MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 29

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Volume 1 Chapter 29 – The Smiling Senior

Scared; that was the common impression most people had of Zhao Yuehan and the library.

Though the lighting in the library was good, due to the lack of people, it seemed too empty and deathly still. It made people who enter feel exceptionally cold. Also, coupled with the paranormal activities that sometimes happened, the library felt even more creepier.

Initially, Ouyang Tao felt the same way.

Now however, Ouyang Tao understood that this was a misconception caused by people’s fear.

Monica’s “long and scary story” was most likely exaggerated rumours caused by people’s fears.

It was the same girl that made people shudder who said the phrase “I’m scared”. This was certainly an unbelievable thing.

However, since the girl already said so, how could Ouyang Tao, as a guy, just leave at a time like this.

Ouyang Tao understood that even though Zhao Yuehan had the special identity as a grim reaper, was always expressionless, and didn’t speak much, even he himself treated her like a spirit. But it was obvious that the real her was not like that.

Her lack of expression might have been natural and her lack of words could be due to a lack of people to communicate with —— No, few people visited this gigantic library and the luxurious facilities were all automatic. Being in such an environment that lacked life for so long, anyone would become a little weird.

Zhao Yuehan was definitely not a cold spirit. She was just a young magician who, age-wise, was not much older than Ouyang Xue.

Furthermore, she was so beautiful. If she smiled, she would definitely charm the masses.

No matter what, standing beside a naked woman made Ouyang Tao feel really awkward. He attempted to close his eyes since what you do not see is no evil —— despite having already seen everything.

“Why do you close your eyes?” Zhao Yuehan who was inside the coffin seem to not comprehend Ouyang Tao’s situation at all.

“Why…… This……” Does she even need to ask? Obviously it’s because I’m embarrassed!

“Because I’m ugly?”

“No, of course not. Senior you’re very pretty.”

“Please open your eyes.”

“No…… Not because of that…… Senior, because…… Right now…… You…… Are not wearing anything……”

“Because my body is ugly?”

“That’s not it either……”

“Then please open your eyes.”

He simply could not communicate with her……

Ouyang Tao forced his eyes open and Zhao Yuehan’s flawless white skin instantly appeared in front of his eyes. Her body was so slender and she looked so small and delicate. The small swell of her bosom was adorned with two pink buds which made her seem like she was not only a young girl, but also a fragile piece of art that would break at just a touch.

And it was this young girl who was fighting with a stranger not so long ago to protect me. She even took two arrow shots and nearly lost her life.

Since matters were like that, Ouyang Tao wanted to find out the reason: “Senior…… Why……”


“Why are you constantly reminding me to be careful and even took to such risks to protect me.”

“Because……” Zhao Yuehan remained silent for a while before replying, “I hope you come read with me everyday.”


It was unclear whether it was was because of astonishment, surprise, or sadness, but Ouyang Tao did not say a word and stupidly kept his mouth agape.

Just that simple reason? Just for that simple reason, Zhao Yuehan made such a big sacrifice?

“You…… Will you still come everyday?”

If he could not even agree to this, Ouyang Tao felt that he wouldn’t have the right to live in this world: “Yes, definitely.”

Even though the library was a sturdy magical fortress, Ouyang Tao didn’t forget that outside the library, there was still a masked man who did evil things. Even if they were safe, what about the others? Especially his sister who was still outside……

Now, Ouyang Tao needed to ascertain what this senior knew: “Senior, could you tell me now? How can you predict my dangers?”

“The power of the original sin, Pride, is on your body.”

“What?! Why does my body have such a thing?!” Anyone who had attended basic magic theory classes would know that the original sin power was a power of the demon kings. Ouyang Tao was instantly shocked when he heard it.

“Not you.” Zhao Yuehan who laid in her crystal coffin shook her head slightly “Someone or something you interacted with.”

“Someone who interacted with me……” Ouyang Tao was confused, from the first to the third warning, the people who interacted with Ouyang Tao weren’t much. He could count the with one hand.

Could the culprit be among them? Ouyang Tao found it hard to believe.

“Silence, listen to me……” Then Zhao Yuehan simply summarised the characteristics of the power of the original sin of pride and also described her battle with him. Ouyang Tao predicted that this was probably the day she had spoken the most since her birth.

The power of the original sins were a fair power. Whhile it provided a person with the huge strength of “Sin”, the user also received a fair amount of “punishment”.

Pride was the leader of the seven sins and it represented their contempt for the gods. It gave a huge power to the user but also took away a portion of the user’s sense of perception. At the same time, the user’s mind and personality would change greatly. The more one used this power, the more it changed. In the end, the user would be unable to recover and would lose control of the power. Eventually the user would be engulfed by that power.

The reason why the attacker was able to come and go as he wished was because he had fused the power of original sin with himself, allowing him to turn into a swift moving scarlet-red flame. That was how he was able to breakthrough all kinds of tight monitoring. What the person used was also pure fire element.

Zhao Yuehan said that this was the first time she had seen someone use that kind of magic.

Using a pure elemental type of magic as a weapon and turning into the element…… These words were familiar to Ouyang Tao…… He seemed to have read it somewhere before…… Could it be……

No, Ouyang Tao did not believe such a thing was happening, but what if it was true? He would not be able to hide in the library with a peace of mind.

“Sorry senior, I……” Ouyang Tao had turned around and wanted to leave but at this point, a gentle strength tugged at his wrist.

Zhao Yuehan’s hand had passed through the coffin and gently tugged at Ouyang Tao. She stared at him without speaking.

Ouyang Tao understood that she was trying to ask him to stay.

That’s right, no matter how urgent this was, he didn’t have to leave immediately and leave the still recovering Zhao Yuehan alone. No matter what, that was unacceptable.

Furthermore, Ouyang Tao did not have any weapon or materials at the moment. If he went rashly, he would just be courting death.

“Okay…… I’ll stay.” Ouyang Tao turned back and Zhao Yuehan also let go of his hand.

It was no problem to stay, but the night was long. He could not just stare at a beautiful naked girl for an entire night. He might lose control……

Then, Ouyang Tao realised that the writing table that he so often used had moved to the room. The books that he had not yet finished reading were there as well.

Zhao Yuehan turned back to Ouyang Tao and smiled slightly……

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