MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 28

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Volume 1 Chapter 28 – The Protecting Spirit

mms - v1c28

The thing that Ouyang Tao feared had finally happened. The attacker has come to sought him out yet again.

This time, he did not have any materials with him, let alone say a weapon. Since he could not use any other forms of magic other than Mechanical Engineering magic, he had no means of retaliation.

Just like the previous time, the attacker raised up both of his hands. A scarlet-red orb instantly formed and aimed towards Ouyang Tao.

Ouyang Tao had no choice and instinctively retreated.

However, Zhao Yuehan kept a calm face and released the hand that held Ouyang Tao. Then, she stared intently at the attacker. She looked as though she had not been intimidated at all.

Ouyang Tao went behind Zhao Yuehan. Although it was embarrassing, he knew that he could only rely on this senior’s protection now.

The red light shot forward and just as it was being released, a magical array instantly appeared in front Zhao Yuehan. From it, a sword which was much longer than Zhao Yuehan appeared and acted as a shield, blocking off the fatal red light.

zhao yuehan

“Go to the library.” Zhao Yuehan said. Obviously, she had the intention of covering Ouyang Tao’s rear.

At this point, Ouyang Tao didn’t care anymore. He turned around and sprinted off towards another path and headed for the library.

How could I be so useless! To let a girl protect me while I run away. However, staying alive was the most important thing and Ouyang Tao sprinted like a mad man.

Seeing that Ouyang Tao escaped, the attacker, who knew Zhao Yuehan was not weak, decided not to engage her in battle. His figure instantly started to turn into red light as he prepared to chase after Ouyang Tao.

“Don’t even think about it.” Zhao Yuehan had seen through the attacker’s motive and turned her wrist, cutting down with the huge sword in her hand. She cut down the red light that was about to pass her, and instantly turned the attacker back into a human figure.

This was Zhao Yuehan’s attacking style. She didn’t even need to hold her sword during battle. All that was required was magic to control this huge sword.

“It’s the undead soul sword……” The attacker realised that this huge sword was not any ordinary sword. It was the token of Zhao Yuehan’s status as a grim reaper —— it was a death god artifact.

Zhao Yuehan remained silent, and only continued blocking the other party. Her hands maintained her posture. Her calm gaze stared at every detail of the attacker as she firmly defended against him.

However, the attacker did not give up just like that. He rose both his hands, and a scarlet orb shot into the sky from his hands. Following that, countless red light arrows continuously shot out from the orb. Overwhelming the whole sky, the arrows aimed towards the escaping Ouyang Tao.

At the same time, the attacker turned into red light once again and began his chase for Ouyang Tao.

Seeing the other attacker’s two pronged approach, Zhao Yuehan expression maintained the same calmness. Her reaction was quick as her body and the sword simultaneously rose into mid-air. Both her hands turned and the huge sword spun quickly in mid-air, becoming a sword shield, deflecting off all the arrows.

Below her, the attacker who had become red light, was about to catch up with Ouyang Tao. Seeing this, Zhao Yuehan used her magical array to create two other huge swords, and shot them at the orb which was shooting out light arrows.

After that, Zhao Yuehan’s body quickly dropped and stopped right in front of the red light. She opened her arms wide to form an invisible obstacle that blocked off the red light’s advancement. Following that, the huge sword in the sky plummeted down like a comet. However, the attacker did not seem to notice this. When he realised that, he retreated immediately; although he managed to avoid a fatal blow, his shoulder was still damaged by the falling undead soul sword.

“Don’t even think about it.” The same words, but this time, it held more conviction than before.

Seeing that Ouyang Tao had already fled quite far away, and the fact that their fight brought about a huge commotion, the attacker expected patrol guards to arrive quickly. He decided to end the fight as quickly as possible: “Let’s see how you manage this!”

This time, he released many orbs into the sky. Each orb turned into a light arrow, and they all shot towards Ouyang Tao from all directions.

Ouyang Tao was oblivious to the fierce battle happening behind him as he only focused only running for his life.

Just a few more streets and he would have arrived at the library to successfully escape. However, Zhao Yuehan suddenly appeared in front of him, and heavily pushed him to the ground. Ouyang Tao instantly fell to the ground on his back.

Before Ouyang Tao could comprehend the situation, a startling sight appeared in front of him —— Red arrows passed through Zhao Yuehan’s body from behind before disappearing. Two streams of blood oozed out of her. Then, like a kite without strings, Zhao Yuehan collapsed on top of Ouyang Tao’s body.

Due to the fact that the attack was too close, Zhao Yuehan was unable to block it. Hence, she had no choice but to use her body as a shield to protect Ouyang Tao.

Why…… Just why! Why was it that a senior, who wasn’t really close to him, was willing to protect him to such extent!

By then, the attacker had already disappeared. The patrolling guards had started to arrive at the scene. However, all of them rushed pass Zhao Yuehan and Ouyang Tao. Nobody seemed to have taken notice of them.

“Senior! Senior, please hold on!” Ouyang Tao shouted for help continuously “Oi! Anyone! Come help!”

However, there was no reply……

“I can’t …… Dispel……” Zhao Yuehan struggled to speak “They can’t see…… Nor…… Hear us……”

“This…… Why is it like that……” Although he did not know the reason, the situation made Ouyang Tao sink into utter despair.

Zhao Yuehan’s right rib and left abdomen were dripping blood. To her, every second was precious life that bled away. However, Ouyang Tao could not do anything. Furthermore, injuries caused by magic were not easy to treat.

What can I do!

At this dangerous time, Zhao Yuehan gave him a hint: “Lib…… Library……”

AHH! That’s right, the library! Monica said it before, the library was a personal abode constructed for her. There might be someone in there that could save her!

“Hang on senior, I’ll bring you to the library!” Without another word, Ouyang Tao immediately carried Zhao Yuehan and sprinted to the library at a speed faster than he used to escape earlier.

Zhao Yuehan used her remaining strength and consciousness to direct Ouyang Tao to open a secret path; they took an elevator and headed to the basement level five of the library.

As the elevator door opened, Ouyang Tao arrived at an underground courtyard. Just like what Monica had said, the library possessed all kinds of grand facilities.

But the problem now was, where were the people? Where was the thing that could save Zhao Yuehan.

Zhao Yuehan gave another hint, using almost all of her remaining strength: “Go straight…… The altar……”

Without much time to think, Ouyang Tao sprinted straight ahead, arriving at a room at the end of the path.

The room was more than thirty square metres square. It was quite empty other than a gigantic glowing magical array on the floor which had a stone podium in the middle of it. On the stone podium was a white crystal coffin.

“…… My clothes…… Remove them…… Put in……” Zhao Yuehan could no longer speak in complete sentences.

“Senior, do you mean for me to remove your clothes and put you in the crystal coffin?”

Zhao Yuehan nodded slightly.

Although it was to save her life, Ouyang Tao felt that removing clothes for a girl was an utterly embarrassing thing to do……

However, there was no time for his imagination to run wild. Ouyang Tao realised that Zhao Yuehan was wearing an intricate dress that was quite complicated to remove.

Seeing that Zhao Yuehan’s aura was getting weaker and weaker, to the extent that she lost consciousness, Ouyang Tao did not care anymore about their gender differences. He steeled himself and tore open the collar of her dress. From there, he slipped the dress off her before carrying her into the coffin.

The cover of the coffin closed by itself and the magical array on the floor activated. Life immediately returned to Zhao Yuehan’s face and the wounds on the surface had recovered at a frightening speed.

However, just treating the surface of magic induced injuries was insufficient. In-depth treatment that took up a long time needed to be carried out —— Despite that, it was obvious that Zhao Yuehan was already fine.

“Thank you.” Zhao Yuehan said from inside the coffin.

“It’s me that should thank you.” Looks like Zhao Yuehan was indeed fine already.

Since she was fine, Ouyang Tao felt that he should excuse himself. He should not stay and continue staring at her naked body.

“Senior, then, I shall…… Excuse myself.” Ouyang Tao turned and was about to leave.

“Don’t leave.” Zhao Yuehan had asked Ouyang Tao to stay. And her reason was “I’m scared.”

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