Muimui-tan 2-3

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Volume 2: World Tree Capture, Chapter 3: Shopping


“So, now should we go straight to the inn?”

[No, Sorry, but I’d like to go look at some weapons and armor, as well as go to a general store. Can you guide me to their location?]

Now that I’ve successfully gotten some money at the exchange office, I want to go shopping. Even with my sudden request, Ura-san guides us without a nasty face.


We arrived at the blacksmithy.

“Weapons are sold here, but not armor. The place where armor is sold to adventurers wasn’t on the way to this blacksmith.”

No armor… No, rather, I’m pretty sure none would fit me in this world, let alone this village.


The smithy has swords all over the place, there aren’t a lot of places for me to put my legs. There are no price tags, of course. Also, the blacksmith in the back… Could he be!?

The man who had come from the back room was a person with a dog-head.  In his hand was a blacksmithing hammer.

“Uo, M-Magical Beast!?”

Dog Guy? A shiver runs down my back. No no no, look at me, I’m more than just a magic beast!

Wait, did I forget about him having a dog head? Appraise time.


[Name: White Fuwa]

[Race: Dog Person]


Ah, he’s not something like a kobold. Are there any beast people like that? Yup, asking would be rude right now, so let’s keep quiet about that.


“Oh, shopkeep, don’t let him surprise you. He’s a stellar beast-sama*. It became an adventurer today, and was looking for arms.”

Ura-san with the quick follow up again. What should I say, this person won’t kick me out, will he? Nobody accepts me wherever I go. Perhaps after being rejected over and over, I’ll become disillusioned by the world and become a demon king or something… let’s stop that line of thought.

[Sorry for scaring you. I’m King of Blizzards, a stellar beast.]

“Ah, Oh, you’re a stellar beast-sama. You didn’t scare me at all. What is it that you need?”

Fufufu, I decided I want weapons. I can’t use a sword since my arms have such a short reach.

[I want a short spear]

“Oh, not an axe…”

For some reason Ura-san seems disappointed. Are you in love with axes?

“Ah, the short spear. A fine iron spear will cost you 15,360 yen.”

15,360 yen, in other words, 3 silver coins. Hmm, I don’t know the market price. An iron spear, the ultimate equipment of the second prince.**

[Yes, I’ll take it.]

I give him three silver coins, and receive the spear.

Appraisal time.


[Iron Spear]

[Standard short spear made of iron. No special qualities]


The shaft is about one meter long and is made of wood. No iron in it. At the tip, a simple pyramid of iron was placed.

I spat out some thread and tied it to the spear. Now I can carry it over my shoulders.

“Uo, all of a sudden, he spit out thread. Being able to make thread, that must be convenient.”

Quite so, quite so. This thread, it really is convenient.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The blacksmith and Ura-san both said to me:

“Blizzy-san, do you have any reason not to wear clothes? If you wear something, you might not be mistaken for a monster anymore.”

Ah, the scales have fallen from my eyes. The first thing a civilized person does is wear clothes. Now that I think about it, aren’t I… naked, like a nudist or something… noooo.

[Oh, I see, may i ask you to take me to where I can buy clothes?]

“Of course, there’s a clothing store very close by.”


The clothing store was right next to the blacksmithy. Not close by, but next door!

I didn’t notice while coming to the smithy.

Ready-made clothes are decorating the clothing store, rolls of cloth are put around. Umm, by chance do they make things here?

“Ah, this is the stellar beast-sama Blizzy-san. Blizzy-san, find some clothes that you like.”

As we entered the clothes shop, Ura-san gave his usual description of me right away. Ya, well, saying the same spiel every time, I don’t know what to say.

“Eh, ah, yes. T-then, let’s get you measured so we know your sizes.”

The clerk was a female normal human. She comes over.

“Y-you won’t bite me?”

[I don’t bite.]

“Y…eah, come here and let’s find what clothes we can get for your body-type. We currently have some silk clothes and linen clothes as well as certain other things. If you buy more than one, I can give you a small discount.”

[Could you tell me what each material is and what they cost?]

“Yes, silk clothes improve your magic. They also feel good on your skin. Linen is best for casual wear. A silken vest will cost 40,960 yen, a full robe 122,800 yen, a linen vest will be 2,560 yen, and a linen robe will cost you 5,120 yen.”

Let’s see, the silver vest is one silver coin, the gown is three small gold, four copper for the linen vest, the robe is one silver… Yup, the cost of the silken clothes makes me scared for my finances.

[Do you have a linen vest and gown?]

“Yes, one of each, that will be 7,680 yen in total.”

I obediently pass the one silver and four copper coins.

“Yes, thank you. Will you please come back tomorrow for tailoring?”

Ah, I can’t get it right away.


“Then, next we’re going to the general stores?”

Ah, now that I think about it, I did say that. How should I say that I only want to look at it, not buy anything.

That said, he guided me to the stalls which were lined up throughout the main street.

Things being sold here include lanterns and rope, backpacks and waterskins, they even have something like a spark stone. Ah, I’ll only take a waterskin, like I said, I won’t be buying anything.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


We’ve come to the inn. It’s quite a distance from the adventurer’s guild, it was a hard walk. Ura-san didn’t say anything about my slow walking speed, honestly, people are lucky to be so fast.


The inn is a two-story building. It seems as though the first floor is a tavern.

When we enter the tavern, I see people making surprised faces. Yes, yes, I know the drill.

“Ah, don’t be surprised. This is  Blizzy-san, a stellar beast-sama. He just became an adventurer today, and while looking for somewhere to stay was guided to this inn.”

Ura-san really has become a professional at that explanation.

The tavern goers who heard him went back to drinking the beverages in their hands… They adapted really fast, huh.

I directly *noshi-noshi* go to the counter where the innkeeper is.

[Sorry for the trouble, I’m the stellar beast King of Blizzards. I’d like to stay here.]

The portly innkeeper lady was surprised by my request, making a strange face for a moment, but she quickly returned to a smile.

“Hu~h, this is quite interesting, hmm. You want to stay here. One night is 5,120 yen, food and a washing room will cost 10,240 yen… you can also use the stable your horse for free.”

Those last words came out strangely, perhaps she’s just in the habit of saying it each time.

“I-innkeeper-san, he, ho-hor!”

Huh? Ura-san seems to be stuttering. Is the stable not normally free?

“Awawa, I’m just kidding. I looks like you didn’t get the meaning.”

Huh? What did she mean? Or rather, what human…? This is the first person to treat me like a human. Not a stellar beast-sama, being treated as someone human.

I pass two small gold coins to the innkeeper.

[I’d like to stay for eight days.]

“Let’s see. That’s meals for a week. I believe.”

What? To become a week when I asked for eight days. I wonder if there was an extra fee? I have no idea.

“Well then, here’s the key to your room. Remember to return the key when you leave the inn. By the way, I’m here often, but since I can’t always be, make sure to tell my daughter you’re staying here.”

Saying so, the landlady gave me my key. The innkeeper is pretty portly, but her daughter is also of considerable width. Yeah, it just, it doesn’t feel right.

“Ah, will you have the communal meal? Or are you eating out.”

[No, I don’t need any today. I’ll be in your care tomorrow, though.]

I’ve decided not to eat for now, I’m not sure what to ask for. Also, I still haven’t tried out any people food while in this condition, I plan to have that experiment tomorrow.

“Well then, Blizzy-san, see you tomorrow.”

Ura-san bids me farewell, and

[What should I do tomorrow?]

“Oh. Yeah, let’s meet up in from of the adventurer’s guild in the early afternoon.”

[Ura-dono, you seriously helped me. See you tomorrow.]

Ura-san raises one and and leave the inn. He probably lives somewhere else.


The daughter guided me up to the second floor to my room. It was a simple room with only a bed. There aren’t any things like a chest or a clothes rack.


Ha~a…, sometimes, I really feel like I’ve come to a different world. Tomorrow I’ll be doing a starting quest… my life as an adventurer is about to begin. Well, let’s get to my meal.


I take out a piece of World Tree leaf from my bag.

Ooh, meal time. moshamosha moshamosha.

TL Notes:

* I’m keeping people saying stellar beast-sama even though it’s a bit grinding because I feel that it’s supposed to be grinding, due to the bad translation of our MC’s scouter.

** Reference to something external. No idea. Let me know in the comments if you have any idea where it’s from.

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