MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 7

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Volume 1 Chapter 7 New Dormitory, Old Seniors

“This is your bedroom. Here are your keys and key card. The welcome dinner is at 6 pm. Be sure to wear your school uniform and badge. Don’t be late.”

“Got it. Thanks Senior.” After thanking the senior who led the way, Ouyang Xue entered her new bedroom.

It was a very spacious single bedroom. It was around thirty to forty metres square, had a balcony, a toilet with bathing facilities and common household electronics such as an air conditioner and a water heater. There was also a small area separated by a wall meant for training purposes.

The single bed was equipped with a matching blanket and a mosquito net. By the bed was a small drawer for placing personal stuff. A bookshelf and writing table was at the end of the bed. Textbooks and stationery were placed neatly on the bookshelf. On the table, there was even a multipurpose crystal ball (can be thought of as a multipurpose laptop) and a short wand —— these were the two things that Ouyang Xue had always wanted, as they were standard equipment for an elemental magician.

When opening the wardrobe beside the bookshelf, a complete set of daily necessities were all readily available; its interior had three sets of school and army uniform provided for winter, summer and autumn. Although she did not know what the army uniform was for, but needless to say, the living conditions here were extremely generous to Ouyang Xue.

“No wonder it’s the top magic academy, this is so amazing!” Ouyang Xue jumped in excitement. She no longer needed to endure the harsh sun and cold winds during training, no longer had to study in the dim light of the old stone lamp, and no longer had to toss and turn on the tough board that was hard to sleep in.

With such a good environment, she believed that she could wholeheartedly concentrate on her studies to obtain even better results.

Nevertheless, Ouyang Xue naturally thought of her brother: “Don’t know how is it at big brother’s place.”

On the other side, while chatting with the leading student about the conditions of the school, Ouyang Tao soon arrived in front of his dormitory.

“Here you are, this is your dormitory, Special Zone No. 6. It’s a four man apartment. Other than you, there are only two others currently staying here. They are both your seniors in their second course. Here’s your dormitory key and key card. The welcome dinner is at six in the hall. Wear your uniform and pin your school badge. Be early. Well, that’s all. Bye.”

The leading student skillfully delivered the instructions and gave a bow before turning around to leave. Ouyang Tao stopped him and pointed at the dormitory and asked: “Wait wait, This…… What is this?”

“What’s wrong?”

“This is a dormitory? From what I see, it looks more like a villa.” That’s right, the so-called special zone was actually a villa zone. Inside were three storied baroque style bungalows with a small yard, garage, horse stable and a rooftop balcony. Ouyang Tao even saw workers trimming the grass in the yard.

Ouyang Tao had actually already noticed the villas initially. He originally thought it was for the nobles or people who wield power in the academy. Never did he think that it was a student dormitory and that he had a spot in it.

“Yeah, the dormitories in the special zones are all like that. Are you not satisfied?”

“No…. That is….” It was far too grand! Ouyang Tao wanted to scream it out loud, but still managed to maintain his composure. “Why…. Why are the dormitories here different from those in the normal zones?”

“The special zone is only for those in the three special departments and graduate students. Of course it’s different.”

“Why is it different then?”

“About this…. Hehe, I’m also not too sure about it.”

Ouyang Tao could tell that this skinny senior, who was speaking to him with respect, actually knew the reason but couldn’t say it. Therefore he stopped pursuing the matter: “Okay. Thanks anyway.”

“No problem, it’s part of my job. Bye.”

The student who led the way had already left, but Ouyang Tao still had not entered the dormitory. Was this really his residential area? He was very suspicious.

After hesitating for a long awhile, Ouyang Tao finally inhaled deeply and bravely use his key card to open the gate —— It opened! That proved that he was in the right place

As a result, Ouyang gathered his courage and slowly walked towards the door. He took out his keys to open the door.

Once his opened the door, he saw a scantily clad blonde female who was tall and had a hot figure leaning on the wall near the entrance to the house. She was sucking on a lollipop. She raised the corner of her mouth to smile and greeted Ouyang Tao: “Yo~ Waited very long for you, the fresh little meat that just arrived.”

Ouyang Tao’s reaction was……

“Sorry, wrong place.” He closed the door immediately and hastily stopped his nosebleed with his left hand —— the situation was too stimulating and he was unable to control it.

“What wrong place, don’t be shy and come in.”

“Eh, wait a minute, I……”

The next moment, the door opened and the woman dragged Ouyang Tao into the room by the collar. She did it without any explanation and just dragged him and his luggage along.

The woman’s build was comparable to Ouyang Tao’s and she had great strength. Ouyang Tao did not even have any energy to retaliate and was forcefully dragged to the living room.

He felt extremely embarrassed about what she was wearing —— she merely wore a short sleeved shirt over her bra. Not only that, she didn’t even button up her shirt. From his current position, when looking forty five degrees downwards, the sight of it being there and then not, turned him on more than her being nude. In particular, the trembling of her large shaking boobs nearly caused Ouyang Tao’s nosebleed to gush out.

Arriving at the living room, the woman finally let go of Ouyang Tao and called to another person in the house: “Chen Feng, our cute little junior is finally here.”

In the living room, a man in a white priest robe was meditating cross-legged with his back to Ouyang Tao. He was repeatedly hitting something using the small metal rod in his hand. Hearing the call, he slowly stood up, nodded in acknowledgement towards Ouyang Tao, before turning to glare back to the woman.

“Hehe. Sorry, but this junior is really too shy. He actually stood for so long outside before coming in. That’s why, hehe…..” The woman giggled as she explained.

“Fine fine, I apologise.” The man called Chen Feng did not say anything but merely stared at the woman. It was as if she understood what he wanted. Reluctantly, she turned around, scratched her head, and apologised to Ouyang Tao: “Sorry junior, hope I didn’t scare you just now.”

“Uhh…. It’s…. It’s okay……” After cooling down for a while, Ouyang Tao roughly understood the situation —— these two were probably the ones staying with him in the dormitory; the two graduate students.

The so-called graduate students are students who have already graduated but performed outstandingly. They’re then given a choice to re-enroll for further education and training. In other words, they are many batches the senior of Ouyang Tao.

Gathering his composure, Ouyang Tao began his introduction: “I’m Ouyang Tao from the Mechanical Engineering department. How do I address you seniors?”

“Monica, Feral Beasts graduate student.” The woman said. She shook Ouyang Tao’s hands and continued: “From today onwards we’re roommates. I’m not sure how your meat would taste.”

“Err……” Ouyang Tao appeared to be a bit scared.

“Haha, I’m just kidding.”

Although she said that, Ouyang Tao felt that she wasn’t joking when she said it just now. Monica’s expression was like a beast looking at its prey.

The Feral Beasts department absorbs the energy of other living things to strengthen their own magic. They mainly specialise in shape-shifting and body enhancements.

Because the magic of Feral Beasts would affect one’s personality, therefore, Feral Beast Magicians tend to have a kind of primitive and wild temperament and personality —— although that was a rumour, judging from what he saw now, this female senior in front of him was likely affected by it.

However, all Ouyang Tao wished for was for this stunningly beautiful senior to at least button up her shirt. He didn’t know where he should look.

After that, the man named Chen Feng walked up and shook Ouyang Tao’s hand. However, he still remained silent.

Compared to the sexy and passionate Monica, Chen Feng face bore no expression. He appeared to be as calm as a mountain, and gave off a very dependable feeling —— even if the fact that he did not speak was a bit scary.

Ouyang Tao observed that Chen Feng’s forefinger and middle finger were different from ordinary people. They were exceptionally thick; nearly three times as thick as a normal human’s finger. His other hand was the same. After shaking hands, he continued to use the metal rods in his hand to repeatedly hit those two fingers.

“I’ll do the introduction. Chen Feng is my good friend. He’s a graduate student in the Magical Swordsmanship department. He can’t speak because of an injury, but he’s a good guy.” Said Monica who was as the side.

No wonder Chen Feng didn’t speak. However, the fact that Monica could understand what Chen Feng wanted to say made people wonder.

At this time, Ouyang Tao suddenly felt that he should’ve brought a gift for their first meeting. However he did not prepare anything. Thinking hard, he opened his bag and brought out a few coconuts. “That…. I…. Did not prepare…. Just a few coconuts….”

To bring out a few coconuts as a gift for his seniors at such a high-class villa; Ouyang Tao knew that it seemed a bit shabby.

However, Monica did not mind: “Eh, first time seeing such a polite mechanical engineering student. Well, I’m a little thirsty anyway. Thanks.” She nonchalantly picked a coconut and pinched at the coconut with one hand. The entire coconut smashed into pieces. As a result, she didn’t get to drink the juice and even made a mess of the floor. “Aiya, I used too much strength.”

Watching from the side, Chen Feng shook his head. He also picked up a coconut; holding it with his left hand, he raised his right arm. *Pachaaa* His right forefinger and middle finger made a hole in the coconut. Then, he passed it to Monica.

“Hehe, that was embarrassing. Well, I’ll help myself.”

Chen Feng then looked at Ouyang Tao. It was as if he was apologising and was asking for another one.

“Ahh, sure, go ahead.” Ouyang Tao did not know why but he actually replied.

That piqued Monica’s interest and she laughed: “Wow, looks like you can understand Chen Feng from his eyes too.”

“No, the abilities that you two seniors possess are what’s amazing.”

Without a need to use any magic; to merely use physical strength to crush a coconut with a pinch and to poke a hole through a coconut with a finger. This was not just a few days of training,

Ouyang Tao thought to himself, no wonder this is the top magic academy in the country. There’s quite a few of talents here.

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