Muimui-tan 2-4

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Volume 2: World Tree Capture, Chapter 4: Meal Time


I wake up and see… a strange ceiling… Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


I open up the wooden windows and take a look outside. Iya, it’s still dim outside. A lot of time left until noon. I woke up too early.

I suppose I should get breakfast, then. It’s time to take the challenge of the first non-leaf meal. If I eat now, even if I get sick, I should be fine by noon.

I get to the first floor and the innkeeper is already behind the counter.

“Oh, what’s this. Is everything alright?”

“[Yeah, I was thinking of getting something to eat.]”

“Fu~, I see. Just in case you don’t remember, let me remind you, your charges covered two meals, three meals will cost an extra fee.”

“[Yes, I understand.]”

I see. Having only two meals in a day is commonplace in this world.

The innkeeper asked me to choose two things, such as soup or round bread.

“Will you eat at a table, or in your room?”
“[I’ll eat in in my room.]”

“Ok, your dish will be at the counter for you to pick up in a bit. But, will you be able to properly bring it up to your room?”

Hahaha. With my Dora*mon arms, there’s no need to worry. A container of that degree will be no problem!

With a bowl of some sort of soup in my right hand and a dish with a piece of bread riding my left hand, I go up the stairs *NosshiNosshi*… The door won’t open!?

Just kidding. Using [Thread Spit], I shoot thread into the keyhole and turn the key on the other side of the lock. Really, I feel like that’s what I use to handle dextrous things.


I enter the room, it’s time to try real food.


First, the soup. Something like taro and meat are floating in it. I try out the taro-like things. *GoriGori* It tastes like taro, though a little sweet. I then try out the meat. It’s a little sinew-ey, but it’s similar to soft boiled chicken in taste. Overall, pretty bland, oh well, at least I can eat at all. Or rather, I have a sense of taste in this body, hooray! Thank god. I’m very glad about that. Honestly, I was worried about not knowing what to eat or not. But, I can now eat all the foods I enjoy!


Next is the round bread. I bite into it. It collapses like a crisp cracker. It’s powdery, and not at all tasty! What is this. Maybe it’s supposed to be eaten while dipped in the soup, I thought, but when I dipped it in, it only made it easier to eat, not tastier. This can’t be what people eat. Oh well, I just noticed, this mock bread caused a swelling of my stomach. Ah, the soup was decent, but I’m supposed to fill my stomach with a mass of starch, I see.


My final rating: The soup, when eaten normally is bland. The bread is on the same level as nutrition tablets. It will be a little tough to eat this every day.


I bring out my weak magic pouch, to decide what to put in it. For the time being, I put four small gold coins in the pouch, the rest of the silver coins in my handmade bag, and the last slot will be filled by the status plate [Black]. That’s probably the best way to sort my valuable things.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I came out of the inn before noon. There’s somewhere I should stop by as soon as possible. First, I buy a backpack from the street stalls. I bought a large one made of leather for two silver coins, which seemed like a good price. Let’s hope I have a long relationship with this bag.


I stopped by a clothing store next. Hopefully, I’d be able to receive my clothes.

“[Sorry to intrude.]”

“Ah, dear customer, we were looking forward to your arrival. Are you here for your clothes. Do you wish to try them on here?”

“[Yes, I want to wear them immediately.]”

“Yes, come on in, there is a fitting room in the back.”

I was guided to the fitting room. It’s about the size of a four and a half mat room. H-hey, this is larger than the room I lived in when I was poor… why is this fitting room so wide!

Oh well, let’s look through the clothes. First of all, the hemp vest. It’s meant to be worn only on the upper body and seems gentlemanly.

I next put on the hemp gown. The front doesn’t have any ties or buttons. Honestly, I have no idea how to wear this, but I shouldn’t mind it. When I draped it over me, my mind felt cooler…. But frankly, I don’t know why they called it a gown, it’s more of a coat.

“[U~m, do you sell something like a coat?]”

“Yes, we have coats. Waterproof, damage resistance cloaks are popular with adventurers.”

Oh, there are. Furthermore, them giving a magical effect. What’s up with that, why not just recommend that to me from the start.

“[U-um, why didn’t you tell me about that the first time?]”

“In your case, with a coat, the tailoring required would be too much. Just think of all the sleeves… since that was the case, I thought someone such as you wouldn’t want the trouble. However, we assumed that you wanted a gown to cover from the vest down.”




I see now. I hadn’t considered the reworking of clothes. The things that I can actually wear are limited. I see cloaks and stoles in my future.

“[Sorry, how much will the gown and vest I’m wearing cost.]”

“Yes sir, it will be 7,680 yen, thank you.”

I toss two silver coins over, he catches them.

“[By the way, this outfit isn’t blue.]”

“Yes, I see. Many individuals around here wear blue. I didn’t think you cared. Their clothes being blue isn’t a fashion statement, those clothes grant the attributes of water when worn.”

Eh, was that the case? Was that some common sense I missed? Uwa, did I just ask an embarrassing question?

“[I-I see]”

“Yes, since you were saying your were a magic user, I recommended clothes that would grant you an increase on that front, such as the silver threaded one.”

I will definitely be buying the silver threaded equipment, once I have the money…


After I finished my morning errands, the sun was directly overhead. I hurried towards the adventurer’s guild.

App Note: Bad news everyone: I can’t take translating this author any more. Fixing a grammatical error or two is not an issue, but when the author consistently forgets to put quotes around their character’s speech, or other important punctuation, it just costs me time and frustration. I still enjoy the story and don’t have any time constraints causing this drop, I just can’t translate this author any more.



Volume 2, Chapter 5 will be the final chapter I release, if any enterprising fan wishes to pick up the translation, I leave it to them with my blessing.

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  1. Random Internet User (tm) says:

    Thank you kindly for the chapter.

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    Thanks for your hard work!

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    Why didn’t he think of selling his string to the clothes shop?

  4. It was an admirable fight. but time will reveal all in the end. thanks for the effort.

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    i understand if we quit doing it if the auther is that bad

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    Yeah, I can see why you wouldn’t want to try to continue translating if the author’s grasp of Punctuation And Why It Matters is that poor. Thanks for your work to date!

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    I’m surprised this is a difficult series to translate, since it’s mostly intelligible if not exactly pretty to look by using MTL. That said, the door unlocking/opening scene isn’t quite correct. He uses one thread to insert the key in the keyhole and another to open the door.

    In any case, thanks for the attempt, and good luck in any further endeavors.

    It’s a weird series, eventually Ran turns into a business mogul, but it’s mostly due to his subordinates, which he acquires practically by chance. Mostly the focus is on the labyrinths, and Ran gets a number of power ups. Interestingly, fairly early on he gets a massive power down, which isn’t recovered from entirely until much later in the series (around the business mogul bit). There’s a good bit of mystery for the nature of the world and the races that live in it as well. It one of those reincarnation series where the past life has little to no relevance, outside of Ran knowing he used to be a modern-day human. The supporting cast is changed up frequently, not due to death, but to people going on their separate ways and occasionally rejoining later.

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      Oh, I agree that I could probably do an *acceptable* job by just looking at it, but I’m a perfectionist with a hint of obsessive organizational tenancies. Me being able to understand and translate something and me bearing to read it are mutually exclusive. I’m sure that the internet holds many more amazing EN web novels, but I only follow three and have completed four, due to this issue.

      Translated novels mostly don’t have this issue unless the translator is non-native and has no editor to support them.
      “opinion-size-age-shape-color-origin-material-purpose Noun” is imperative and is a big reason it’s so hard to pick up real English, even for people who were raised with it natively.

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    I thank you even for the attempt though, and for your Note on the end gives us distinct reasons why it is discontinued.

  9. Soooo, does this mean I can translate this of my own initiative??? GREAT! 2-5 here:

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