Disciple – Chapter 206

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Chapter 206: Seeing the Old Beast Again

As she headed inwards, the light rays grew even brighter, and she did not encounter any sort of mechanisms on the way. She was even secretly celebrating how lucky she was, when suddenly, a white light flashed in her surroundings. Spiritual swords appeared in mid-air one after another, and they flew towards her.

The hell!

She wouldn’t be able to dodge them this time.

In the nick of time, the Risefire Beast which had been quietly hopping the entire time, leapt forward and shielded Zhu Yao. Those spiritual swords clattered as they struck its scales, and then, they disappeared after falling onto the ground.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank you!”

“Meow~~” The Risefire Beast was filled with a proud look. When it lowered its head, it realized that the paw which it had been carefully protecting was placed onto the ground, and its ears drooped down in an instant. As though it had received some sort of damage, it began to weep. “Paw… My paw…”

“…” It’s not even broken, did it have to be like this? “Enough, once we get out of here, I will hold onto all four of your paws, alright?”

Its eyes instantly brightened up again.

Zhu Yao began to carefully inspect the corridor. At the moment those spiritual swords appeared, she clearly sensed the fluctuations of a formation. She searched her surroundings for a moment, and realized that an offensive formation was engraved on the left stone pillar. It was exactly the formation, which gathered spiritual energy to spiritual swords, that hit her. However, the runes on the formation were a little ancient, and did not look like the runes that were used in the present. Rather, they looked a little similar to the sealing runes which her teacher taught her back then.

Zhu Yao frowned. It seemed like this place wasn’t really safe either. As she pressed inwards, her vigilance rose by a little. As expected, another different formation was spotted on a pillar in front of her. The further she went, the more complicated those formations became. She carefully detoured around every one of them, and things grew quite tense.

She walked for about another hour and finally reached to the end. A gigantic stone door appeared right in front of eyes. Seeing the realistic-looking gigantic demonic beast on the door whose eyes were closed, Zhu Yao could sense the vile intentions of the entire world.

“Master, master, master…” The Risefire Beast excitedly hopped up and down in front of the door.

A blinding white light was suddenly released from the door, and that terrifying demonic beast that was engraved on it turned alive. A horrifying pressure came spreading all around in an overwhelming manner, and even the entire ground was shaking. That gigantic demonic beast suddenly opened its eyes widely, revealing a pair of blood-red eyes which were several times larger the Risefire Beast’s.

“Who has come?” That beast spat out the language of humans, and its voice was resoundingly loud, its echoes endlessly rebounded back and forth the surroundings. An incredibly rich smell of blood suffused into the air.

“…” Zhu Yao did not reply.

That gigantic beast on the door glanced at its surroundings, and its line of sight fell on Zhu Yao, killing intent filled the place. “It’s actually a practitioner. A mere Foundation practitioner is actually capable of reaching here as well, then…” The killing intent suddenly turned stronger, and the pressure grew even more overwhelming. Its blood red eyes gradually narrowed, and it said with a heavy voice. “I will eat you to my heart’s content.”

That terrifying beast head suddenly reached out from the door, and opened its mouth wide in front of Zhu Yao.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she gathered the spiritual energy she managed to accumulate earlier, and sent a slap towards it.

A ‘pa’ sound lightly resounded.

The gigantic beast was instantly enraged.

“Roar~~~” Opening its mouth, it aimed to bite her.

Zhu Yao sighed. At the moment it was about to reach her, she shouted. “Sesame!”

“…” The beast head was stunned, and its eyes suddenly widened to the extreme. It tensely stared at the person in front of it, and even blinked its eyes in disbelief.

“Why are you here?” Zhu Yao felt a slight headache.

“Mis… Mistress?” The demonic beast’s voice instantly toned down quite a bit, and its pair of blood red eyes began to turn misty. “It’s… It’s really you?”

Zhu Yao looked at her surroundings. “Why are you imprisoned in a door again?”

“Mistress…” As though Sesame had finally confirmed the person in front of its eyes, tears began to fall. One drop, two drops… In just a few moments, like a faucet being opened, its tears flowed outwards. It wailed out loud, as though its liver and intestines were being sliced into pieces. “Wuaaah, mistress… You finally came to look for this beastie. Wuaaah… This beastie thought that I’m no longer able to see you, mistress… Mistress… Wuaaah…”

“Enough, enough, stop crying!” It was such a huge beast, if it cried any more than this, a flood would occur, you know?

“Wuaaah…” Sesame however selfishly began to announce his grievances, crying to the point of being out of breath. “Mistress… You don’t even love this beastie at all, only now did you decide to come and find me. Wuaaah…”

Uh, could she reveal that she wasn’t here to find it?

Glancing at its unrestrainable saddened look, in the end, Zhu Yao decided not to tell it this cruel truth.

“Alright, alright. Aren’t I here now?” She stroked the beast head. “Tell me, just what happened? Didn’t you return to the demonic continent?”

Finally, Sesame stopped its weeping. As it sniffled its nose, it spoke with a complaining tone. “Mistress… The beasties of the demonic continent bullied me. They despised me for signing a contract with a human practitioner and carrying the scent of a human practitioner on me. This beastie has once returned to look for you, but mistress couldn’t be found anywhere. After that, this beastie had nowhere else to hide, was captured, and was then thrown down to the Lower Realm again by the Palace Master. And he even said never to ever return.”

She was pretty sure that he was chased down here because of his own fault. Wait a minute!

“Again?” Zhu Yao caught onto this keyword. “You have some old grudges with that so-called Palace Master?”

“Uh…” Sesame’s face stiffened, and his eyes began to swim around.

Zhu Yao’s expression sank. “Speak the truth.”

Sesame’s huge mouth flattened, and she looked at her with a pitiful look. “There’s… There is a little misunderstanding…”


“The most important point is because this beastie is simply too handsome.” It shook its head. “I accidentally caught the sights of a princess. The Palace Master forced me to marry her, and I was unwilling, so he chased me down to the Lower Realm…”

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Are you certain that it’s someone else admiring you, and not because you’re conspiring against them?”

“How is that possible!” Sesame said with a stern look. “Why would I like her? You don’t know this, but although she’s a princess, she’s a beastie with only two legs. I’m a handsome beast with four legs, so I won’t ever marry two legs!”

“…” What did this have to do with legs? “Are you certain that you didn’t fool around and let her down, hence leading to her father sticking up for his own daughter?”

“I have only seen her once.” Sesame said with an unfortunate look. “And that time, because I fled from the wedding, I was sealed in that mustard seed dimensional space and thrown to the Lower Realm. I never expected that even after so many years have passed, she still covets my charm… Wuuuuuu, mistress, this beastie has such a hard life!”

You Godzilla, just which part of you look charming!?

Zhu Yao sighed, pointed to the place he came out from, and continued to ask. “And then? Why were you sealed in this door again?”

“I don’t know either.” Sesame shook his head. “When I came to the Lower Realm, I simply felt something was guiding me towards it, and then I found myself in this door when I woke up. I have tried several times, but I’m only capable of sticking my head out. I’m not able to escape at all. So, I wanted to gather several demonic beasts of my species to help break this seal. In the end, I waited for two hundred years, and only managed to encounter a Risefire Beast.”

“Meow~~” The Risefire Beast obediently responded.

“And then, I planned on luring human practitioners over, and see if they have any methods to help me escape. In the end, mistress came.” The longer it spoke, the sadder it became, and tears seemed to begin welling up in its eyes again. “Mistress, this beastie is so pitiful.”

“Don’t you have yourself to blame for this?” Back then, it would have been better if it stayed in the Lightning Divine Palace, but it just had to return to the demonic continent to seek a beating.

“This beastie knows its mistake. Mistress is so incredible, you definitely know how to remove this formation. Mistress, save me…”

Zhu Yao raised her head and looked at those circulating words on the door. Sesame sure guessed right, she really knew how to remove this.

“This isn’t a formation.” Zhu Yao frowned.


“This is a seal.” Those familiar words were seal characters. With this arrangement and aura fluctuation, it was evidently a… “Devil Restraining Seal. This is a low rank sealing art used to restrain Devils.”

“Devils?” Sesame was stunned for a moment, and then it twisted about. “But beastie is of the Beast Race.”

This was also something she couldn’t understand. Though the Devil Restraining Seal was a low rank sealing art, it would only respond to Devils, unless…

“Sesame, when you were sealed within, you have yet to fully recover from your previous injuries, right?”

Sesame nodded.

As expected. Back then, it suffered heavy injuries from Yue Ying. Yue Ying was a Devil, and its wounds naturally contained remnants of devilish energy. And this coincidentally was a low rank sealing art, so it immediately recognized it as a Devil and sealed it within.

Sesame, such a hard life you have!

“I will release you now, retract your head back!”

“Alright, meow~ I just knew that mistress is the best, meow~” Sesame happily retracted its head.

Zhu Yao sat in a lotus position, and took a deep breath. During the time she spent walking here, the spiritual energy in her body had already recovered a little, yet she had to release them all over here again. She circulated the spiritual energy, and turned them into thread-like spiritual strands. They wrapped around those sealing characters, and then intertwined along the flow of the seal. After that, they dragged in the opposite direction.

A moment later, the door began to release a white light, and it grew brighter and brighter. The circular formation, like a projection, suddenly revealed itself from the door and constantly rotated. When those characters could no longer be seen, a ray of light flew out from inside, and the circular formation slowly dimmed, until it disappeared.

A doll-faced male youth appeared before Zhu Yao. On the sleeves of his white robe was a familiar auspicious cloud diagram, it was exactly the uniform of the past Ancient Hill Sect.

“Mistress…” The youth leapt up, and pounced towards her.

Zhu Yao sent a slap straight to his face. Exerting some strength, she stood up.

Sesame slammed onto the ground with a ‘pa’. As though he had already gotten used to her violence, he changed to hugging her thighs, and began to rub them with a satisfied look…

“I’m finally out. As expected, mistress loves beastie the most. Ouuu~~~~ This beastie wants to bear monkeys with you.”


Zhu Yao kicked away this idiot, and took a careful look. The door earlier had disappeared, and two pillars similar to those in the corridor appeared in its place, along with six forked paths in front of them. Every path was unfathomably deep, and it was unknown where they lead to.

Was this the part where she would head into a dungeon?

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