MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 21.5

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Volume 1 Chapter 21.5 – Interval #7

In Augustus Academy’s meeting room, all members of the Council, professors, and high ranking teachers gathered together to discuss something important —— the assault incident late last night.

The preliminary investigation of the assault case was finished quickly in a few hours. Everyone who attended the meeting looked at the documents in front of them. No one spoke, but they all bore a serious expression —— the situation was terrible and could not be described in words.

Then, why was the situation so terrible?

Was it because the assault case brought about a negative impact? No. Augustus Academy was an eyesore to many countries. Having one or two of these cases of such assaults which led to injuries or even deaths was normal because the school itself was a battlefield.

Was it because the victims were of noble backgrounds? No, since Augustus Academy was part of a battlefield and students willingly chose to enter it, then they should be prepared to die in battle.

Could it be that the culprit was hard to catch? Maybe, but that was not the main point.

The main point was what the culprit used when he carried out his assault.

*Bang* The principal slammed the table and then he clenched his fist, as he spoke with a bitter expression: “Why…… Why did such a thing appear in the academy……”

Actually, this was just a rushed preliminary investigation; it shouldn’t possess any special content. However, there was something special in this one. After analyzing the remains of the magic that was left behind, the results were shocking —— there were traces of pure Original Sin.

The Illusions department specialised in devil’s magic; Original Sin and Calamity were the most powerful of illusion magic. Original Sin could stimulate an extreme condition whereby a user’s abilities increases by leaps and bounds. Calamity magic could call upon natural disasters, and cause great damage.

However, the Illusion magic humans and normal devils possessed were definitely unable to reach the level of Pure Original Sin. The ones who were capable of using it were the demon kings who no longer was in this world; they should all have been destroyed during the great battle. Their creations, the demon king relics, should also have been lost, and scattered all over the world.

This meant that this assault case was either done by a demon king who had secretly revived, or someone who found a demon king relic —— No matter which scenario it was, this was ground breaking news.

Furthermore, the scariest part was that the attribute of this pure Original Sin magic was analyzed to actually be Pride!

Pride was the head of the seven original sins. This was because it signified its haughty contempt towards the divine beings. Furthermore, the one who possessed the power of Pride was the lord of the underworld, Lucifer and his relic, the Crown of Lucifer.

The reason people were afraid of this demon lord was not only because of the strength he possessed, but also because of his shrewdness and scheming nature. If this demon lord really did revive, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the next apocalyptic war was just around the corner.

Luckily, the school handled the situation quickly, and prevented news of the situation from going out —— However, this was only temporary. If such situations continue to happen, rumours would definitely spread.

As a result, this case needed to be solved quickly and the culprit had to be caught.

However, the biggest difficulty was that since the time humans defeated the deities, thousands of years had already passed. People who knew of demon kings and their relics were very few in number.

Therefore, the principal threw the problem to Lu Yun, who was deep in thought: “Professor Lu, what do you think?”

Augustus Academy’s previous talent Lin Shixiong once researched this topic, and even tried to reconstruct a demon king relic, so his student Lu Yun would naturally have the most speaking rights.

“I think……” Lu Yun took a deep breath; he knew that his words were going to be very meaningful. After confirming what he wanted to say in his heart, Lu Yun said: “This is most likely not the doing of a demon king but instead someone who possesses a demon king relic.”

Once he said that, the atmosphere became less tense —— if it was someone using a demon king relic and not the revival of a demon king, the situation would be much less severe.

However, as the person in charge, the principal was still very cautious: “How did you arrive to that conclusion?”

Lu Yun also, did not just speak without thinking. He explained his conclusion clearly: “The case this time was just a simple lethal attack. If it was Lucifer himself, he would definitely not employ such rash actions that will reveal his existence. Furthermore, judging from the scene of incident, the control of power is lacking and the assault took too long. Therefore, I conclude that this was someone who found a demon king relic and sought revenge.”

“Hmm, that is certainly a reasonable justification.” The principal nodded, “which means that you suspect the attacker to be one of our students?”

“Yes.” Lu Yun was not just certain, he even added on: “I could even conclude that such an assault incident will happen again, and it will be our best opportunity to catch the culprit.”

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