Muimui-tan 2-1

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Volume 2: World Tree Capture, Chapter 1: Adventurer’s Guild

After a while, once we had gone deep into the forest, the trees thinned out and we could see layered walls three times my own height.

The wall seems to go on as far as I could see. The wall’s height and the layers are probably necessary to keep savage beasts out.

At the entrance there was a man equipped like a gatekeeper. Ah, he’s not an elf; it seems some normal humans live here. For the time being, let’s appraise him:


[Name: Haga Bein] [Race: Common Human]


Hmm, I wonder if the Common Human is just what I’d call “human?”


Shirone-san said to the gatekeeper:

“Long time no see. May I come into the village? Also…”

“S-sure, go ahead. Um. What’s that magic beast behind you? Did you really tame that thing? … There are much better monsters out there to tame…”

“Mufu, no, rather than say I tamed it…”

Shirone-san looks my way. I wonder if it’s better if I say it myself.

[I am called King of Blizzards. I’m a stellar beast looking to become an adventurer.]

Shirone-san has an [Eh?] look on her face. Oh, was speaking no good? Or should I have not said I wanted to be an adventurer.

The gatekeeper’s face was blank for a moment, but his face quickly becomes serious.

“Ah, a Stellar Beast-sama. Well then, I’ll just work like normal. Please present your status plate. If you do not have one, 15,360 Yen will do.”

Eh? It costs money to enter the town? Wait, what… did he say Yen? Is the Yen the currency here? Or rather, right now, I don’t even have a single yen.


Oh, I already had a status plate~


I show the status plate to the gatekeeper.

“Ah, I see, your status plate has been confirmed, Stellar Beast-sama. Welcome to Suiro Village.”

Really, being called Stellar Beast [Sama], I really don’t think I deserve that much respect. Perhaps, Stellar-Beast-Sama is only a single word in their language and the monocle of wisdom is converting strangely on its own.


Once we entered Suiro Village, Shirone-san stops walking and turns back to face me.

“Allow me to say the same as Haga-san. Welcome to Suirou Village.”

She said with an extraordinary smile on her face.

“Mufu. When he heard that you wanted to become an adventure, he was a little surprised.”

Ah, so that’s what surprised him back there.

“Well then, if you look straight down this road, you should see a large white building, that’s the Adventurer’s Guild.”

She said while pointing at a large white building down the street. Throughout the street, most of the buildings were made of wood or packed earth, but the guild building was made of stone.

[I understand. Thank you.]

“Yes, with this help, I’ve returned the favor. Well then, I have somewhere to go, also, if fate should have us cross paths once again, make sure to say hello”

Eh? S-she sounds a little too serious. This kind of promise to adventure together, that was just the translation from this world’s language; it wasn’t that kind of development was it?

I was thinking while Shinone-san walked away. I was left alone, in a different world, in a human town. Right, I’m not a humanoid…~…!


I attempt to move down the street so as to not draw any attention. I imagined that an elven village would be built on top of trees, but it wasn’t so. Call me disappointed.

The larger buildings are made of wood, but some earthen walled ones are visible to an extent. Looks like some buildings that were made of earth walls originally have had wooden ones put up to make them look new. The street has people spread throughout, selling things like fruit from stalls and on top of mats, and everyone looked to be in a hurry.

Walking around were not just elves, but plenty of ordinary humans.


W-wait, just now, did I just see nekomimi*!?


Oh, there are nekomimi in this place. The nekomimi person had gone off somewhere before I could use appraisal on it. Uwaa, I wanted to meet them… at any rate, to the Adventurer’s Guild. Wherever he went, that nekomimi had a large halberd handing on his back, I wonder if it was an adventurer?


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I enter the Adventurer’s Guild.


In the back of the guild, there’s a counter, and some round tables have been placed around. Feels like a tavern. There seem to be a few adventurers here. Voices flew by. Although I heard them, I can’t know what they said without reading the subtitles on the bottom right.

“OiOi, a magical beast has come into the adventurer’s guild!”

Crud muffins.** A common template for a first entrance… is what you’d think about this development, but for them I’m just a monster. I-I have to explain myself quickly, or else I’ll be hunted. That guy from before who raised his voice took out his weapon. B-bad.


Says a loud voice. The voice came from behind the round tables. Hearing the voice, the man put away his weapon. … Seems like there’s a great person in the back.

“We have a barrier against wild magic beasts, there’s no reason for one to be in this village. Think about it you all.”

As soon as he heard that, the man with the weapon said “I’m sorry, big bro.” This, I’m really not his big bro in any sense of the phrase. I don’t know what to say.

[I’m a stellar beast by the name of King of Blizzards. I came here to become an adventurer.]

After they hear it, everyone in the guild made a surprised face.

“Ah, I heard sounds in my head, must be a telepathic communication skill. I thought for sure that a tamed beast had escaped. Is there even such a creature as this…?”

I ignore the surprised people who had called me big bro and walk ~noshi-noshi~ to the counter.

Yup, I really do walk slowly.

[I want to be an adventurer…]

“Uh-huh, Telepathy skills, eh. It’s surprising when it’s so sudden.”

In front of my eyes is a bald, rugged old uncle with a black eye patch over one eye. No, a guild staff person behind the counter should be a beauty or something … The heck is this.

[Do you know about telepathy skills?]

“Well, the people here aren’t likely to know how to use it, but on the mainland, while I was in the Heavenly Dragon party, we used it to talk to each other, just in case.”

The Heavenly Dragon party, yes? Are they of the human race or the dragon race? That’s very important.

“So, you want to be an adventurer. Do you have a status plate? If not, I’ll give you an examination test.”

[Here’s the status plate.]

I take out the status plate (black) from the bag, and pass it to him.

“Oh, what’s this? This is the first black status plate I’ve seen. Hmm, you want to join. Give me that.”

The uncle says as he enters the door behind the counter with my status plate (black). This guy, he’s not running away with it, is he.

The people around have lost interest in me, so various talks restart around the round tables. I saw people writing about random things like bandits or spiders.

After a while, the old man comes out of the back door.

“Hey, here you go. Make sure you bring it back often to update the data.”

Update?  Surely he doesn’t mean update like a PC?

“With this, you’re a G-rank adventurer. Well, good luck, and, I will not be taking any questions.”

[Eh? I have questions though…]

“I said I won’t take questions, didn’t I.”

No no no, that’s absurd.
I don’t know anything about adventurers; I have so many additional questions I need to know…

“Oi Oi, Oya-san, that’s really unreasonable. You’re even not giving it the adventurer preparation kit.”

Said the man who called me big bro earlier. Ah, he’s still here.

TL Notes:

* Google it if you don’t know it. Translating it to English can only detract from the meaning.


** Any and all swearing (even the mundane ones) done by the blue caterpillar of cuteness will be reduced to Mormon-esque levels of political correctness. Not because I care about offending people, but because it amuses the hell out of me to come up with new, equally accurate translations. My goal will be to never translate a swear-word the same, and I expect you all to hold me to that and give suggestions for the next swears.

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