Muimui-tan 2-2

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Volume 2: World Tree Capture, Chapter 2: Money


“As always, you guys are meddlers. At any rate, a pansy like him would die against his first opponent.”

Hearing eyepatch-uncle’s rant, I’m not sure whether I should stay.

That’s enough already, why are they just assuming I’ll have a bad start, Is it because I’m a monster, they’re making fun of monsters!

“Calm down, Oya-san, just give over the starting gear without a fuss.”

With a sigh, eyepatch-uncle takes out a knife and a small pouch.

“This is a knife for stripping and a magic pouch.”

A few starting goods. I won’t complain. In the meantime, appraisal skill, get to appraising.


[Iron Knife]

[A knife made of iron. Often used for stripping, a reasonably sturdy knife.]


[Magic Pouch (2)]

This Magic Pouch can hold items in an extra-dimensional space. This pouch can store 2 items.]


Ah, this isn’t the cheat level magic pouch I got excited about. These preparation products, I wonder if they’re any good.

[This Magic Pouch. Can you tell me whether it’s any good?]

“Ah, I don’t mind. It currently can’t be created, so it can be considered valuable. But, it’s a lesser bag that can only put in two items is bad, and because they’re mass excavated from the dungeon, they’re common, so not worth very much.”

Eh, is that so? Mass excavated… handing out leftovers to novice adventurers. Oh~well, it must be troublesome if they use a bag that can only hold two items.

“You’ll need to register yourself as the user of the magic pouch. Touch it and say [Register]. You can’t use it without doing so.”


I immediately touch the magic pouch and say [Register]… but I can’t speak it out loud. Ah, my prayer to god was answered, it was completed, kind-of. Safe.


“Only the registered owner of the pouch can take items out of the pouch, if you need someone else to do something, use a wallet instead. Ah, also, when you’re done with it, say [Release] and select OK. If you don’t, the next user won’t be able to [Register]. Well, after you die horribly, it will [Release] on its own.”

Seriously, please don’t just assume that I’ll die. Well, certainly lots of people must enter just to get the item pouch.

“Humph, you’ve received your starting gear. Then, go do whatever. Get a quest, you can take them from the bottom of the bulletin board over there.”

As he said that, he pointed at the bulletin board next to the counter. Various boards were hanging from the board. They look like shrine plaques at a temple.


Hmm, however, this situation. From my knowledge of games, I had some expectations for how things would be, but I really have to throw my expectations away. Is this the usual for this world? I don’t understand, you adventurers, your level of atmosphere reading is too high. I just don’t know what’s happening.

“Oya-san, Oya-san, Blizzy-san hasn’t been fully filled in. Sorry Blizzy-san, Oya-san wasn’t originally in that position at the back counter, as he’s not good with people… to an extreme, he’s not used to explaining things.”

Blizzy-san…? Oh, I’m Blizzy-san. *

[Oh, Is that so.]

“Yup, that’s how it is. Regardless of Blizzy-san being a stellar beast-sama, new adventurers are rare in a remote city like this. If it makes you happy, I can be a novice trainer for you, sound good?”

Uo, by any chance am I a target for the tutors? I certainly hope so. But, that position being filled by such an asshole makes me scared… Normally, in a different world reincarnation that job is filled by something like a beautiful elf or beast eared woman, that’s the fit, right…?

[Will you tell me what a novice trainer is?]

Ah, let me introduce myself. I’m Ura. I’m a C-rank adventurer.”

C Rank, huh… I don’t want to know what rank Eyepatch-uncle is, I start as a G rank, then the ranks go up to A. A-rank is great, but I bet there’s actually an S-rank.

“So, about novice trainers, the mortality rate of adventurers is extremely high. In order to lower it, and prevent quick deaths, the guild established this system, the main characteristic of the system is that experienced adventurers pass on their knowledge of adventuring to beginners.”

Oh, I see

Not that there’s no limit on who can help, the minimum condition to teach is to be a D-rank adventurer, and the course lasts for half of a month, or until you complete three capture quests.”

Even with a time limit, a lot of survival skills can be taught in that time.

“Also, would you like to pick a quest at the moment?”

[No, today I want to rest. Also, hopefully, you can tell me where I can earn money as well as a place to stay.]

“I see, you need money first. Across the street from the adventurer’s guild is the exchange building. They dismantle monsters and various materials can be redeemed there, as well as any equipment you pick up from the dungeon.”

Eh? There’s a place that conveniently buys anything? As expected, this truly is a different world.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I enter the building I saw across the street from the guild. Ura-san has come with me.

Ah, by the way, Ura-san has short red hair, with a bandana wrapped around his forehead. He wore blue leather armor and had a blue fur something wrapped around his neck. On each of his sides are single-headed axes. Hand-axes, it seems. Really, he looks like a bandit. Though, I’ve seen blue equipment all over. Is blue a popular color in this village?

Eh, um, that’s right, back to cash.


Right inside of the building, an elvish woman stood at the counter. Uo, finally the right pattern. Moreover, it’s an elf woman, an Elf Woman. Yeah, yup, this world has forest people, but I care most about elves.

“M-Monster!? Ura-san, you tamed a magic beast?”

Ue. Being treated like a tamed monster again… I wonder if this will be a common occurrence until people start recognizing me.

“No, this person is Blizzy-san. He’s a stellar beast-sama. He just registered as an adventurer today. I took him here so he could exchange things for cash.”

Surprised by Ura-san’s words, she immediately smiled in my direction. Oh, what a professional attitude. Seriously, someone behind a counter should act this way. Suddenly saying ‘It doesn’t matter, since he’ll die right away’ like eyepatch-uncle is wrong!

“Blizzy-san, you need cash, yes? Can you show me what you want to sell?”

[Ah, I’d like to sell these…]

I say, then take out the bow and all the arrows I handmade from the World Tree.

“These are, … I’ll take these for verification.”

The counter-lady said. She then disappeared into the back. I wonder what type of workshop is in the back. While it only has one story, this is a big building. Likely in case someone brings in a dragon corpse for dismantling.

After a while, the lady came back.

“40,960 yen for the bow, 2,560 yen per arrow, a total of 289,280 yen for the 97 arrows. The grand total is 289,280 yen. Is that price acceptable?”

Still yen, huh… I don’t know if around 300,000 is a good price. I don’t think that something referred by the guild as official would want to be seen as ripping people off, though.

[Alright, I leave it to you.]

Now I’ll have some spending money, so little expenses won’t be an annoyance.

“Yes, I understand, your payment will be provided.”

As she said so, she placed on the counter… 7 small gold coins and four copper coins. Eh? Ehh? Not yen? Gold and copper coins? What is this sorcery?

“As I said, 289,280 yen, is there something wrong?

The counter lady is looking at me dubiously.

[Ah, No, I just was wondering, can I exchange a gold piece for something a bit more spendable?]

“Ah, yes, that’s fine. Will you be exchanging a single small gold coin for 8 silver coins.?”

[Yes, that’s what I’ll do.]

“Ok, we will exchange 40,960 yen.”

H-hold on a second. Why yen all of a sudden? The currency of this world are things like gold and silver coins. Yet, when the lady spoke, the subtitles keep saying ‘Yen.’


… Ah.


By some chance, the currency was being translated as well…

This, since the change was into yen, I didn’t realize. From what I’ve seen, a small gold coin is worth 40,960 yen. One small gold is worth 8 silver, so a silver is worth 5,120 yen. Four copper is 2,560 yen, so one is 640… Uhe~e, I got tired from thinking useless things.

Really, I wish this had been explained. The subtitles I see only say yen, will i have to do that every time I spend or trade money? Fu~, so inconvenient. I’m begging you, upgrade the translation function.


I was able to get money from the exchange office. Honestly, I can see a lot of frustration in my future.



TL Notes:

* Wordplay is occurring here, they’ve shortened King of blizzards to one character, which would have meant the storm part of blizzard, but they use the wrong pronunciation/character so that it means orchid. They’re more or less calling him a flower. It’s a little thing which is amusing, but not more important than the understanding of what’s happening, so the meaning of that whole shebang will stay down here.

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