Muimui-tan Prologue 1-6

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1 – 6 The Story Begins


“So that makes you Stormy.”
……What? At first, I didn’t catch that she was talking about my name.
“Mufu-, w-was I mistaken?”
<N, no, it’s fine.>
W-wait a minute, that “mufu-” bit from before was displayed at the start on almost all of this girl’s subtitles. However, I didn’t get the feeling that she was actually saying “mufu-.” What could it be translating? Ah, if only I could understand her language.
<B-by the way, if it’s alright with you, there’s a lot of things I’d like you to teach me. Is that okay?>
“S-sure. If it’s something I can answer……?”

Then, first up is……,
<I’d like you to tell me about this world.>
“T-the world? Is that…… something to do with religion?”
Uu, the question was too broad, huh. First I’d like to know what this is, but, hmm.
<Is there a human settlement nearby or perhaps a place where you’re able to do shopping, eat, and other things?>
“Mufu-, I see. I have somehow or other understood the meaning of what you want to ask. This is an island country known as the Great Forest of Nahan. Where we are right now is one of the eight Great Labyrinths the Labyrinth King made, the World Tree. There are sixteen clans in the Great Forest of Nahan and sixteen villages, the closest one from here being the village of Swilow. If you wish to obtain a class, it would be fine if you went to a village with the distance of about two days northeast from here, Fuurou. If I’m not mistaken, what you want to know is this sort of stuff?.”

<A, ah……>

“Ah, I almost forgot, if I say the village Swilow, since my name is Swilow, there is a large number of people who misunderstand, but there is also a particularly large number of people from the continent, but all the treefolk born in the village of Swilow are given the name Swilow. So, it means that I was born in Swilow. The village of Swilow has an adventurer’s guild and such, and it’s not an exaggeration to call it the fastest developing in the great forest of Nahan. Really, it’s the to the extent that calling it a town would be better.”

<A, ah……>
T, this girl’s momentum is too strong. It seems like I’ll have my hands full just reading the characters. T, the log is flowing by. Even so, I’m thankful that she properly understands, guesses, and answers to me the things I want to ask.
<B, by the way, when you say class……,>
“Mufu-, that’s right. Does Stormy have a class? A class is something close to an occupation, but isn’t used for finding employment. It’s something that helps gain skills and status correction. By the way, I have the class [Hunter]. [Hunter] is a derivative of the [Archer] class. It has a lot of skills useful to an adventurer, so not just as a main, the number of adventurers taking it as a subclass is large. The [Archer] class itself can be obtained at the village of Fuurou that I mentioned just before. Do you understand with this explanation?”

<I, it’s fine, I, I understand, yes.>
“The stuff you wanted to ask was about this much, right? Really, information has a large value, so I don’t often share it, but I’ll share it since you saved my life. When at the village, if you ask about this and that, your credibility will start to fall.”

<By the way, would it be fine if I entered your village?>
“Mufu-, at the point that I had talked about what is performed at the village I want you to understand, but……, well, to answer, probably, I think it’ll be fine. In regards to that, we’ll know if we go.”

<L, lastly, you did well to survive at the bottom of a pitfall, huh?>
“Really, you like to ask a lot. Well, to answer your question, it’s this.”

―― [Create Food] ――

A blackish mass is born in Syrone-san’s right hand. Is that Caloriemate!?

“The other is this.”

―― [Summon Aqua] ――

This time an orb of water floated above the palm of her left hand.

“Wood magic, Create Food. It has that sort of appearance, lacking the color of food—but by eating it, you can obtain a certain amount of nutrition. Well, it’s very, very unpleasant, so I really did not want to eat it for as long as possible. Afterwards, I can retain moisture by water magic’s Summon Aqua, but whether it’s because this magic’s water is made of magic, it doesn’t fend against dehydration as well as real water, so you’ll die eventually. Also the magic, Clean.”
I see, so there’s such a magic. And the magic, Clean, is probably that. Rather, magic is all-purpose.

“Fuu. At this rate exploration seems impossible, so I think I’ll return to my village temporarily, but if you’d like, will you come together?”
Oh, this is something I couldn’t have even wished for. Being able to go to a village with someone who know this world is really helpful.
<Of course, I wish to.>
“Well then, let’s go back through the World Tree’s labyrinth together.”
<I want to ask one thing. It’s not mistaken that the village is at the base of this World Tree, right? It’s not as if it’s within the World Tree.>
“Of course.”
<Then, there’s a shortcut.>
“Mufu-, as expected of an esteemed Stellar Beast of the World Tree.”
<It’s a bit of an unpleasant path, but is that fine?>
“I wish to return to the village quickly, so if there’s no danger to my life, anything-”
“Well then, pardon me.”
I spit out a thread, grabbed Syrone and put her on my back, and tied her so she wouldn’t fall off. I then continued to throw out a thread and move at high speed. I heard a scream like, “gyoe-,” that was unbecoming of a lady, but I put it out of my mind.
I continued like this until we reached my home leaf.
“Wa, d, d, don’t tell me, from here?”
I won’t let her finish speaking. I jumped down from the leaf.

Goodbye, my home.

I can see some subtitles like, “I’ll die, I’ll die,” but I don’t worry about it. Probably, the subtitles picked up the sound of the wind as a voice. Sometimes, I fire a thread at the trunk and apply deceleration. Whenever I apply deceleration, I get the feeling I see the words, “Mugyuu,” or, “My intestines are going to come out.”

Due to my efforts, we touch down on the ground in an instant. My first time on land.

“I, I thought I wahs going to die, ha, hahiu.”
Syrone-san’s breath is ragged. Well, I think she was able to enjoy it with the sensation of a jet coaster.
<Well then, would it be fine if I have you guide me around the village of Syrone?>
“W, wait, a bit. I’ll adjust my breathing, u, uu, this is horrible.”

Now, human civilization…… . How should I say it, it’s a scene where phrases like “The real fight is from here on,” or, “My story has just started,” pop up.

Well, this other world’s? Real stage……, really starts from here.
Name: King of the Ice Storm

Current Money: 0
Guild Rank : None
GP : 0
MSP : 0

Race: Dire Crawler Race Level: 1
Racial EXP 0/1000

Class: None
Class EXP 0/-

HP: 100/100
SP: 810/810
MP: 1620/1620

Strength (corrected): 4
Stamina (corrected): 2
Agility (corrected): 0
Spirit (corrected): 1

Acquired Skills: Intermediate Analysis (Monocle of Wisdom), String Shot: Proficiency 6446
Class Skills: None
Sub Skills 1: Flight
Hover LV0 (0/10)
Kinesis LV0 (0/80) Requires Hover LV2
Flight LV0 (0/300) Requires Hover LV4, Kinesis LV1
Hyper Perception LV0 (0/100) Requires Flight LV1

Acquired Attributes: Water: Proficiency 312, Wind: Proficiency 312
Acquired Magic: ice Needle: Proficiency 100, Ice Ball: Proficiency: 524

Equipment: Handmade World Tree Bow, World Tree Arrows x97, Handmade bag (S)
Belongings: Status Screen (Black), Monocle of Wisdom, World Tree Leaf Fragments x93

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