Disciple – Chapter 222

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Chapter 222: Please, Be Prideful and Cold Like Before

A white light flashed in front of her eyes. Sesame flew out from her divine sense, and with a wave of its hand, passed her a white pearl.

“Mistress, here.”

“What is this?” Just as she received it, a white figure floated out. It was her master, of course.

Zhu Yao: “…” Why did her master become portable again? The biggest question was, why was he in Sesame’s hands?

Turns around and throws a glare!

What did you do to my master?

Sesame shrank its head, and said with a wronged look. “It’s… Lord told me not to tell you. This doesn’t concern me.”


“Back then, I sensed there was something strange in your divine sense, so I left a strand of my own divine sense with Sesame.” Yu Yan smoothly replied, and he completely did not have the self-awareness that he had been peeping on his disciple’s divine sense.

Where’s your sense of shame!

“Master, earlier, just what…” Whatever, I can’t do anything about my master anyway.

Yu Yan frowned. “What sort of feelings did you have back then?”

“Anger.” Zhu Yao honestly replied. “A form of anger that cannot be contained.”

“Yu Yao, at that time, within your divine sense was a sea of flames.”

“Ah!?” It was that serious? “My emotions can affect my divine sense?”

“Exactly the opposite.” Yu Yan’s expression sank. “It was your divine sense which affected your emotions.”

“…” What did he mean? The reason why she lost her sense of reasoning from anger was because of her divine sense?”

“Yu Yao…” He sighed. “Back then, what did you have in your divine sense?”

What did I have? Of course it’s…

“Other than you and Sesame, there was only…” She suddenly widened her eyes. “The Ruling Plume!”

Yu Yan nodded. “The Ruling Plume is the feather of a phoenix, and all phoenixes are innately born with the fire element.”

“It affected my emotions?” Zhu Yao retrieved the Ruling Plume and inspected it. “Is the fire element always this explosive?”

“If it’s just the element, it shouldn’t have brought about an effect of this extent.” Yu Yan glanced at the Ruling Plume, and his expression sank a little more. “If your master did not make a mistake, the reason why you were affected by it, was because this feather carries violent emotions of its former owner when it was still alive.”

“Violent emotions?” Wasn’t phoenixes of the God Race? Why would one have violent emotions?

“This feather must not have been pulled off by the phoenix itself, but should have dropped off when the former owner passed away. That is why it was infected with the former owner’s final emotions.”

Zhu Yao was startled. Final emotions? In other words, the owner of this feather was already dead, and the only ones capable of killing Gods were… Devils!

It was no wonder she felt so furious and had the impulse to destroy everything. The hatred of Gods towards Devils were deeply rooted in their bloodline. If that phoenix was really killed by a Devil, then it was natural for it to carry violent emotions.

“It seemed like I can’t use this weapon anymore.” She was finally able to find an incredible weapon, but it couldn’t be used. She was feeling very depressed, you know?

“Remember that you can never place this object within your divine sense again.” Yu Yan had to remind this stupid disciple of his again. “The divine sense is where the core of life resides. From now on, unless you have hundred percent certainty, do not place unnecessary objects within it.”

Uh… He sounded as though she was using her divine sense as a storage pouch.

Alright, maybe a little.

“Then what do I do about this artifact?” As a God Artifact, destroying it was not possible for her. She couldn’t use it, and she did not have the qualifications to use it as a decoration either. Why did she want to retrieve it back then anyway?

“You can keep it for now. Once I have found the method to destroy it, it won’t be too late to talk about it again.”

This was the only way now.

Zhu Yao placed the Ruling Plume into her storage bracelet she carried around wherever she went. For safety purposes, she even added a seal onto it.

In the next few days, Zhu Yao was living a rather leisurely life. Other than guarding Yue Ying, watering the two trees and inserting spiritual energy into them, she did not have any other jobs.

The two trees were already healed by a considerable amount. The charred black skin they had back then had already fell off, revealing brand new orange tree barks. The branches were also beginning to grow out some green buds. Although they were still not speaking yet, they should be completely restored in a short span of time.

Yue Ying’s condition was great as well, and he faintly seemed to be transforming soon. Sometimes, when she was guarding him by his side, he would suddenly call out a sweet ‘Big Sis Yao’. His voice was clear and crisp, sounding just like the child he was when he had just gained a human form back then. It seemed like, at the very least, he would be able to restore his former Essence figure.

She was unsure if it was because she had elevated the courtyard too high up, but Blue Parasol Sect had yet to send people over to disturb her.

Only three months later, did someone finally make his way to the doorstep.

And this person was not just anyone, but Xuan Xu.

Because of his relationship with Yi Ling, Zhu Yao’s impression of him was not really good. Evidently, Xuan Xu was not treating her especially well either. From the time he appeared, he had this cold look, and was staring straight at her with a resentful expression.

Zhu Yao could not be bothered with him, as she leisurely watered the two trees in her courtyard.

Riding on his sword, Xuan Xu waited for a few moments in the air. Seeing that she completely did not have the intention to remove the formation and let him in, his expression sank. Then, he called out. “Disciple Xuan Xu, wishes to meet Ancestral Master.”

Only then did Zhu Yao finally remove the formation and let the person in.

Xuan Xu landed at a spot a few steps away from her, and the resentful expression on his face grew even heavier. Gritting his teeth, he bowed down unwillingly. “The incident back then is truly the fault of my disciple, resulting to a disaster which offended Ancestral Master. I beg Ancestral Master for your forgiveness.”

So he was here to apologize in place for Yi Ling.

Truthfully, when she forced Lin Yu to give an explanation for the courtyard being burned, it was a passing remark made purely out of anger. She did not really want them to do anything at all. In her heart, she knew that this matter did not concern the rest of the people. The culprit was Mu Liu, and he had already received a lesson.


“Since you have apologized with such sincerity, this matter can be put aside now. However…” Zhu Yao glanced at him. “The misfortunes brought about by your disciple, aren’t just limited to one.”

Xuan Xu’s expression paled.

Evidently, he knew of those men behind Mary Sue Yi Ling. Thinking about it, this Xuan Xu was rather pitiful as well, as he truly loved Yi Ling. But, he was a little unfortunate, as the one he loved was a wild horse, which was destined to have a boundless grassland to run on.

“Ancestral Master, is there a need to torment me with such words!?” Xuan Xu suddenly flared up.

“Eh?” Who’s tormenting you? I’m just giving you a kind reminder, alright?

Xuan Xu clenched his fists, as though he was trying to suppress something with all his might. After a while, he said. “I have long since found out about Yi Ling’s intentions, but… what can I possibly do? She has her own thoughts and feelings, how can I force her to love me?”

What was he getting at? Didn’t the two of them have something going on already? What’s with this resentful husband tone of his?

Xuan Xu however, as though he finally managed to find his target to vent his frustration on, poured out all the emotions he had been suppressing the entire time. “The only thing I can do, is to protect her with my role as her master, and I can only watch her silently at the side, forever. Even if that’s the case, I still love her. But you… You clearly have so much more capabilities than me, why must you treat her in such a way!?”

“What did I do?” Why did it feel as though his prideful and cold character was breaking down all of a sudden? Did he go crazy?

“It’s exactly because you’re not doing anything, and managed to obtain the one and only thing we dream of, that makes us suffer so.”

“Uh…” So, no matter if she had done it or not, it was her fault?

。“I have already given up, I will no longer wish that she will turn back. I only hope that someone could treat her better. Not to the extent of loving her like she’s a treasure or a beautiful pearl, but at the very least, do not make her feel sad and broken-hearted.” After saying that, he glanced at her.

“What do you mean?” Please, can you speak human? Why did you suddenly go into hysterics, hey!?

“Ancestral Master, I don’t care what you think, but at the very least, do not be so harsh on her?” Xuan Xu’s face was filled with bitterness. “At least see her once in a while!”

“See who?” Speak clearly, hey.

“Mu Liu’s incident is unrelated to her, and she only knew about it after it happened as well. Please do not blame her!”

“Wait! Wait a minute! I’m getting more confused from what you’re saying.”

Ancestral Master!” Xuan Xu’s expression sharpened, and it felt as though his entire chest was burning with rage for a moment. With emphasis on every word, he said. “Yi Ling is infatuated with you, please do not let down her love for you.”

“…” Zhu Yao blanked, his last few words constantly reverberated in her mind. Her love for you… Her love for you… Her love for you… Love!

Who? Yi Ling!

Flips table. Who would want her love!?

Xuan Xu’s brain has gone to mush, right? I understand that you’re here to act as a matchmaker for Yi Ling, but…

“I’m a woman, hey!” Are you blind!?

Xuan Xu was still unmoved, and his face was filled with determination. “I… respect Yi Ling’s decision!”

Respect my ass. Shouldn’t you be rejecting an abnormal love relationship like this to the very end? What happened to your basic conduct as a straight man?

Also, why her!?

“Can you please wake up? I’m not interested in Yi Ling in the least!”

Xuan Xu frowned. “How can you be like this? Yi Ling treats you so well?”

“Well my ass!” Zhu Yao was about to explode. “When has she treated me well? She has been pulling hatred towards me the entire time, alright?”

“The past incidents were Yi Ling’s fault, but that’s because she did not understand the feelings she had for you. That was why she went against you.”

“Even a ghost wouldn’t believe a logic like that, alright?”

“True love is not a crime!”

“Scram!” Don’t insult true love, alright?

“No matter what! Whatever the case…” Xuan Xu looked frustrated. Gritting his teeth, he said with a bitter heart. “Yi Ling will be in your hands from now on. If you dare to bully her, even if I have to offend you given our positions, I won’t forgive you.” After saying that, he wildly dashed away while sobbing, looking like a lovelorn teenager.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Just what happened just now? Xuan Xu, come back here. What do you mean by handing her over to me? What does this have to do with me? Also, what’s with your lovelorn expression? Aren’t you going for the prideful and cold look? Why did your character change, hey!?

This development was too sudden, and she needed to slowly digest everything.

How did Yi Ling end up loving her to this extent? The key thing was, she seemed to have even convinced her harem members!

It must be said that everything was caused by the effects of her World Favourable Impression Achievement back then, but she had already turned it off though? Sesame had seen her twice, and she did not see it going crazy over her either.

“Sesame!” She instantly called out the person concerned.

“Meow~~~” A ray of light flashed in front of her eyes, and Sesame who was dressed in a white robe appeared before her.

Zhu Yao inspected it for a while. Mn. Satisfactory performance, and his expression was completely normal.

Thus, she asked with a stern look. “When you’re looking at me now, do you still have that feeling of infatuation which you felt when I activated my World Favourable Impression Achievement back then?”

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