MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 30.5

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Volume 1 Chapter 30.5 – Interval #10

The same student being assaulted twice. This made the whole incident seem like it was an attack that targeted Mechanical Engineering students. Even Lu Yun wondered whether there was a lapse in his judgement.

“Professor Lu, your student, our junior and dorm mate has not yet been ascertained to be alive or dead. How could you just sit down and not do anything?” In Lu Yun’s office, Monica and Chen Feng sat opposite of him. None of them had expected that the situation would become like this.

As Lu Yun talked, he was also deep in thought, and wondered where the lapse in his judgement was: “Although the situation isn’t clear, there is one point I can confirm and it’s that the boy is definitely fine.”

“How could you tell?”

“The commotion caused by the attack at the hospital was visibly much larger than the previous three incidents. This meant that it was done on purpose to attract attention. Then, at another place, a fresh attack incident happened and although there weren’t any casualties, what was left behind were the signs of a violent clash.”

“Which means?”

“It means that someone saved the boy from the hospital ahead of us.”

Chen Feng frowned in uncertainty and Monica also found it hard to believe. Since the hospital was tightly guarded and the time between the two incidents was not far apart, considering the distance between the library and the scene of the five assault case, it didn’t seem that realistic at all.

“Able to sneak a live person out of the hospital without anyone noticing? He’s not from Spirits, this probably is…… Wait……” Halfway while speaking, Monica seemed to have figured out something —— There was actually someone in the school who could do that. “Spirits? It can’t be?”

“That’s hard to say. Which is why I want the two of you to follow me to the library to check it out.”

Inside the library, Zhao Yuehan sat quietly at the manager’s counter and silently read the library book in her hand. When Lu Yun, Monica and Chen Feng were about five to six metres away from her, she suddenly looked up and said: “He already left.”

“Eh? We haven’t even asked yet?” Monica blinked, could it be just like the rumours say? That this lass could predict the future?

“No need to speak, I understand your reason.” Zhao Yuehan calmly answered.

To prevent any misconceptions, Lu Yun confirmed one more time: “Which means that it was you who saved Ouyang Tao, and he had already left the library?”

“Yes.” Zhao Yuehan nodded. “He saved me too.”

Hearing this, the three of them heaved a sigh of relief. Even though they didn’t know what had happened, all that mattered was that Ouyang Tao was safe.

“Please help him.” This time, Zhao Yuehan took the initiative to speak. “He chose to fight.”

“Fight? What does that mean? You can’t mean that the kid is going to fight alone against the attacker?” Monica panicked. Chen Feng who was beside him frowned again —— To someone that didn’t have much battle experience, that was too rash.

“No, what he did was right!” If Ouyang Tao did not die and was preparing for battle, the attacker would definitely appear again —— The most important thing this time was that the attacker’s target could be confirmed. “Monica, go to the warehouse to check whether Ouyang Tao withdrew any materials and at what quantities.”

“Understood.” As Monica said that, she sprung into action immediately.

“Chen Feng, go to the weapon testing arena to search for Ouyang Tao. He must be there somewhere. Find him and protect him secretly.”

Chen Feng nodded and sprang into action as well.

This time, Lu Yun placed all his bets on Ouyang Tao. If there was another failure, he wouldn’t be able to face himself anymore.

“Thank you, Zhao Yuehan student. Don’t worry, Ouyang Tao is my student. I’ll ensure that he’ll be alright.” Lu Yun assured her.

“Please do.” Zhao Yuehan replied before looking down and returning to her book.

Her heart however was no longer on the book.

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