MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 32

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Volume 1 Chapter 32 – I Really Hoped That It Wasn’t You

After separating with Ouyang Tao, Tia felt very irritated.

Even though he was clearly an opponent, when she heard that he was missing after being attacked again at the hospital, Tia was upset for quite a while —— Don’t misunderstand, this was because she had finally found a worthy opponent after a long time and was prepared to fight him once again. If he suddenly met with such a mishap, wouldn’t her preparations have been for naught?

But when she found out that Ouyang Tao was fine, she could not cheer up at all. Instead she became angry: “He actually treated our match so lightly…… Detestable……”

Although Tia could complain like this when she was alone, when facing him, she couldn’t do it. That was because what Ouyang Tao had said was true.

Didn’t it mean that the ones who were petty and could not see the big picture was her and most of the other Mechanical Engineering students? This dealt a blow to Tia’s pride and honour as a member of a noble family.

Then, a silver haired young girl slowly walked towards her. She had her head held low, and look very sad. Both her eyes were red and puffy. Obviously, she had cried very badly. As she walked towards Tia, Tia found her to be very familiar…… AHH, that’s right, she was at the hospital the day before. She should be Ouyang Tao’s sister.

Seeing how the young girl looked, she probably didn’t know that her brother was fine. Tia started to complain in her heart once again. That jerk, once he was safe, he started to work again. Did he not even bother to inform his family beforehand?

As she was about to walk past Tia, she called out to her: “Young lady, are you Ouyang Tao’s sister?”

“Ehhh?” Hearing this, she immediately stopped and looked at Tia confusingly “You are? You went to visit brother yesterday right……”

“It’s not important who I am, your brother is at the the No. 4 sports arena. He said he was waiting for someone.”

“Eh? Real…… Really?” Hearing this news, Ouyang Xue was both surprised and ecstatic “Wasn’t brother…… He……”

“Yeah, when I saw him at the weapon testing ground, I was shocked as well. It seems like someone saved him from the hospital yesterday. He looked alright.”

“Wahhh, that’s great!” Hearing this, Ouyang Xue immediately shed tears of joy and jumped in elation: “That’s right. Big sis, what’s your name?”

“I’m Tia.”

“Thank you senior Tia. Then I’m off to find my brother.” As she finished talking, she sprinted towards the direction Tia talked about.

Such an innocent and lively sister, so much cuter than Ouyang Tao. Tia thought as she continued walking.

Unknown to Tia, something awaited her in front.

Placing the automated pushcart filled with weapon to his side, Ouyang Tao sat cross-legged at the sports arena, and ate the dried rations in his hands as he waited for the arrival of the masked man —— If he was who Ouyang Tao thought it was, he would definitely appear again.

Despite already making all the preparations he could possibly make, he was still very nervous —— This was not a guidance match, if he failed, he really would die.

“No, that won’t happen. I must live, I promised Zhao Yuehan senior……” Ouyang Tao kept this in his mind, using it to encourage himself.

Just at that time, a voice made him lose all thought of battle.


“EH? Ah Xue? WAHHH —— !” Ouyang Xue didn’t say much as she sprinted towards Ouyang Tao and violently pounced on him, making him collapse onto the ground.

“Bro, Why…… Why didn’t you tell me that you were fine…… Where have you been…… Uuu……” Ouyang Xue laid on her brother’s chest and cried as her fist continuously beat on Ouyang Tao’s body, partly reprimanding him but more so due to her agitation.

Ouyang Tao felt equally broken hearted as well. These past two days, his sister had been crying for him in worry. He had never seen his sister so sad before.

“Okay okay, it’s all my fault. I should have told you immediately.” Ouyang Tao lost any mood to face the masked man as he continued to console his sister, “Have you eaten?”


Facing such a situation, Ouyang Tao employed his usual tactic of using food as temptation: “Then let me cook your favourite seafood fried rice ok?

“No, I don’t want to eat.” However this time, the temptation of food failed. Ouyang Xue just hugged her brother tightly, “Bro, don’t leave me ever again alright?”

“Mn. I won’t, I definitely won’t……” Ouyang Tao smiled bitterly as he gently caressed his sister’s back to gradually calm her down.

After a while, Ouyang Xue finally calmed down, but no matter what she did not want to leave her brother again. Therefore, Ouyang Tao could only let her stay with him for one night.

One had to admire the work of Augustus Academy’s repair team; Ouyang Tao’s dormitory had already returned to its original form. However, just as Ouyang Tao was about to enter his dormitory, a loud explosion was heard not far away. Flames blaze from the doors and windows around the dormitory.

“Careful!” Ouyang Tao immediately protected his sister —— he knew that the attacker had come. This time however, after the first explosion, there was a new explosion elsewhere.

Obviously, that was the sound of battle, Ouyang Tao immediately made his decision: “Ah Xue, quickly find a place to hide.”

“Bro, what about you?”

“I’m going to help!” As Ouyang Tao said that, he set his pushcart to maximum speed and sprinted to the scene of explosion.

This time, the one that was being attacked was not any stranger. It was Tia.

The method of attack was the same as before; it was a sudden explosion. At that point, Tia had just returned to her room and relaxed —— which made it a good opportunity for the attacker to strike.

However, being the best student in Mechanical Engineering, how could Tia suffer from a sneak attack so easily. When she felt something wrong and felt the quick approach of a strong pressure, she immediately used the materials at hand to block the first round of attacks.

Following which, she took a good look at the attacker —— He was wearing a mask and dressed in an exaggerating red ancient robe: “Hmph, so the culprit is such a person!”

The attacker did not speak. He merely lifted his hand and a scarlet red light immediately shot out. However, Tia did not use Mechanical Engineering Magic to create a weapon. Instead, she nimbly dodged it, and took something from the debris to block the next attack.

It was a longsword —— Tia was not only a Mechanical Master who was a graduate student, she was also studying Magical Swordsmanship as a supplementary course. So other than Mechanical Engineering, her personal combat skills were also very strong.

Therefore, she was unsatisfied with just protecting her life. After being sneakily attacked, she wanted to retaliate in full force: “Don’t put me on the same level as that guy. Take this!”

The attacker did not dodge, he just raised his hand against the attack. A red orb blocked Tia’s sharp sword and after that, there was an explosion. The impact of the explosion knocked Tia away. Taking this opportunity, the attacker turned into red light and flew away.

Right at this time, two streaks of blue and white light, shot from a distance away, collided with the red light that was in mid-air. After that, the red light returned into human form, and dropped onto the ground.

“Don’t think that you can escape this time!” Ouyang Tao prepared his weapon and appeared in front of the attacker.

“You brat…… Forget it, at least you stopped him from escaping.” Behind him, Tia caught up to him wielding her sword.

“Hmph, just in time……” Despite being attacked from the front and back, the attacker didn’t have any intention of escaping. He merely muttered in a low voice.

Seeing the attacker raise both his hands to all of a sudden drop them, a thirty to forty metre radius ring of fire surrounded them and blocked out anybody that came due to the commotion. “Let’s die together……”

“If we’re really about to die, let me find out something first.” Rather than focusing on the battle, which concerned their life and death, Ouyang Tao was more concerned of another matter. “Is that really you, Edward!”

“Hmph, looks like you found out……” The attacker laughed coldly, and removed his mask. He revealed a face that Ouyang Tao seem to know, but looked unfamiliar.

It really was Edward. However, that face lacked his usual gentle grace and modesty. The face in front of them was filled with ferocity and hatred, and on his head was a head ornament —— it was the Demon King Relic, Lucifer’s Crown.

“How can it be him?!” Tia had not expected it at all, Edward —— the daydreamer and weakling from Mechanical Engineering. How could there be such a scary side to him.

However, Ouyang Tao had already connected the dots based on the clues Zhao Yuehan had provided. But he had hoped that it wasn’t the truth……

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