Disciple – Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: I’m a Leg Supporting Expert

A bolt of white coloured lightning instantly split the three-storey high tree into half, and a charred smell floated in the air.

“Ah, the tree is falling. Rock spirit, let us hurry and run.” The mushroom bounced out several meters away out of fright, and then, turning its body around, it madly sprinted towards the depth of the forest. “Run, run, run…”

“Wait a minute, I haven’t…” Before Zhu Yao could even finish, the mushroom had already entered the forest, without turning back.

Why the hell are you running, this lady here isn’t on top of you! It couldn’t have not realized that I fell off his cap, right? Couldn’t you have checked your goods before driving off!?

“Mushmush, wait a minute. Mushmush…” What happened to the promise of covering for her?

Unfortunately, no matter how Zhu Yao shouted, that mushroom whose soul had already been completely frightened off, like a warrior who was determined not to look back, disappeared not long after. It was completely unaware that its goods had fallen off long ago.

As though its mind and body was perfectly coordinated at that moment, it madly sprinted for several kilometers with a single breath.

“Rock spirit, don’t be afraid, lightning often strikes in this forest. It’s fine as long as we hide for a while.”

“There’s a mountain cave at the front, lightning bolts are basically unable to enter there.”

“Rock spirit, grab on tightly. We’re almost there.”

“Rock spirit? Rock spirit?”

The mushroom shouted for a long while, yet, it did not hear a single reply. In the beginning, it had thought that she was simply utterly frightened, and only after arriving at the mountain cave did it realize that the jade that should have been hiding on its head had disappeared. When did she fall of? How did it not know about it!?

Zhu Yao, who had fallen off, could sense the evil intentions of the entire world. She had enough of days like this where she was unable to move. Come, lightning! Strike me to death, thank you!

Unfortunately, the lightning bolts that filled the sky struck everywhere else, causing the entire forest to turn into a pile of ash. Even when the thunders began to decrease, not a single lightning bolt had struck her.

Zhu Yao hated that she couldn’t point a middle finger at the two people fighting up in the sky.

“The hell.”

“Eh?” A doubtful voice could be heard from the side. Zhu Yao sensed a rich flowery scent, and in the next instant, she was picked up by someone. Then, she directly faced a pair of completely bewitching peach-blossom eyes.

A few words instantly surfaced in Zhu Yao’s mind: Yet another little bitch.

“You can talk?” The person’s voice was absolutely mesmerizing, and the person’s looks were even more heavenly. When Zhu Yao saw the person’s face for the first time, she wished that she could… scratch his face. That’s right. She held a grudge for this person, because he was the pompous man who kicked her off the cliff the other day.

“A jade cultivating into a spirit, that sure is rare.” The man flipped the jade about a few times, and his brows furrowed. His expression was filled with indescribable sexiness and charm. “Though it’s a little dirty.”

With a flick of his finger, Zhu Yao who was covered with a layer of dirt, instantly had her snow-white look restored. As though he was satisfied, the red-clothed man then flew up in the air. However, he did not borrow the use of any mystic artifacts, as he flew straight towards Lightning Divine Palace, which was enveloped entirely by lightning bolts in the sky.

Zhu Yao was brought to a beautiful celestial palace, and every corner of the place as though it was carved wholeheartedly by the finest of smiths. The furniture inside were even more exquisite, and could blind a poor person’s eyes. The floor itself was even paved with jade, and the ceiling was carved with a layer of pink flower petals. It was as though, at every moment, the entire place was saying: ‘I’m rich. I’m very rich. I’m exceptionally rich!’

The man brought her to a place which looked like a bedchamber, casually flung her onto the table, before he turned around and entered the inner chamber.

When he came out, he had already changed into another set of purple robes. Purple was a color that was extremely hard to wield, yet, unexpectedly, it was especially fitting for him. His looks were initially astonishing in the first place, while adding the purple clothes had exerted his charm to the extreme.

“Little rock, what are you called?” The man poked the jade on the table, and curiously asked.

Zhu Yao did not talk, as she firmly decided to act dead. She held a grudge for this person, so she definitely wouldn’t answer him.

“You’re not talking?” The man laughed especially enchantingly. “Since I picked you up, in the future, I will be your owner. If you don’t listen to your owner’s orders, you will be punished, you know.”

Tch, he was making it sound as though she had sold off her body. Why wouldn’t she ignore him? Zhu Yao continued to act dead.

The man continued to poke the jade. “Stop acting, I know you have already turned into a spirit, and have gained a spiritual consciousness.”

Zhu Yao still did not reply. I’m just a rock which doesn’t know how to speak. Come bite me then.

He smiled even more deeply. Slightly narrowing his eyes, he suddenly straightened the jade up, pinched his fingers on both sides, and then, turned it strongly.

In an instant, Zhu Yao felt as though she was a gyroscope, as she began to spin on the table. She felt that the sky and earth were spinning, as all she could see were spirals in her eyes. If it was a human, that person would have already puked out a long time ago.

So evil! He actually used this method.

“You’re still not talking? Then I will continue spinning.”

Fine, you’re ruthless. Zhu Yao could not help but destroy her own hard work. As she silently pointed a middle finger towards him in her heart, she let out her voice. “The hell!”

“The man smiled even more slyly, as Zhu Yao felt as though she was looking at fox.

“Since you have already been picked up by me, then your former name is no longer important. Henceforth, you shall be called… Rock then!”

“That name is a little casually given, don’t you think!?” Were names given out so casually?

“You don’t like it? Then why don’t we change it?” The man narrowed his eyes.

“Of course I do-“ Wait minute, she now had a name, so why was there a need to change it? This couldn’t do. She had already felt tragic over a name once before, even if she was beaten to death, she wouldn’t want another person to give her a name again. And this name was a little casually given. She was a rock, so she was given the name Rock? Why wouldn’t he call her Blossoming Jade then?

“Blossoming Jade then.”


What just happened?

“Alright, Blossoming Jade. In the future, you can call me owner, or lord.”

“What?” What happened, eh? Why was she suddenly named Blossoming Jade, hey?

“It’s getting late.” The man glanced at the sky outside with a calm face. “It’s time to sleep.”

What sleep? As a mighty deity, don’t you feel embarrassed for needing to sleep? Give me an explanation, hey.

“With Blossoming Jade here today, I’m finally able to have a peaceful sleep.”

What? What did his sleep have to do with her? The amount of information pouring into her was a little too large. She was just a piece of pure rock.

The man, however, ignored her. Grabbing Zhu Yao, he walked straight towards the bed.

“What are you planning to do?” Beast, she was just a piece of rock. One could kill a rock, but you shouldn’t shame it!

The man did not reply, and simply stopped before the bed. And then, bending his waist, he raised the bed with one hand, and then, stuffed Zhu Yao under the leg of the bed with the other.

Zhu Yao felt a large weight pressing down on her, and seemed as though she could a jade cracking sound. While the culprit had already calmly climbed onto the bed, and dozed off.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Momma’s egg. He came from such a long distance away to pick her up, in order to have her act as a leg support. It was actually only for the purpose of acting as a leg support! Then why did he have to give her the damnable name of Blossoming Jade!?

I’m going to curse you, hope you have nightmares. You will have seven nightmares a week, and every nightmare will last twenty-four hours!

Ever since that day, Zhu Yao had honourably changed into a piece of rock specialized in leg support.

No matter was it the bed’s leg, the table’s leg, or the wardrobe’s leg, as long as that man felt that the places were a little unstable, he would take Zhu Yao out and have her support them. She was basically a rock that would be moved whenever and wherever she was needed in this celestial palace.

“Eh? Why has it cracked?” The man took Zhu Yao out of the table’s leg, and looked at her under the light. As expected, a thin crack line was discovered.

Zhu Yao silently rolled her eyes. She was pressed under tables, chairs, and wardrobes every day, it would be strange if she hadn’t cracked yet. She was just a piece of jade, was he thinking that she was metallic? Now he was even trying to use her to smack open a walnut, this was simply too unbearable!

Glancing at the walnut in his hand that had yet to be opened, and then, looking at the jade which was evidently about to crack, the man was a little hesitant. In the end, he seemed to have found back his conscience, and kindly cast an art. Zhu Yao simply felt a dense amount of divine energy pouring into her body. Not only had the scar on the jade disappeared, even her white body had instantly turned emerald green. She even felt much better than back then when she had cultivated for four months.

“What happened?” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded.

“I gifted you a little cultivation, to prevent you from cracking too quickly.”

He was actually this kind? Zhu Yao was suspicious. If he really wanted to help her, why didn’t he instantly help her cultivate into a human form?

“I say, Blossoming Jade.”

Your sister’s Blossoming Jade!

“Regarding cultivation, what matters is progressive training. There are many cases where objects gain spiritual consciousness in this Divine Realm, and usually, they are only able to materialize a human form after cultivating for many tens of thousands of years.” The man’s tone suddenly turned stern. “How can you simply make use of the method of having someone else supply cultivation into you?” After saying that, he even gave a ‘you are so naïve’ look.

Then is there any other way to cultivate into a human form? Or is it a must to cultivate for countless of years?

“There is.” His eyes slightly narrowed, and his smile became even more sly. “Behind my home, there’s the Lightning Abyssal Spring, which was birthed and nurtured by the heavens and earth themselves. Objects that have gained spiritual consciousness, simply have to bathe in it for several days to materialize a human form.”

The hell, it’s so convenient!? Why didn’t you tell me earlier!?

“If you’re obedient, then I can consider…”

“Lord, please call me whenever, without any restraints.” In a mere second, Zhu Yao started to lick his boots, and said as she shed tears of blood. “No matter if it’s supporting the table’s leg, the bed’s leg, the wardrobe’s leg, or even the corner of the wall, it’s all fine. Just leave it to me. I will definitely be firm and useful, convenient and nimble, beautiful and dignified. Even if you use me as a support to increase the height of a pair of high heeled shoes, it’s no problem at all. I’m an expert at being a leg support.”

Increase the height of a pair of high heeled shoes? What’s that? The man was silent for a moment, as a light flashed in his eyes. Picking up the walnut on the table, he said with a difficult expression. “This walnut…”

“Use me to smack it then!” Zhu Yao instantly answered. “Do not be courteous. Smack it with all your strength. I can handle it.”

The man’s eyes narrowed, picked up Zhu Yao with any hesitation, and smacked open the walnut with a ‘boink’.

In Zhu Yao’s mind, she was filled the thoughts of cultivating a human form. She wouldn’t even mind if he smack a few more times, and then throw her into that whatever Lightning Abyssal Spring. To actually be able to materialize a human form in just a couple of days, that’s simply too incredible!

Only when he had successfully smacked open the final walnut, did Zhu Yao realize that something was amiss.

She glanced at the red-clothed man. “How did you know what I was thinking in my mind?” She clearly did not speak out about the matters of materializing a human form, so how did he guess it? If she was human, she could understand that it would be possible to see through inspecting the changes in her expression. But currently, she was a piece of jade, so how was inspecting her expressions possible?

“Oh.” The man calmly threw the nut into his mouth, and said with his eyes curved. “Because I know the Mind-Reading Technique.”

The hell. Then, wouldn’t that mean her former thoughts were seen through by him!? This sly fox! She really wanted to scratch his face.

Calm down, calm down. The sky was so beautiful, yet she’s this cranky. Not good, not good.

Everything was for the sake of materializing a human form!

Hence, in order to materialize a human form, suppressing the thought of puking out blood, Zhu Yao walked on a path of no return. Furthermore, this lord whom she still did not know what he was called till today, had seemingly made the best use of this piece of suffering jade to an irritable extent.

“Blossoming Jade, help me support the bed’s leg.”

“Blossoming Jade, help me support the table’s leg.”

“Blossoming Jade, help me grill this meat.”

“Blossoming Jade, help me apply pressure on the core of this formation.”

“Blossoming Jade… I’m so bored. Be a shuttlecock, and let me have some fun kicking you.”

Flips table! He’s actually happily fooling around with me now!?

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