MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 6.5

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Volume 1 Chapter 6.5 – Interval #2

The freshman reception area was located just in front of the administration building. Therefore, the progress of the student admissions could clearly be seen from on top of the administration building. The young professor was standing at his window in front of his desk, as if quietly waiting for something.

He was the one who argued aggressively and was determined to help Ouyang Tao gain admission. He also became his guardian and voluntarily became his guidance teacher. He was the Professor Lu who would be in charge of Ouyang Tao’s studies for the next six years.

Despite assuring the Council that he would be his guardian, the young professor was still nervous. After all, this was a huge responsibility, so he was anxious to find out what the commoner student was like.

“He’s here……” Finally, the young professor saw the new student who headed towards the Mechanical Engineering department.

The Mechanical Engineering department had only admitted five students this year and the other four were granted entry much earlier. This was not weird because Augustus Academy’s three special department’s recruitment was usually done in this way. Naturally, there was a reason for doing it in this manner.

Every year, the professors of the three special departments go all around the country to find and invite talents who satisfied the requirements for the courses. Granting admission was only decided after numerous examinations and investigations.

Among the three, the Mechanical Engineering department’s recruitment was even more strict. On the outside, commoners also had the right to take the examination. However, the entry requirement was too strict and usually, only a few members of the larger nobility families around the country were accepted. This was because a Mechanical Engineering mage was also a Battle mage.

The youth’s professor felt that he did not know what kind of field he was getting himself into. From his actions and expressions, he probably did not have any experience in combat. He even looked slightly silly.

The young professor gently shook his head: “Tsk tsk….. Looks like this won’t be easy.”

However, he had a sense of familiarity towards the youth. He felt as if he had known him before…… As if he was someone from his memory, an important person.

The young professor picked up a photo from his work desk. It was a photo from ten years ago that he took with someone. That person was a middle aged man that was past fifty. His appearance was similar to that of Ouyang Tao. Both people in the photo wore the dark purple professor robe —— it was a photo of when he became the youngest professor in Augustus. Taken with his guidance teacher, their first and last photo together.

His guidance instructor, was the genius Mechanical Engineering magician who entered Augustus Academy as a commoner fifty years ago. His talent was outstanding and he seemed to be much ahead of his entire generation. His field of research was also beyond the reach of the normal students as he selected the peak of all techniques —— the legendary lost technology that could rival the divine beings.

However, the genius professor suddenly left the academy ten years ago. He met with a disaster at sea a few years later and his entire family died at sea.

The young professor always felt that this could never be a simple coincidence or accident. It must have been the deliberate work of malicious people

An important educational giant and attacking force just passed away like that, and the government was exceptionally simple about it. They immediately classified it as an accident and brushed it off like this. This made it even more suspicious to the young professor.

“Professor, no matter who it is or why they did it, I will definitely uncover the truth!”

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