Disciple – Chapter 300

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Chapter 300: I Feel Like My IQ Will Fall

“What if it ends up like last time?” The man rebutted. “That person’s yellow paper was really incredible, even my leg went missing.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. Look, she’s not even moving. She will definitely be afraid. We will soon become a ghost officer.”


“If you’re not going, I will.”

That strand of yin energy floated into the building. Zhu Yao opened her eyes and looked at the white clothed female ghost who suddenly appeared in her cottage. Her hair was disheveled and her face was covered in blood, her long tongue dragged across the ground. She had a rather terrifying look in the first place, but her tongue just had to get stuck at the seams of the door.

“Aiyo!” The female ghost only realized she was stuck after floating halfway into the room. With her two hands grabbing onto the long tongue, she stomped on the door and acted as if she was competing in a tug-of-war. After pulling for a short while, she finally managed to save her tongue. Yet, because she did not have a stable footing, she ended up falling flat on her buttocks.


She rubbed her buttocks as she crawled up, her eyes coincidentally met Zhu Yao’s stare. She was instantly stunned silly.

“You came up to the mortal realm to scare people?” Zhu Yao asked.

The female ghost obediently nodded. “Mnhm!”

“How many more to become a ghost officer?”

The female ghost blankly stretched out three miserably pale fingers. “Th… Three.”

“Ou…” Zhu Yao nodded, and stopped speaking.

The female ghost blanked for a while. As though she had just recalled her goal, she immediately swayed her tongue and spread out her hair. With two resounding crackles, two ghost fires lighted up on the left and right, looking as though she was anxiously giving herself makeup to look even more terrifying. Then, he plucked out her two legs, and they slowly began to float. With an ominous voice, she said. “Look, I don’t have legs… I don’t have legs…”

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Was having no legs really terrifying? She immediately stood up and patted on her own chest. “Look, I don’t have breasts, I don’t have breasts…”

Female ghost: “…”

The room was silent for two seconds…

“Guaahh…” The female ghost seemed to have suddenly collapsed. She laid on the table and cried out loud. “I’m actually less scarier than a human being, being a ghost is too hard!”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Was she sent here from the Netherworld to sell her cuteness?

“Enough, stop crying.” Why did she feel as though she had just bullied a teenage female ghost. “You’re really scary, really scary, is that good enough for you?”

“But… But…” She raised her head from the table. Her face was filled with blood in the first place, but now the blood was scattered all over. “In the end, you still weren’t scared. I can no longer become a ghost officer, wuuuuu…”

You’re blaming me?

Zhu Yao’s face darkened, as she looked at the ghost who didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. She heaved a heavy sigh. Alright, looking at how I was once a ghost, I shall lend her a helping hand this time.

She cleared her throat, took a deep breath, and then, with the most delicate voice in her life, she screamed. “Ahh~~ You’re so scary! You scared me to death!”

The female ghost was startled. As expected, she stopped her cries. Dazzling light emitted out of her eyes as she looked at Zhu Yao. Uh… If only they weren’t actually emitting out green light. “This is wonderful. Now I’m only left with two more.”

“Grandma!” The door opened with a bang, as little tyrant and Little Eighth appeared at the doorsteps. “What’s going on, I heard… a female ghost!”

Little tyrant’s expression gravely changed. Forming a hand seal, he was just about to launch an attack. Even Little Eighth was beginning to converge a fireball.

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao immediately stopped the two of them. Though the female ghost looked terrifying, she was actually weak beyond compare. If their attacks were to land, her soul would most definitely scatter. “This is a misunderstanding.” Thus, she lightly explained to them the ridiculous setting of a ghost needing to scare ten people in order to become a ghost officer.

The two’s expressions: 囧

“Yet another one!” The female ghost who lacked nerves however had an excited look. She was completely unaware that she had almost lost her life just a second ago. After touching up her own ghastly looks, she gently floated towards Bai Zhiyuan. “Wooo… I’m a ghost… A female ghost.”

Little Bai: “…” Are all the ghosts in the Netherworld like this?

Little Eighth: “…” Are you certain that she didn’t die from stupidity?

Zhu Yao: “…” Just forget what I just said. I don’t know this idiot.

The female ghost demonstrated her scaring tactics for a long while. She realized that Little Bai was not even taking her seriously, let alone being scared. With her teary green eyes, she glanced at Zhu Yao, as though she was quietly complaining: See, even he isn’t afraid of me. As expected, I’m not terrifying at all. Wuuu…

You’re blaming me!?

“I still need two more…” She pitifully stretched out two fingers in front of Zhu Yao.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She turned to look at Little Bai. “Brother, play along for a bit.”

“…” Little Bai’s face stiffened, twitching for a few moments. After a short while, with a monotonous tone, he finally said. “Ah! You’re so scary!”

The female ghost instantly celebrated, spinning circles in the air. She then stopped and straightened her index finger. “One more… Just one more left.”

Zhu Yao quietly looked towards Little Eighth. Does a Phoenix count?

“Don’t even think about it!” Little Eighth turned his head away. “I, a mighty God race, isn’t even afraid of a Devil, how can I possibly… Aiyo, seventh elder sister, you actually plucked my feathers!”

“See, it got scared!” Zhu Yao blew off the bird feathers on her hand, and looked at the female ghost.

“Ten. Ten! I got them all, I can become a ghost officer now.” The female ghost was immensely happy as she raised her chest high with pride. “I just knew that I look really terrifying.”

The three people at the side: “…”

“I’m returning to the Netherworld now, goodbye!” The female ghost waved her hands at Zhu Yao. “In the future, be careful. Don’t be frightened by other ghosts!”

Take care of yourself first!

Zhu Yao sighed. She watched as the female ghost float out of the building. Recalling the matters in the Netherworld at the Spiritual Realm, she could not help but clench her fists. She wondered what happened to Wang Xuzhi? Since he had already become a Demigod, he should be able to ascend before long.

And there’s… Yue Ying.

“Ghost Chen, where are you…” Suddenly, the anxious calls of a female ghost sounded outside.

Zhu Yao felt it was a little strange. When she headed out to take a look, she saw the female ghost anxiously circling around the straw cottage. “Have you guys seen Ghost Chen? The one that came along with me.”

Hearing this, Zhu Yao then recalled that she did indeed hear the voices of a male and female earlier. “He most likely already returned to the Netherworld?”

“Impossible!” The female ghost shook her head. “Ghost Chen was scattered by a yellow paper before, and from then lost his leg. He can’t return to the Netherworld on his own, so I wanted to bring him along.”

Yellow paper? It must be a talisman! Could these two have met other practitioners before this? Also, a ghost could have his or her soul scattered in an instant. He sure was extremely fortunate to escape with his life intact.

The female ghost looked around worriedly, and continued to ask. “Are you guys certain that you haven’t met him before? He’s a ghost who was hanged to death, surnamed Chen. He’s called Chen Zhen.”

“What!? Chen Zhen!?” The hell, wasn’t he her neighbour in the Netherworld? “Speak clearly. What yellow paper? What was scattered?”

The female ghost was startled. As though she was frightened by Zhu Yao’s anxious look, she meekly said. “It’s… back when everyone came to the mortal realm. We were blown here by a huge, huge wind. Many ghosts were sucked into that yellow paper. I was standing the furthest, so I wasn’t sucked in. Chen Zhen was standing a little closer, so bits of him were torn off and sucked in.”

“Wind…” Zhu Yao frowned. “You’re saying, you guys weren’t here in the beginning, but was blown here by wind?”

“Mn, mn, mn!” She nodded hastily. “This place is too far from the gate to the Netherworld, we wouldn’t even think about coming here! But that wind was too huge. When we regained our senses, all of the ghosts were taken in by the wind.”

“Grandma…” Little Bai’s expression paled.

Zhu Yao nodded. “Soul Beckoning Banner.”

Only the Soul Beckoning Banner could gather ghosts from far away. She felt it was strange since earlier. Though ghosts were supposed to scare people, they wouldn’t dare to offend practitioners. Most of them would just scare mortals. Yet this female ghost openly ran into her cottage to frighten her. In the beginning, she thought that this female ghost was stupid in a unique way. So it was actually the work of a practitioner.

“Do you still remember where that yellow paper blew you guys off to?”

“I came floating from that direction!” The female ghost pointed in the western direction.

“That place is…”

“Peaceful Spiritual Forest.” Little Bai replied.

Zhu Yao frowned. No matter what, she couldn’t leave Chen Zhen alone.

“Female ghost, hurry and return to the Netherworld. Remember, do not show yourself and scare people anymore! Ghost Chen will return soon as well.” Zhu Yao instructed the female ghost, and then bringing little tyrant along, she flew towards Peaceful Spiritual Forest on her flying sword.

Initially, she had wanted to leave little tyrant here. However, she thought that it would be good to have him face a few situations to strengthen his heart.

“Little Eighth, look after little tyrant.” Zhu Yao turned and cast a glance at Little Eighth on her shoulder.

“I understand.” Little Eighth unwilling leapt onto little tyrant’s shoulder, crawled onto his head, and laid still there.

The one using the Soul Beckoning Banner was most likely a heretic practitioner. Using souls to cultivate was a very ominous and dark matter. An ordinary famed and upright sect would condone such acts. Furthermore, though the Ghost King refined by the Soul Beckoning Banner was incredible, the usual souls of ghosts would carry yin energy to some extent. After a long while, these yin energy would seep into the practitioner’s body and corrode it. This was why very few people would practice such heretic arts.

The moment they entered Peaceful Spiritual Forest, Zhu Yao released her divine sense in order to search for clues of the Soul Beckoning Banner. However, even after her divine sense covered a large half of the forest, she did not sense even the slightest of yin energy, let alone the Soul Beckoning Banner itself.

“East.” A familiar voice resounded in the depths of her heart.


“In the east, there’s a practitioner’s aura.”

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched as she immediately flew in that direction. Then, following her master’s instructions, she stopped in front of a lake. The surroundings were quiet and the scenery was beautiful beyond compare. Surrounding the lake were fresh flowers of various colours, as though they carefully cultivated. Even the nearby trees and plants were especially lush. The sky was shrouded with white-cotton clouds, as beautiful as the realm of fairies stated in fairy tales.

With a gentle breeze, it was as if flower petals were sprinkling down.

“This place…” Zhu Yao and her little companions were stunned.

“Master?” Are you certain this is the place? This doesn’t look like a place a villainous boss would be in! It’s more like a place where Disney princesses would love to be in!

“Right, nine meters.” Yu Yan said with a solemn voice.

Zhu Yao turned and walked to a flower patch on the right. After walking for a short while, she discovered a formation core concealed within the bundle of pink flowers. It was an exceptionally bright flower that looked like a rose. If not because she sensed ripples of spiritual energy from it, along with the faintly circulating runes on its stem, she wouldn’t have realized that it was a formation core.

With a formation core present, it proved that there was a formation nearby. Zhu Yao bent down and instantly pulled out the flower.

Almost at the same time the flower left the ground, the huge lake which reflecting silvery light in front of her, instantly disappeared, revealing an even larger sea of flowers. The flowers extended beyond her line of sight, and at the end of the sea of flowers was a dazzling gold palace. It had even almost blinded her eyes.

Zhu Yao silently rubbed her eyes. This scene was simply more like a fairy tale than an actual fairy tale itself. If a white horse were to appear now, she would dare to ascertain that a prince would be riding on it. Just how childish was the person who built this sea of flowers?

“Master?” What do we do now? Do we enter? I feel like my IQ will fall!

“There’s no other formations in the surroundings.”

In other words, she could enter and have a look!

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