will find some green onions and fry it right this instant!?”

Sesame immediately leapt back a few steps with the egg, bearing a complaining look on its face. “Mistress… You’re so ruthless. This beastie has always been infatuated with you, so much so that even if I have to be on the same rocky boat as you for several lifetimes, I will have no regrets. I will accompany you even if you venture into heaven or hell. You actually… actually… would do such things to us lonely beasts. Wuuuuu…”


“What happened to the promise of living and dying together, and never abandoning each other?”


“I will keep it now, immediately! I will keep it right this instant.” Sesame’s paws nudged, and in an instant, that huge white demonic egg disappeared. “I shall go investigate the path ahead.” It then leapt up and hastily went forward to bully the beasties that were of lower rank that it’s. Haah, the days where I don’t get to openly see my future wife are so lonely.

Only then did Zhu Yao release her hands that were preparing an art. She turned her head around, only to be met with Fa Yu’s strange eyes. “What?” Those eyes of his looked rather horrifying.

He frowned. After a moment, he said. “Your true form can’t possibly be a demonic beast as well, right?”

“Ah?” How did you come up with that conclusion?

“No wonder you’re so similar.”

“Similar to what…” Speak clearly, hey. How am I similar to that second-handed good Sesame?

Fa Yu did not seem to have the intentions to continue explaining. With a cold snort, he passed her and walked at the front, with an expression that looked as if other than his Tiantian, everyone in this world was nothing but trash.

She suddenly had the urge to take revenge on society!

The forest was Sesame’s main stage. With it paving open the path, they basically did not encounter any danger along the way. Occasionally, one or two demonic beasts with strange eyes would leap out, but they would all be sent flying away with a smack of its paw.

Adding that it had already recovered from its injuries, those cracks on its Dantian had disappeared as well. However, in order to restore its former eleventh rank, it had to rely on its own to slowly cultivate it back. Though Fa Yu had a poisonous tongue, he was still rather reliable in his work. Regarding the matter of familiarizing with the use of sword intent to heal injuries, she had merely explained the concept once and he was already able to use it fluently. Though he would use a longer time than her to do so, having to spend about a month, the results were still incredible.

After entering Horizon Forest, they had flown on their swords in the beginning. When they dove deeper in, they changed to moving on foot. With the Sunken Ground Art active, they walked like this for eight hours when Sesame suddenly stopped.

As though it had discovered something, it no longer looked like a playful husky. It’s body stiffened as it stared intently at the dense forest ahead.

“What’s wrong?” Zhu Yao and Fa Yu stopped as well.

“Ahead of us…” Sesame raised one of its paw and pointed at the front. “I can sense the might of a tenth rank demonic beast, and… not just one.”


Sesame shook its head, and even the wings on its back had straightened. “Many… Incredibly many.”

Zhu Yao was stunned. Tenth rank demonic beasts, and even a group of them. This forest sure was abundant with properties! Demonic beasts were conscious of their territories. In the demonic beast forests which she ventured in back then, at the very most, there would only be a single tenth rank demonic beast in a forest. The occasional two she saw were definitely couples. Sesame actually sensed a lot of them. This was not logical.

What to do? Zhu Yao turned to look at Fa Yu.

He frowned. Turning coldly towards her, he gave her a “I knew you pieces of trash were unreliable” expression. With a swing of his hand, he threw her a talisman. He then took one piece for himself and patted it on his chest. He instantly disappeared before their eyes.

Concealment talismans! Zhu Yao lowered her head to take a look. It was actually a high rank conceal talisman! She immediately patted it on herself as well, and the disappeared Fa Yu once again appeared before her eyes.

“Tenth rank concealment talismans which only Grandhall Sect possesses. If we don’t get too close, Demigod Sovereigns won’t be able to sense us either.” He coldly explained.

Tenth rank! Zhu Yao was a little excited. It looked rather incredible!

Fa Yu thought for a moment and then added. “When we get back, I have to remember to calculate the spirit stones that you have to pay.”

“…” The hell, so it wasn’t free. Can’t you just put it on Ling Tian girly’s tab?

“Tiantian is Tiantian, you’re you!” As if he had thought of what she wanted to say, Fa Yu immediately refuted.

Zhu Yao really wanted to meet with his parents!

After sticking the talismans properly, two humans and one beast then entered the forest ahead. They had merely traversed a short distance, when Zhu Yao and her little companions reached out to push away the branches in front of them and were instantly stunned.

A small town actually appeared in front of them, a town that was a little similar to practitioners’. However, demonic beasts were the ones moving to and fro. Some had taken up human forms while others kept to their beast forms. Though, without a single exception, all of them were tenth rank demonic beasts.

The town was incredibly simple. They were all sheds simply formed by stacks of branches and tree barks. There was either a person or a beast squatting inside the shed. Furthermore, the trading of goods here was simple and straightforward, to the point where… they were only trading in fruits and spiritual herbs. Furthermore, there wasn’t any common currency being used between them. They were basically trading goods with goods, like fruits for spiritual herbs, and spiritual herbs for fruits. However, without any exceptions, those spiritual fruits and spiritual herbs were all things that practitioners dreamed of obtaining.

This was basically the demonic beast forest’s native product exhibition, where things were of high quality but sold for dirt cheap. Not to mention these demonic beasts were not like practitioners, things like bargaining simply did not exist! They were usually magnanimous exchanges, where the traders would leave once after the exchange was completed. The slightest sight of being a cheapskate and wanting to get a bit more from their money could not be seen at all! It was no wonder they did not hear any hustle bustle before they got this close.

Zhu Yao suddenly remembered Chen Ning, the tenth rank demonic beast that was incredibly successful with his merchant business. It seemed like beasties indeed had talent for business.

“What do we do?” Zhu Yao transmitted her thoughts to Fa Yu next to her. There were too many tenth rank demonic beasts here. Even if they possessed conceal talismans, there was no guarantee that they wouldn’t be discovered. “Shall we make a detour?”

Just as Fa Yu was about to reply, he was suddenly startled for a moment. He then looked behind with a stern expression.

“What’s wrong?” Just as she was about to turn around, Fa Yu suddenly pressed her down. She was instantly pushed onto the ground and ended up eating dirt.

“Why are they here?” He muttered solemnly. “Could they have followed us?”

Zhu Yao whose face was being buried in dirt: “…”

Your mom! Can you talk after releasing me? The hell. This old lady isn’t a potato that needs to be planted in the soil, okay? She kicked Fa Yua couple of times before he released her head without the slightest of guilt.

Zhu Yao wiped away the dirt on her face. I shall endure!

She turned to follow his line of sight. When she saw the three men and one woman afar, Zhu Yao only wanted to say…

The hell!

The ghost still lingers around me, is that it!?

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