MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 31

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Volume 1 Chapter 31 – The Widely Regarded Truth and the Bias

After discerning that it was all just a misunderstanding, Tia and Ouyang Tao kept their weapons before pushing their pushcarts away together while trying to make clear of the entire situation. What made Ouyang Tao more relaxed was the fact that there were no guards around them.

“According to what you said, when the attacked happened, you weren’t at the hospital and had already been saved by the girl from the library?”

“Oh yeah, does it mean that because there was no corpse, I was listed as missing?”

“Mn, but in Augustus Academy, missing people are basically dead.” Tia said, as she looked at Ouyang Tao’s pushcart. “Anyway, aren’t you hardworking? Having just narrowly escaped death and you’re already here hard at work. Do you want to beat me that much?”

After the forced draw in the freshman guidance match a few days ago, Tia had borne a grudge. She also had not expected Ouyang Tao to be so skilled due to his commoner background. He didn’t have the basic foundations normal students had and therefore did not attack with a normal routine, which caused her to fly into a panic.

Aside from that, Ouyang Tao using her machine that survived at the last moment was also a miscalculation on Tia’s part.

No matter what, when analyzing the match properly, if she had calmly proceeded with the match, there was a thousand ways for Tia to win. Therefore, this time she would give it her all, and win with absolute certainty during their next battle.

Even though she put it that way, it was impossible to guarantee her victory. Hence, she didn’t dare to relax one bit. She focused her entire attention on developing new techniques. Furthermore, who knew what kind of odd techniques Ouyang Tao had in store the next time they fought.

However, regarding that match’s result, Ouyang Tao didn’t take it too seriously —— At least, he didn’t treat it as seriously as Tia did: “I know that I can’t beat you. What happened then was just luck.”

“Luck? Hmph, you don’t feel embarrassed saying it?” When hearing this, Tia became unhappy, “Do you know how many people in these past seven years, wanted to be that ‘lucky’?”

“It’s because you all use the same type of weapons and machines. The fact that your skill level, weapon completion level and level of modifications of the product is much higher than others, and that you always beat your opponents. For me however, I use things that you have never seen before. That’s why I said that I was lucky. I know that relying on such tricks will not work all the time.”

“Hmph, at least you know it yourself” Although what Ouyang Tao said was true, it coming out of the opponent mouth made Tia unhappy. “But your attitude still sucks.”

“What did I do?” Ouyang Tao was confused by what she had said.

Tia felt that this was the right time to make it clear with Ouyang Tao: “Don’t think that just because you have a bit of talent, you can act arrogantly. There are others in the Academy that are stronger than you!”

“I know that?”

“Then what was with your attitude during the Freshman welcome dinner?”

“Heh, you still dare to mention that!” At the mention of the welcome dinner, Ouyang Tao also grew a little unhappy. “The few of you talked and laughed together. What was the meaning of ostracising me aside? Furthermore, I’m poor so I’ve never eaten western cuisine before. Yet I didn’t want to stay hungry, so I ate using my own way. What’s wrong with that?”

“You……” After being told off by Ouyang Tao like so, Tia felt that she was the one in the wrong.

That lonely ostracised feeling was something that Tia had experienced before. Being the only girl from Mechanical Engineering, she was also ostracised during her welcome dinner.

However, even if she realised that, Tia still did not want to admit it. Instead, she changed the topic of their conversation: “What’s in those boxes?”

“Weapons that I just completed. Want to see?”

“Eh?” Tia was stunned for a moment, and then smiled bitterly as she shook her head: “I say, aren’t you too trusting?”

“What’s wrong this time?”

Is this kid really stupid or is he acting? Tia asked doubtfully: “I’m going to be your opponent next time. Are you sure you want to let me see your finished product? I would be able to see your techniques.”

“It doesn’t matter. The more techniques are discussed, the more it can be improved.” Ouyang Tao really did not mind. “Anyways, you’re my senior so you might be able to give me some advice.”

As he said that, he had stopped walking and opened the three weapon boxes. Tia was a knowledgeable person, so she knew at a glance what he was making: “A modification of an electrical rifle? I really didn’t expect you to put effort on such a weapon. You even made three versions of it.”

“Yup, just take a look at it.”

“Okay, don’t mind me then.”

No matter what, this was a good chance for Tia to check out her opponent. Tia casually picked up the “Electrical.Longbow” and examined it. Then, she picked up one of its ammunition and examined it closely.

After that, Tia picked up the other two modified weapons and looked at them for a while. Throughout this process, she didn’t speak a single word. However, her expression became strange. After some time, she finally spoke: “How long have you been fiddling with this?”

“Two to three days? Why?”

“No…… Nothing……” In a mere two to three days, a once failure and impractical product could be modified to be such an amazing weapon. Tia felt a little unhappy: “You actually manage to think of modifications for this.”

“Hehe, actually, the idea wasn’t mine. It was Edward’s. I just put it into practical use.”

Hearing the name, Tia let out a face of disgust and suspicion: “Edward? You talking about that daydreamer of a weakling? Speaking of him, the two of you are quite close right?”

“You’re a young lady from a highly regarded noble family, watch your language.” Ouyang Tao still treated Edward like a friend and senior —— at least for now. “Edward’s not a daydreamer, it’s just that his body is unwell and he can’t put his ideas into practical use.”

“Isn’t that the same? Granting elements to weapons, magical shielding, and an army of transforming machinery. He even wanted to develop a machine that could use magic. Truthfully speaking, who hasn’t thought of that? But it’s difficult to put it into practical use.”

“Eh? You have seen Edward’s works?”

“Need I see? Those are the only things he used to talk about. I even had to teach him a lesson a couple of times.”

Ouyang Tao didn’t want to say too much. He already knew that in the field of Mechanical Engineering, “daydreamer” and “weakling” was what was what they regarded him as.

“However, if someone were to really be able to put his nonsense into practical use, that person perhaps…… would be really good.” Tia returned the weapon to its original position as she continued speaking: “Also, his predicament would change if he were to bring out a few prototypes earlier and not just talk about his theories.”

Ouyang Tao didn’t seem to care and close the lid of his weapon box: “Speaking of which, I guess you didn’t ask him before right?”

“Of course, I already said that everyone’s techniques are all kept strictly private. Who would even go and ask a question regarding a person’s techniques.” As she said it, Tia also found out what was wrong.

“That’s right, if you did not ask, he sure wouldn’t say it.” Ouyang Tao motioned with his hands, acting like it was natural.

“Does that mean that you asked him?”

“That’s right, Edward originally gave me three ideas for modifications. I felt that since all three ideas were good, I made all three versions of it.”

“Then you just showed it to me like this, aren’t you afraid I would copy you or make it even better and use it to beat you next time?” What Tia said was the very reason Mechanical Engineering students kept their techniques a secret from one another.

“Sheesh……” Ouyang Tao let out a deep sigh while shaking his head. Then he spoke in a more serious tone: “Tia senior, I would have thought you, as a senior, would understand this more than me.”

“What…… What do you mean?” It was ruder than before. Tia felt that Ouyang Tao’s current attitude which exhibited some pity was more atrocious than before.

“Between you and me it’s just win or lose and not a matter of life and death. At most it’s just a few points and some face. How big could it be? When in the battlefield, we are one united country.”


Hearing this, Tia was speechless. She pursed her lips and did not speak a single word —— What a simple logic, why did I only realize it now?

At this time, Ouyang Tao suddenly stopped at a slightly more open area: “Okay, here seems about right, I’ll just stay here.”

Tia suddenly felt that the aura coming off of Ouyang Tao body had changed —— It was now a solemn feeling, like a warrior leaving and never returning: “Eh? What are you going to do?”

“I’m waiting for someone, you can leave first.” Ouyang Tao tone of speech became more determined.

Should I stay and see what he’s doing? Soon, Tia decided not to do that: “Okay then, be careful.”

At this time, the sky had already started to darken……

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