Disciple – Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: Ill Intentions

Hello everyone, I’m Zhu Yao. Currently… I’m a piece of divine jade. To put it in common terms, I’m a piece of rock.

On the first day she turned into a divine jade, she was picked up by an unknown woman, and then… she lost her master.

Regarding such an extremely tragic and painful experience, she simply wanted to say three words: ‘that little bitch’

Seeing this woman, with a gentle and embarrassed face, standing on her master’s divine sword as they were heading back to his residence, Zhu Yao felt like charging right up to scratch her face at every given moment.

The problem at hand was, her master actually believed her.

Although Zhu Yao had always known that her master was missing some screws in his brain, did his intelligence have to fall apart at such a key moment?

“Master, what is this place?” The woman asked as she pointed to the front not far from them. That was a boundary enveloped in lightning clouds, and rays of purple coloured lightning bolts continuously flashed. From afar, one could feel the monstrous and imposing atmosphere, deterring people from approaching it.

“Lightning Divine Palace.” Yu Yan turned and glanced at this disciple who had evidently turned a lot cautious than before. His brows furrowed. Could it be that after losing her memories, her personality would change as well? “Since you have already arrived in Divine Realm, you will naturally live with me in Lightning Divine Palace in the future.”

“Master is a disciple of Lightning Divine Palace?”

“Mn.” Yu Yan nodded.

A hint of excitement flashed past the woman’s eyes in an instant, however, she then hurriedly concealed it. With a clueless look, she asked. “I wonder what kind of place is this Lightning Divine Palace?”

Thinking that his disciple had only ascended to the Higher Realm not too long ago, and most likely was unclear of the situation here, Yu Yan explained. “Lightning Divine Palace is a place which governs the rules and punishments of Divine Realm.”

Rules and punishments? Then wasn’t it a place similar to a court? Zhu Yao glanced at her master. Her master was actually a judge in the Higher Realm. She couldn’t see him as one though?

“I see.” The woman’s eyes shone even brighter than before. A moment later, she said. “I wonder what other people are there in this Lightning Divine Palace? Is it really fine for master to bring me there like this?”

Yu Yan, who was just about to raise his hand to disperse the lightning clouds, paused for a moment. Turning around, he looked strangely at the person behind him who looked a little anxious. His stupid disciple was actually able to begin to think about such problems as well. Could it be that memory loss was capable of raising one’s intelligence as well?

“There’s no need for you to worry about that.” Looking strangely at this bright-minded disciple, he was unable to get used to it a little.

With a wave of his hand, the thundering lightning clouds in front of them instantly dispersed to two sides. The two people entered with their flying sword, and not even a moment later, the sky which was pitch-black earlier, instantly turned into a boundless blue sky, revealing a floating celestial mountain at the back. At the peak of the celestial mountain, protruding out of it was a tower that pierced towards the sky. The tower was so huge, its top could not be seen at all, as though it was connected to the sky itself. And, on the celestial mountain, the place was filled with a sea of flowers. With a gust of wind, the sky-filled petals dispersed and danced about. As they flew their sword across, it was as though they were stepping on the sea of flowers.

This is Lightning Divine Palace. It’s a little beautiful, isn’t it?

Zhu Yao looked at this view which was as beautiful as a scenery in a game, and did not regain her senses for a long while.

Until the moment they landed in a peach blossom forest at the foot of the mountain.

“We’ve arrived.” Yu Yan pointed at the straw cottage at the depths of the peach blossom forest. “You will live there from today onwards.”

The woman blanked. Looking at that small broken house, she then raised her head and looked towards that majestic palace at the top of the mountain. Her expression instantly changed, and only a moment later did she speak up. “Master, are we not going to the mountain peak?”

Yu Yan frowned, as though he had recalled some unhappy matters, he replied with that same light tone. “No need. Have an early rest today.”

After saying that, he turned around, and walked towards the other straw cottage.

The woman’s expression paled. The depths of her heart tightened, as she grabbed onto his sleeves. “Master?”

The hell. Zhu Yao instantly flared up. Little bitch, release your claws! This man is mine! Mine!

Yu Yan turned his head around skeptically.

The woman’s expression revealed a moment of fluster. “This disciple… feels a little… anxious… after arriving at a foreign place.”

Yu Yan became even more astonished. His disciple actually had times when she was afraid and anxious as well? Habitually, he raised his hand to stroke his head. Seeing her rarely obedient, lowered head, a slight bizarre feeling welled up in his heart.

“Be obedient. Master is here.”

“Mn.” The woman nodded. She tightly gripped onto the corner of his clothes, however, an evident slight blush could be seen on her face.

Watching what looked like an affectionate and loving scene, Zhu Yao was so furious, she even began to feel hurt on the inside.

Master, your disciple is right here. Why are you staring at her face? Look a little lower! Look at the bottom half of her body! (Eh? Something sounds strange about this?)

Unfortunately, no matter how irritated she felt, the outstanding citizen Master Yu Yan, still dutifully sent that woman back to the small straw cottage, before turning to leave. Before going off, he even kindly closed the door.

Only when she could no longer hear Yu Yan’s footsteps, did that woman instantly retract her obedient and gentle expression. Instead, she revealed an expression mixed with excitement and a hint of anxiety.

“Lightning Divine Palace, I never expected that I would actually be able to come to Lightning Divine Palace.” With an excited expression, she took several deep breaths, as though she was trying to suppress the happiness in her heart with all her might. After sitting on the chair in the building for a moment, her expression slowly calmed down. The corner of her lips gently rose, making a smile filled with slyness. “Yu Yao, is it?”

Yu Yan felt that his disciple who reincarnated this time was a little strange, however, he was unable to discern what was strange about her. His disciple had lost her memories, though, this wasn’t the first time it had happened. He recalled that when his disciple returned last time, she had a part of her memories missing as well, and that were matters regarding Wang Xuzhi. However, this time, she had even forgotten all about him. This basically wasn’t a huge problem. Since she had forgotten, then forget it. He just had to safeguard her a little more from today onwards.

But faintly, he simply felt that there was something amiss, a violating sense that he was unable to put into words. Clearly, he could feel the strand of divine sense that he planted, on her body. However, when he was facing her, he somehow had a feeling that the person in front of him wasn’t his disciple.

“Master?” A gentle call came from outside the door.

With a twist of Yu Yan’s palm, the restriction on the house was removed, and the door automatically opened.

The disciple that he had only picked up today, was currently standing outside the door. Seeing his nod, she then slowly walked in. Cupping her fist, she bowed towards him. “Yu Yao greets master.”

“Mn.” Yu Yan responded, however, he unconsciously frowned. That violating sense returned again.

The woman raised her head, revealing an obedient and respectful look. “I wonder what matters master has called this disciple for?”

Yu Yan pondered deeply for a moment. Taking two steps forward, he took out a jade tablet and passed it over. “This is our Lightning Divine Palace’s Imperial Lightning Art. Since you have already arrived in the Higher Realm, it’s also time for you to begin learning arts of the Higher Realm.”

“Imperial Lightning Art!” She seemed to have been startled for a moment, as her eyes widened a little, and the fists by her side instantly tightened. However, there wasn’t any change in her expression. A moment later, with a serious look, she received it. “This disciple obeys.”

Yu Yan, however, was a little dumbfounded. In the past when she was learning arts, she would always have to ask for details back and forth. Although they were all dumb questions that were of common sense, she would still have to make sense them before giving him a nod. There were very few instances that she would agree to it so easily. This time, she did not ask nor did she speak up about it, but instead, she seemed to look a little excited? When had she become so motivated? In Yu Yan’s heart, he could not help but feel a little strange. “Practice well. If there anything you’re uncertain of, you can come ask your master.”

Her expression instantly turned serious once again. “Thank you, master. This disciple will definitely learn it with all my might.”

“Mn.” Yu Yan nodded, and habitually reached out his hand, as he was thinking of stroking her head. However, what he got in response was an obedient and respectful expression from her. Unconsciously, his hand floated above her head, and for a long while, he could not press his hand downwards. In the end, he still retracted his hand back.

Even the words that he was planning to pacify her with earlier, were unable to escape from his mouth.

“Leave then.”

“Yes, this disciple shall depart.” She once again bowed, before turning around and exiting the door. She had even casually helped him with closing the door.

Yu Yan’s frown, however, began to grow deeper.

The woman walked extremely quickly, carrying a hint of anxiety. Close to the end, she seemed to have broken into a light jog, as she returned to her own cottage and closed the door. After thinking for a moment, she set down a layer of restriction within the house, before sitting in a lotus position on the bed.

Opening her already damp palms, she took out that piece of jade tablet, and could not help but tremble a little. She could no longer conceal the excitement on her face, as she broke out into a smile. “The Imperial Lightning Art! It’s actually the Imperial Lightning Art!”

Even Zhu Yao could sense how excited she was. Was entering Lightning Divine Palace to learn the divine arts here her motive for impersonating  Zhu Yao?

The woman anxiously pressed the jade tablet that she just received onto the center of her forehead, and inspected it.

“Eh? Why are there only first level arts?” Her expression changed, revealing a hint of dissatisfaction. A moment later, she regained her usual look, and began to cultivate in a trance state.

As for Zhu Yao, who was stuffed next to her waist, she began to ponder about her present situation as well.

It seemed like this woman who popped out of god knows where, was planning to impersonate her till to the end. And the reason why her master had mistaken that woman as her, was most likely because she was on her body. After all, even she couldn’t have expected that she would turn into a piece of jade.

In order to expose her scheme, she simply had to leave her body. Fortunately, the woman had yet to realize this point, and that woman did not place her into a storage space either. By simply casually placing Zhu Yao next to her waist, it gave Zhu Yao the opportunity to escape.

But, here came the problem. She could not move, nor could she talk. So what should she do?

The woman had completely entered a trance state, as the rich divine energy in the surroundings was currently approaching her. Unquestionably, she had reincarnated into the Higher Realm this time. Although she did not know why there was a need to cultivate in the Higher Realm as well, compared to the cultivation world, the divine energy that was being absorbed by this woman, was clearly something different from the spiritual energy in the Lower Realm. It was even richer, and the energy was even purer.

Zhu Yao suddenly thought, was she able to cultivate as well? In this world, as long as it’s an object which had gained a spiritual consciousness, it could cultivate and become a spirit. Although its cultivation speed was not comparable to a human practitioner, and its body was not as strong as a demonic beast, it’s not impossible for it to gain the ability to walk and talk.

With a single glance, it could be seen that this person who had impersonated her held bad intentions. No matter what, Zhu Yao had to expose her. She had to immediately begin cultivating now. Zhu Yao was instantly filled with fighting spirit, but in the next instant, it was discharged out cleanly, and completely.

Forget about cultivation, she basically could not sense any spiritual energy at all.

In the beginning, she tried going according to the most basic method of guiding spiritual energy into her body, however, she then realized that there wasn’t a single trace of spiritual energy in the air at all, so there wasn’t even a need to distinguish between the five different types of spiritual energy. What was she going to do now?

Wait a minute.

She looked at the woman next to her. Could absorbing divine energy the only way to cultivate in the Higher Realm? Zhu Yao pondered deeply for a moment, before beginning to sense divine energy with all her might. As expected, the surroundings were filled with a rich amount of energy. She tried to bring them in with all her might, however, there wasn’t even a hint of reaction coming from the divine energy in the surroundings, let alone entering her body.

The hell, are you guys looking down on jades!?

Could she be destined to simply quietly act as the divine jade she was? Until the day someone were to come break her apart before she could even make a comeback?

Not giving up, she tried again and again. When the moon had reached the top of the sky, she was still unable to sense the slightest hint of divine energy.

For the first time, Zhu Yao felt a little depressed, and felt that her future was worrisome.

Suddenly, a warm feeling instantly filled her entire body, as though it had entered the core of this piece of jade of hers.

Eh, this is…

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