Disciple – Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: Rising New Star

Almost at the same time, that intermediate-stage Foundation practitioner descended from the air as well. The two of them landed on the arena at the same time.

“Fellow daoist, please advice.”

The opponent courteously hugged his fist and returned a greeting. In the next moment, he summoned a spiritual sword and initiated an attack. It had to be mentioned that he was a participant with great techniques. Every single one of his attack and art was used at the most opportune moment, maximizing the effects of his attacks. Little tyrant, on the other hand, was a power-type participant. His attacks and methods were after all largely developed through countless matches with various demonic beasts. They were quick and ruthless, with great force behind them. Compared to flashy moves, most of them were practical and efficient attacks.

Both of them had their strengths, and it was hard for either of them to gain an advantage on the other. Zhu Yao however was not worried. Though little tyrant only had the cultivation level of at the early-stage Foundation, his abilities were capable of resisting a fifth rank demonic beast. Furthermore, the demonic beasts that sparred with him were different every day, and they all had various abilities. This way, he was not reliant on a specific element, and he was now able to deal with various types of mystic arts handily. Almost at the same time he were to realize that his opponent was using a certain element of mystic art, his body would on reflex use a mystic art of the opposing element.

Thus, in just a few moments, the technique-type practitioner was slowly driven into a disadvantageous position.

He could not help but look flustered. He had initially thought that this would be the easiest match so far, as, after all, his opponent’s strength was a level lower than his. Never did he expect that he would instead be suppressed by his opponent instead. He had believed that his usage of mystic arts could already be considered unparalleled, but he never thought that his opponent could use various mystic arts faster than him, as if he was using them on instincts alone. Furthermore, his speed on casting any type of mystic art was incredible. Could he be a penta spirit veins holder? Is a penta spirit veins holder supposed to be this terrifying?

If this were to go on, he would most likely lose! The practitioner’s expression sank, bringing out his hundred and twenty percent of concentration. With a wave of his hand, he constructed a wood-type mystic art – Heaven-Earth Net. In an instant, countless vines grew at rapid speeds, speeding towards little tyrant in all directions.

Bai Zhiyuan leapt far into the air, wanting to dodge them. Those vines however immediately followed after him, growing all the way to the skies and grabbing hold of his legs, which restricted his movements. One sharp thorn after another approached his figure.

Little tyrant’s expression sank as he instantly summoned a large fireball to burn away the vines restricting him. Furthermore, the flames were even spreading towards the ground. His opponent immediately cast a water-type art.

Huaaaa. A heavy rain came pouring down, extinguishing the huge flames in an instant. When little tyrant landed on the ground, the ground was already completely wet.

A good opportunity! The practitioner’s eyes shone, as he immediately unleashed the formation which he used the vines to construct earlier. In an instant, a great white light flashed beneath little tyrant’s feet, and the surroundings began to freeze up. Little tyrant was quickly frozen in ice.

It finally ended.

The practitioner heaved a sigh of relief.

This was all completed in a mere instant. His speed of casting was extremely quick, and before everyone could even react, little tyrant was already frozen.

So he had the fire, wood and ice spirit veins. Zhu Yao understood and nodded, it seemed like the thing he had been concealing till now was his ice spirit vein. However… no matter how fast he was, it would not be any effective at all.

Before the practitioner could celebrate his victory, that iceberg suddenly made a crisp, crackling sound.

A figure flashed past. In the next moment, a regular second rank sword was already held right at his neck. In the face of absolute strength, speeds would just be paper tigers.

“Fellow daoist, good fight!” Little tyrant courteously spoke, as shattered pieces of ice scattered onto the ground behind him.

“That’s… That’s impossible!” The practitioner looked at Bai Zhiyuan, who had charged out from the ice, in complete disbelief. His cultivation level was clearly lower than his own, so how could he possibly be able to charge out of it?

Little tyrant slowly retracted his sword. No matter if this practitioner believed it or not, this battle was won by little tyrant. The practitioner was however, still standing on the arena with a dazed look.

The entire place was in an uproar.

“Tch, idiot!” Little Eighth silently spat out.

Even the Demigod practitioner, who had been standing on the highest point of the stage and was unable to escape from being squeezed by his own spiritual beast, nodded in satisfaction as well. He stroked his slightly white beard, and said. “Mn, such a talented youth.”

Zhu Yao silently shifted her eyes away. This was why she said little tyrant was a power-type participant. Every day, he was beaten up by various types of demonic beasts with various attack patterns, so it would be impossible not to gain a rough skin and hard muscles from that, and it would not be unexplainable if his resistance stat was maxed out either. The iceberg of a mere Foundation practitioner could not possibly block the tail of a fifth rank demonic beast, right? Furthermore, it was the type where he would be smashed by tails without knowing that those demonic beasts were capable of doing that. Zhu Yao had initially wanted to raise him up into a sword cultivator, but unknowingly, she had instead raised a physique cultivator.

Uh… This was definitely an unexplainable mistake on the side of operations.

Fortunately, little tyrant had a good base. Even when his physical parameters were raised, he did not turn into a bulky man with muscles filling his face. He still had the same little white face with unlimited potential.

Little tyrant won beautifully in that particular round. At the very least, the group that were in the finals, had all been successfully stunned. Other than the Azoth practitioners who felt a little disapproving of him, every Foundation and Essence disciple was dumbfounded.

Initially, to all practitioners, they would put emphasis on training their arts, while those who cultivate their bodies were of a miniscule amount. Using gaming terminology, practitioners were ranged magic users with high intelligence, high magical power, and high magical defense, but incredibly terrible stamina and physical defense. Little tyrant however was an abnormal case. While raising his three main stats at the same time, he had even unlocked the physical route of the skill tree. This was why the rest were this stunned.

In the following finals, he had undoubtedly suppressed the Foundation Paragon through sheer force, and was able to successfully become the champion.

The exciting award ceremony began. Only nine practitioners remained in the arena, being the champion and runner-ups for the respective categories. Filled with spirit and valiance, they walked onto the podium. Standing on the podium were the various sponsors and leaders, and they personally awarded and encouraged the practitioners. Furthermore, they took a group shot together to mark the occasion. At this moment, the winners represented the backbone of the new cultivation world. They were the honor and pride of the cultivation world, each and every single one of them was a rising star. Ah~ My country…

Ahem! Stop there!

Everything above was just an imagination on her part.

The actual scenario was different. Someone that seemed to a manager chuckled as he handed a storage pouch to every single winner, while not forgetting to ask each one of them a question. “Congratulations, fellow daoist. Do you have any intentions of joining our Wandering City? We have great salary, few missions, and we will arrange a cave residence with rich spiritual energy for you. Every month, we will even issue Scentless Fruits.”

Everyone: “…”

The manager asked every single winner, but unfortunately, not a single one of them gave a positive answer. Then, he sighed as he returned to the stage, and just as he was planning on ending this tournament…

“Wait!” The Demigod Sovereign above suddenly called out. With a wave of his hand, a light breeze blew towards the few people who had just received their prizes. Little tyrant’s figure lightened and his body flew towards the tall stage.

Sovereign Hua Lin raised him towards his own seat at the tall stage, then, he glanced at the stage which was already being completely occupied by his spiritual beast. He had no choice but to give up and place little tyrant on the stage beneath his, where the sponsors were.

With a stern and esteemed look, he said. “Practitioner, are you willing to become my disciple, and come under my tutelage?”

When these words were spoken, everyone on-site held their breaths. A Demigod Sovereign wanting to take in a disciple was a huge matter, and it was even Sovereign Hua Lin the number one wandering practitioner no less. Never did anyone expect that a mere wandering practitioners’ tournament would make a Demigod practitioner think about taking in a disciple. Envy appeared in everyone’s eyes, as they looked at Bai Zhiyuan with excitement.

“I’m not willing.”

“In that case, let’s… what?” Hua Lin was stunned, and only then did he realize what Bai Zhiyuan had just said. Unwilling. Someone actually rejected the proposal of becoming a disciple of a Demigod practitioner!

Everyone on-site began to gasp at this moment.

“Have you truly thought about it?” Pass this village and there won’t be anymore stores. “I don’t take in a disciple often!”

“Thank you, Sovereign, for your goodwill.” Little tyrant hugged his fist and said. “However, I already have a master, and my abilities were cultivated by my master. Bai Zhiyuan is unwilling to do something that’s akin to betraying her.”

Only then did Hua Lin understand the situation, however, he was still unwilling to give up. “May I know who your master is?”

“She’s right here.”

“May I see her?” As a wandering practitioner, stealing disciples or whatever, was something he was best at.

Little tyrant turned his head and looked in Zhu Yao’s direction.

“Little Eighth, stop eating. It’s time for us to shine.” Zhu Yao brought down the pouch of melon seeds from Little Eighth’s foot, and then flew towards the tall stage. Little Eighth was unable to stabilize his footing in time, and a corner of the pouch under his other foot loosened, causing melon seed shells to scatter along the way.

“Grandma.” Little tyrant happily took a step forward.

“Not bad, little tyrant. You’re simply incredible.” Before Zhu Yao even landed, she had already raised her thumb and praised him.

“You are his master?” So she’s just an Azoth practitioner. Hua Lin was relieved. When she landed on the ground, he was planning on saying something when the Scaled Dragon that had been acting dead the entire time suddenly trembled, as if it had received some sort of shock. Its tail slammed towards him just like that.


Sovereign Hua Lin, the number one wandering practitioner who was still carrying the demeanour of a celestial deity earlier, fell.

With his face planted on the ground!

Zhu Yao: “…”

Little tyrant: “…”

The various sponsors: “…”
“Hohoho… May I know how I should address fellow daoist?” Sovereign Hua Lin stood up at lightning speed, and looked towards Zhu Yao with a harmonious look. It was as if that tragedy earlier had never happened.

Zhu Yao: “…” If you want to act, at the very least, wipe away the dirt on your face first, hey.

This instant face-changing quality could already be considered top-tier.

“Yu Yao.” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, but she still returned an answer.

Hua Lin nodded. “So it’s fellow daoist Yu. Do you specialize in the arts of beast taming?” He glanced at Little Eighth and said.

“Uh… You can put it that way!”

“What a coincidence. I am proficient in the arts of beast taming as well.” He stroked his beard as pridefully glanced at the Scaled Dragon above which was still trembling.

“…” Please remove the word “proficient”. Earlier, you were clearly smacked down here by your own spiritual beast, hey.

“Since both you and I are wandering practitioners, and we are familiar with these arts, it can be said to be fate. Why don’t you come under my tutelage as well?” If his master were to come under him, then her disciple would naturally become his grand-disciple, and he would still be considered as one of his people. Mn, Sovereign Hua Lin was quick-witted as expected.

“No need…” Just how much does this person want to take in a disciple? “I have a master as well.”

“What!?” Hua Lin was stunned. He never thought of this possibility. “How can you possibly have a master as well? Where is he? What’s his cultivation level? Call him here as well, and have him come under…” Eh? Why is the surroundings so cold? Did the temperature drop?

Zhu Yao held onto the pea that was about to charge out from her chest. Master, you must calm down, bullying the elderly is wrong!

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