MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 27.5

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Volume 1 Chapter 27.5 – Interval #9

Going back a few hours ago, in the evening, Ouyang Xue had accepted Edward’s invitation to dine with him and they arrived at a restaurant in school.

Despite the repair team taking merely two hours to fix Edward’s dormitory, Ouyang Xue was still startled by the incident. Therefore, it was better to eat at a private room of the restaurant.

Within Augustus Academy, there were free of charge meal halls and also restaurants that charged. Due to the fact that many of the students were members of nobility or from rich families, the setting of the restaurant was rather important. At the restaurant, the food was delicious and the interior of the private rooms could be decorated based on one’s preference.

“Wah, it’s so pretty! This is the first time I’ve been to such a place. Edward has specifically chosen a private room that had the setting of nature. Entering it, one felt like they were staying among mountains. The tranquility made it very suitable for small talk and it did not lack nature’s vitality.

Seeing how happy Ouyang Xue was, Edward was very satisfied: “As long as you like it.”

“Bro’s not coming?” This was Ouyang Xue’s first sentence after sitting down.

“Your brother has some matters to attend to today. He won’t be coming.”

“Ohh, Bro’s not coming……” Ouyang Xue looked disappointed after hearing that.

During dinner, Edward did not choose any ordinary meal but instead chose a barbeque buffet. It matched to the environment pretty well and it felt like an outdoor barbeque session.

“…… That’s why, in the past, it was always me who’s protecting Bro in school.”

“Heh heh, so that’s the case.”

Since Ouyang Tao wasn’t around. Ouyang Xue started their conversation. She narrated to Edward stories of their past.

“However, at that point in time, I really never expected my brother to be able to get in Augustus Academy. Furthermore, it was Mechanical Engineering which was better than me…… Ugh…… I’m slightly jealous.”

“I feel that it just as your brother said, everyone has their own specialities. In his innate attributes, ‘Metal’ took up almost all of it. You however, is talented and your innate potential are all spread evenly amongst all the Elements.”

“Eh? Edward, how can you tell?” This was a question that Ouyang Xue had always wanted to ask since yesterday.

Logically speaking, everyone’s magical attributes was fixed and was every magician’s secret. There were even times that the magician himself does not know it (For example, Ouyang Tao). If one does not undergo secret tests, it was near impossible to find out. However, Edward could tell just by looking.

“This, let’s just say that it’s one of the things I’m good at.” Edward replied while smiling: “Frankly speaking, compared to fighting, my speciality lies in observations and research. Furthermore, based on magical attributes, I’m more suited for the Elements or Illusions department.”

“Eh? Since you know that, why are you still studying Mechanical Engineering?”

“This…… Hehe…… “ Edward forced a smile. This was probably the biggest frustration for him, “It’s not wrong to say that I don’t have a choice in this matter.”

“Why? My Bro always say, if one does not do what he likes or is good at, then what’s the point?” Ouyang Xue asked in an astonished manner.

“That’s right…… There isn’t much meaning……” Doing something he did not like and not even able to have a choice of his own; Edward was always very pained about it. This pain was something only Edward himself knew, “Therefore, on this point, you siblings are very similar. I really envy you two.”

It did not matter whether it was Ouyang Tao or Ouyang Xue; both of them possessed the same positive and optimistic attitude. They led their lives making their own choices.

And now, Edward also wanted to make a choice based on what he wanted……

“Aiya, it’s the first time someone said we’re similar.” Without waiting for Edward to continue, Ouyang Xue popped such a phrase out from nowhere.


“Actually, Brother and I aren’t blood related.”

“Which means to say…… You two aren’t blood related?”

“Yup, that is why most people say that we aren’t like siblings at all. There are times when people mistake us for couples, hehe.”

“So that’s it……”

Ouyang Xue just spoke causally. And though the one speaking had meant no harm, the one that listened was still hurt.

Although he had made his decision, Edward now knew that there was no point in saying it anymore.

In the young girl’s heart, there was already an irreplaceable person……

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  1. moridain says:

    Talking about another man while on a date…

    Well, that is emasculating.

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